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Everything They Thought



“Call me if there’s anything else you wanna know about.”




“Sure, thank you for doing this Yul.”




“No problem, I’ll tell Sooyoung the plan later. Bye!”




Keeping her phone, she walks back to the woman who was busily looking at the endless rows of displayed bags. Silently telling herself how beautiful Tiffany was that day with her casual clothes and not the usual designer office clothes she wore. The woman looked so stress free and Taeyeon saw how work made Tiffany so burdened that the girl forgot how to have fun.




As promised, she took her around the city. 




Taeyeon made sure she took her to the Gyeongbokgung Palace to let Tiffany experience and see the National Folk Museum of Korea and had coffee in Bukcheon Hanok Village, she knew how it took years for Tiffany to come back here hence the cultural trip. She can’t just take her to Myeongdong or to any shopping center, it had to be special. Tiffany is a special person to her, she deserves more than shopping in a different city with luxurious brands. 




The girl deserves to see her hometown.




One day is too short for Taeyeon, but seeing Tiffany today with her contented smile and appreciation was more than enough. Ditching work yesterday and today was a good decision after all, she drove Tiffany to the airport today and they made a quick stop here at duty free before heading to the boarding gate. 




“Finally chose something?” 




Tiffany shakes her head, “I can’t choose. It was more entertaining to pick bags outside of here anyway.”




“I know, you almost made someone pee on their pants when the guy who bumped into you made you drop the coffee you were holding” Taeyeon chuckles.




“He was being problematic, I hadn’t brought extra clothes with me that day! What if it spilled on me?”




“Then we’ll get you a new one!”




They both laugh this time. It was surprising for the both how smooth they’ve been going after meeting each other accidentally last two days ago. That day they left for lunch was pretty much awkward but life picked up its pace when they both succumbed to the unspoken longing on each other’s company. It was a relief that even if they hadn’t seen each other in months, the comfort between them never left. 




It felt too good. It felt like fantasy. 




It felt like this was something that starts so good but ends so tragically. 




Taeyeon just couldn’t put her finger on which is. 




“So, this is me. Keep in touch?” Tiffany asks, as they both stand near the entrance of the gate. 




Taeyeon bravely takes her hand and says, “Of course, I’m so sorry for the last time.”




“It wasn’t your fault, we were just,” she looks down. “too busy.”




Taeyeon saw that look before and she felt that sickening pain of being left out. It hurt her to see the girl infront of her who was usually flowing with so much power feeling this way. 




“Don’t worry! I’m out of school right? Plus work is not that stressing for me yet. Who knows, I might visit you on the other side of the world just to annoy you?” she says to lighten the mood.




Tiffany laughs, “You always have a way to annoy me. But! Take your work seriously, you can’t slack off just because you have flexible work hours.” She threateningly points a finger at the blonde.




Taeyeon takes the pointing finger, successfully taking both of Tiffany’s hands on her making the girl blush. “Yes ma’am. Rest on the plane, alright?”




“I will.” She nods and hesitantly lets go of Taeyeon’s hands. “Drive safely.”




“Hm. Be careful.” 




She hesitates for a bit, but decides to briefly hug Tiffany. Taking in and memorizing the feeling of hugging the most special person in her life, Taeyeon comes into a conclusion that she doesn’t just simply want to take her out on dates. She wanted to take care of her and be there for Tiffany as long as she’d let her. 




It was a feeling she had long lost forgotten.




They let go and as Tiffany waves goodbye to her, up until she can no longer see the walking figure, she stood there silently hoping for a chance of happiness with her. 




It was the day that the first electronics shop opened in one of Tiffany’s grand mall in Los Angeles. It was originally planned to be in New York but because of some disagreements in the construction, they had to move it to LA. Everyone was present, including Hanje Kwon, the manager. Another milestone and she was glad for this new expansion especially at the economic crisis here at the US market which made a lot of small and mismanaged companies be bought by a higher ranking business. However, her team hasn’t acquired any small time businesses yet. 




“Miss Hwang! I’m so glad I found you. Do you have a minute?” Mr Kwon greets her.




She shakes his hand, “Of course I do! What is it?”




The man smiles, “I am pleased to introduce you to our main boss, I was surprised to receive a call that our CEO is here in LA and thought that I’ll introduce you both.”




“Oh, GK’s CEO?” 




Tiffany was a taken a back, she wasn’t prepared for a confrontation like this. Usually, when she met with fellow directors, it was over a gala or a planned meeting. On top of that, she hadn’t have much time to research and study about GK because of work and her little escapade in Seoul last month. Heck, she doesn’t even know the name of the CEO. She knows that GK is a big corporation, Wendy told her it was the biggest in Asia. But she doesn’t know how big it was yet. 




“Let me call her for a bit. Please excuse me Ms. Hwang.” 




“Sure.” So it’s a she. Tiffany hopes it isn’t one of those overly confident female directors who think they’re the Miss Universe or some other that can step on other female directors. She was so lost on her thoughts after finishing a full glass of wine when Hanje told her she’ll be meeting their CEO that she hasn’t seen who was standing beside her.




