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Everything They Thought

Yoong: Unnie, when are you going back?

Soo: Get your short back here soon.

Seohyun: We miss you Unnie! ;)

Yuri: No, don’t go back.

Hyo: Go back, but bring presents.

Taeng: Why don’t u want me back? 

Yuri: Cos I got all the ladies now

Yuri: If u go back ..

Soo: Means she’ll lose all them chics :P

Taeng: Stupid, and who the fucc buys u guys presents!? Go buy it urself!

Yoong: Just get back here soon unnie! We miss having u around <3





Taeyeon smiles, she finished playing her game an hour ago and she was chatting with her friends back in school. She misses them too, she misses having them around and cramming for exams together. It’s been 2 months since she have last seen them and her contract with the Hwang Group of Companies is ending soon. In two weeks actually, all done. After that, she’s flying back and she can start finalizing her graduation. Great, school’s gonna be over soon she thought.




She checks the time and three hours have indeed passed already. She logs off her computer and fixes herself. Taeyeon still remembers the way Miss Hwang scolded her for not being presentable enough. So she looked at her appearance one more time and made sure to retouch her face just to make her extra presentable tonight. She made sure she even brushed her teeth before going to the office and sprayed perfume. 




The way she looked right now is as if she just arrived at work with how clean she looked. 








Now on to the office. 




She knocks on her boss’s door and when she hears a ‘come in’ she struts inside with the folder on her hand. She closes the door and proceeds to stand infront of the table.




“Miss Hwang, I have finished the report and you can check it again” she hands her.




Tiffany was still typing away on her computer and grabs the report, still not looking at the girl infront of her, too occupied with the amount of work she’s dealing with. She then flips the pages and nods lightly indicating she’s satisfied with the ‘new work’ Taeyeon has given her. She takes a look at Taeyeon. There was a brief pause before she started talking.




“It’s alright, you can take your leave now.”




Taeyeon noticed it, the way Tiffany looked at her means the other girl saw how neat Taeyeon is that night despite the fact that office work ended hours ago. She should’ve looked tired with the revisions she made but Taeyeon looked like an employee who’s ready for her 7 AM shift. 




When Tiffany noticed Taeyeon not leaving her office, she looked at her once again, “Miss Kim, you can go if you have no more questions.” She then goes back to typing.




“Miss Hwang, I was wondering if –“




“Miss Kim, I will not entertain nonsensical questions as you can see I am very busy.”




“Well maybe, just a thought. I was –“




“Actually no, I’m very busy. Please leave.” Tiffany cuts her off with a wave and dismisses her.



Taeyeon sighs. Tiffany was not playing her cards so she had to do something.




“Tiffany” she says louder this time.




“What?” the other girl stops typing, all her attention is on Taeyeon now. Her eyes wide with how Taeyeon addressed her.




“Excuse me? Did you just call me by my first name?”




“Yes, I did.”




“Wha-, How dare you?”




Taeyeon sits infront of Tiffany, undeterred by her boss shooting her dagger looks. 




“You are cutting me off, I need to talk Tiffany.” She emphasizes her name.




Tiffany looks at her in disbelief and leans back on her chair with her arms crossed. “You know I can write to your school about how disrespectful you are right now.”




Taeyeon shrugs. “I was just wondering when will you be done so we can have dinner.”




Tiffany rolls her eyes and goes back to her papers.




“No, I will not have dinner with you.”




Taeyeon stands on her chair and moves right beside her. Tiffany jolts up and moves a few inches away from Taeyeon.




“Tiffany Hwang, that is your name. You told me to get to know you right? And before you start thinking I stalked you, it was just complete luck that I happen to apply here and I didn’t know a thing about you,” she smiles at her while taking a pencil and playing with it. “I wanted to wait until after I finish my work here but y’know? Can’t help it.”




Tiffany looks at her, “So you’ve been acting like a goody good employee all along?”




“Nah, I love working here. It’s just that I can’t help myself on not talking to you except for submitting reports and other stuff”




“Whatever, just leave you’re making me waste time.” Tiffany pushes Taeyeon to move away from her seat but the girl persists.




“Come on, Tiffany. Just dinner, you’ve been staring at your computer for too long. Have a break.”








“Please? I’ll take you to wherever you like!” Taeyeon suggests enthusiastically




“No, please leave.”




“I’ll just wait here till you’re done.”




Taeyeon proceeds to sit on the couch at the other side of the office and busies herself with her phone.




Tiffany take a peek at her and sees the younger girl playing games. She shakes her head. Taeyeon was such a puzzle to her. Indeed, it surprised her when Taeyeon called her by her first name, she wasn’t really mad about it. Shocked, but not mad. She shakes her head, she wonders why Taeyeon doesn’t really get into her nerves. She looks at her once more and she’s still playing. 





'She’ll get tired waiting soon', she thought.


Taeyeon knows Tiffany’s plan failed when she hears the other girl fixing her things. She still hasn’t looked up from her phone as she comprehends what Tiffany was doing behind her. 




She then hears her boss clearing . Taeyeon looks at her.




“If you’re planning on sleeping here tonight, you can sleep on your desk but not inside my office”




She turns to her heels and proceeds to the elevator.




Taeyeon quickly runs to her desk to grab her bag and follows Tiffany to the elevator. She smirks when she hears Tiffany sigh when she caught up to her. They reach the parking lot and Taeyeon was still following her. Tiffany checks her phone to call her driver but luck wasn’t just on her side as she opens the message her driver sent her saying he was very sick and can’t come to pick her up. Taeyeon sees her frustrated look and speaks.




“Dinner? Then I’ll drive you home” she smiles at her.




“You just don’t know when to give up do you?”




“Never, I’m a woman of passion!” she laughs.




Tiffany shakes her head. “Where are we going then? And it better have a ing fast service because I’m hungry.”




She walks ahead of her and she hears a loud ‘Yes’ behind her.




“This way to my car Miss Hwang” Taeyeon smiles at her. Not a smirk this time and Tiffany has to smile back when she sees the younger girl's happy steps going to her car.




Now let’s see where this dinner will go through she thought, maybe agreeing tonight wasn’t really that bad. And besides she might finally solve the mysterious puzzle Kim Taeyeon was.


AN: Double update because I'm feeling grateful to you guys :)

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