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Fancy music can be heard on the posh hall they were in. Everyone was congratulating her on the recent milestone her team have achieved. It was a product of sleepless nights and endless coffee. Talk about how stress almost broke up their team. But it was all worth it in the end because she finally can see the company’s hardwork being recognized again. She was silently watching everyone go around the newly opened shop when her uncle comes to sit with her.




“How are you dear? You’ve done a great job again”, the old man smiles at her.




“Thank you samchon, I can’t believe it’s finally opened after I almost gave up the idea.”




He pats her, “No worries, you made it anyway! And I’m very proud of you for following your dreams. I know this is tough business but you are smart Tiffany. I’m happy for you.”




She can’t help but hold the old man’s hand. She was just always thankful for the man’s existence. Mr. Park wasn’t really her uncle, godfather to be exact. Tiffany owe him everything because the man was the one who taught her to never give up on her dreams. Heck, he put Tiffany in business school at UCLA and the rest was history. The man was very humble and reminds Tiffany that she did not owe anything, it was her pure hardwork and brain that put her on top. That’s why Tiffany adores him, making him the only family she got.




“By the way, I heard your company’s hiring interns this week?”




“Ah yes, but they’re not interns. More like “apprentices”? I don’t know we’re just looking for potential new staff especially in finance.  You know Yejon he’s retiring because he has to take care of his wife.”




“Hmm. Do you have candidates already?” Mr. Park asks.




Tiffany nods. “We have a few but I saw some and I don’t think they fit anywhere. I mean some came from great schools but I don’t know, I have to see them myself.”




“Alright sweetie. Call me if anything comes up, I’ll take my leave now.” he stands up and gives Tiffany a brief hug.




The night continues and Tiffany finds herself clouded with compliments here and there. The event finishes and she finds herself alone again.




Tiffany was reminded that she was never fond of interns in the first place. This was the 8th applicant and she was already on the verge of snapping at her secretary for giving her such types of applicants. They were smart, yes. But Tiffany has no patience when it comes to ‘know-it-alls’, they were arrogant graduating students who think just because they came from good schools or well known families that they are going to land whatever position they desire. Well that’s a no in her dictionary.




They can try in her company. Oh, she’ll watch them fail trying. 




She doesn’t need another jerk in this building. She had to admit she was already the monster in this building and an apprentice ruining her day is a big no for her.




“Wendy that was the 8th applicant, you should be glad that I have the patience on entertaining them today and not firing you instead for giving me such heads.”




“I’m sorry ma’am but we ranked them based on their credentials we didn’t know this would happen.”, her secretary bows.




“Relax Tiff, if they don’t fit on your standards we can just skip hiring for this quarter. It’s still you decision anyway.” Shin tells her. “We’ll just wrap it up.”




Tiffany sighs, “You’re right I can’t handle anymore today.” 




Wendy clears , “Uhm Ma’am, there’s still one left today should I tell her to go then?”




“One? Do you want to have one more, because if it was me I think I can still handle more?”




Tiffany huffs, putting back her bag on the table. “Fine, but she better be good or else-“ she looks at Wendy and the girl immediately bows.
“Yes, ma’am I’ll call her right away.”




It was a good one minute before the girl entered with her head low giving Tiffany and Shin the copy of her credentials. The girl then proceeded standing in the middle of the room wearing a white formal dress suit. 




The girl faces them and bows introducing herself to the CEO and HR manager of Hwang Group of Companies.




Tiffany almost made a face but good thing her reflex was fast or else she was going to make a fool out of herself when she sees who was standing infront of her. And boy she knows that face well because she caught herself thinking about it some nights. 




“Goodmorning, I am Kim Taeyeon of Harvard Business School and I am studying Corporate Financial Management.”




So this was the person who made Tiffany flirt back in London. The same person who made Tiffany curious and made her imagine her soft delicate face at night even if she was an on their meeting. Her way of approaching Tiffany made an impact and she was sure as hell that this was going to be tough because as she was holding Kim Taeyeon’s credentials, there’s no way in hell she could send the girl home because Taeyeon was the smartest kid in the business program running for the highest Latin honor.




Through out the interview, Shin, asking most of the questions, Tiffany reasoning out that he’s the HR manager while Shin is giving her an odd look that says ‘Sis, you’re like the CEO here’. Taeyeon answered all the questions professionally and convincingly. She was smart and if Tiffany didn’t know this was the same girl who hitted on her she would accept her right away without too much questions. Her straight A’s on the paper reflected that she wasn’t like the first set of applicants who were airheads.




Shin finishes his questions and looks at Tiffany. “So?”




Tiffany takes the opportunity to look at the girl across her, “So, with your record here why did you still apply?”




“To be honest, I wanted to try something out of the box. Like it’s not just extra credit. Of course, high grades can take a person anywhere, but it’s still different when you’re facing real business situations. I wanted the experience especially here at your company with its reputation.”








She knows which reputation she was talking about.
Tiffany closes the folder she was holding and hands it to Wendy. She walks towards Taeyeon and gives her hand making the girl widen her eyes for a split second. “Come early tomorrow, Wendy will give you your schedule and brief you.”




She shakes her hand and smirks at Taeyeon the girl returning the smile.




Tiffany doesn’t know if she’s going to regret this decision or she’s just curious.




But one thing’s for sure;




Taeyeon has all of Tiffany’s attention and if you have Tiffany Hwang’s attention, she has you wrapped around her finger.




But will Tiffany be holding the ace card this time?





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