“Sajangnim, this is Miss Tiffany Hwang of Hwang Group of Companies. Miss Hwang, this is our CEO of GK Incorporated, Kim Taeyeon.”




Taeyeon held her hand out, “Nice to meet you Miss Hwang.”




Tiffany knows how cold her hand was when she shook Taeyeon’s hand, “Likewise Miss Kim. It’s a great surprise Mr. Kwon.” She looks at him.




“Thank you Miss Hwang. I’ll leave you two for a while. Sajangnim, please do call if you need anything.” He bows at Taeyeon and shakes Tiffany’s hand leaving them. 




Tiffany exhales and slumps at the couch beside her, massaging her head. Taeyeon chuckles at this sight. She hadn’t told Tiffany she was flying to LA this weekend. Ever since they separated in Incheon, their communication through social media and frequent calls to each other brought the two closer. And Taeyeon dropping the truth bomb today is either a level down or up to whatever relationship they currently have. 




Taeyeon sat beside her and was the first one to talk.




“Sorry I didn’t tell you I was coming.”




Tiffany looks at her. “You’re sorry that you didn’t call?”




Taeyeon nods. “Yeah, I really am.”




“Are you seriously saying sorry for not calling me or are you ing sorry that you did not tell me you were a smartass CEO of GK?” Tiffany was looking at her like she had the biggest joke of the year.




Taeyeon laughs.




“Why are you laughing?! Taeyeon, I’m not kidding.” Tiffany hits her.




“Okay, okay, stop hitting me. I thought I would surprise you. Listen to me first, before you hit me again?”




Taeyeon grabs Tiffany’s glass and puts it in the table infront of them. 




“I was planning to tell you when I saw you at Seoul, but seeing that you hadn’t have a single clue about my work because you asked if I worked for Hanje, I tried to hide it from you and thought it would be fun if I surprise you with our meeting today. But please know that I did not do this to fool you or make you look dumb at any type of way.” She pauses and hold her hand, “I’m sorry, and if you want to hit me again you can do it now.”




Taeyeon closes her eyes and waits for the impact. 
But instead of feeling a hard hit or push, she feels a soft pat on her shoulder. She opens her eyes to see Tiffany’s hand on her shoulder and the girl brushes her hand on her blonde hair.




“You’re such an idiot. Come.” Tiffany tugs at Taeyeon’s hand guiding them to a large veranda.




They stood there in silence watching the cars below them drive through the usual LA traffic.




“Am I forgiven?”




“I’m not mad Taeyeon. But you should’ve told me. I don’t want to be left at the dark. I thought we were friends?”




Taeyeon looks at the frustrated girl, “We are! You’re very important Tiffany, you should –“




“I know”, she sighs. “But if this is going to what I think you’re planning about, I need to know the truth. Always. Never lie to me.”




Taeyeon was looking at Tiffany. The girl was looking away, viewing the city. She suddenly felt bad about hiding her identity. But what can she do? She wasn’t exactly fond at the idea of being a CEO, this was the problem she wanted to run away from after college. 




She hadn’t expected to meet Tiffany along the way, she wasn’t aware of the feelings the girl will give her and she was scared. 




But it was a risk she was willing to take. 




The girl infront of her wasn’t just a buddy, wasn’t just one of those girls who chase her, not a gold digger. 




Not just anyone else.




This was the girl who made her feel she wasn’t just a pretty face with good money that’s why they want to be with her.




She is Tiffany Hwang, the top woman in the western business roll, the woman who rejected her the first time they met. 




She’s Taeyeon’s unexpected angel. 




And seeing her get frustrated with her little stunt made Taeyeon realize that Tiffany doesn’t just want a unicorn-rainbow-typical-highschool type of romance. She needs commitment.




And Taeyeon was more than ready to risk things for her.




She grabs Tiffany’s hand, “I won’t. Ever. I know what you’re trying to say. And yes, ’s going to be different for us. But know this, I’m going to go wherever you go. I’m going to hold this hand for a long ing time and annoy the hell out of you.”




“Are you asking if –“




“If you want to date me? Be my girlfriend? Yes, because I do. I like you so much it hurts to see headlines in the magazine with your name being linked to other guys. It bothers me that I’m not the person whom you can call to tell your I love you’s. I want to be on every step of your life. I want to be the person that takes care of you.”



Taeyeon closes her eyes, afraid to shed a tear with the confession she just blurted out.




“I want to be yours. I don’t want to force you into anything, but I can’t keep this in my chest any longer. I can’t lose what we have right now. I’m so scared.”




Tiffany brushes her thumb on their joined hands, making Taeyeon look at her. 




“Then don’t be scared anymore.”




Taeyeon can feel her chest exploding with the flow of events tonight, the most beautiful girl she saw in her life heard her confess. With the noisy flow of traffic in the city and loud music back at the hall they were previously in, she could feel her heart stopping despite the fact of the noises around them.




She can hear Tiffany’s faint breathing, continuing; 




“Because you have me.”





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