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Tiffany went off work earlier than usual. She ignored the cheeky remarks from Wendy that afternoon when she told her to fix and lock her office before going home. She still has to scold her the next day for letting Taeyeon inside her office without asking permission. Not that she minds the presence, though. Tiffany knew that there was something off since she didn’t receive any delivery from the blonde that day.




Just as she was about to spray some perfume, her doorbell rings.




‘, she’s here already?’




Tiffany quickly goes to the door but does not forget to check herself one more time on the mirror to see if she was looking more than good. She wants to look good for Taeyeon.




“Hi, you didn’t call or text?”




“Hey. Thought I’d just head straight here. Finish?” 




“About to be. Wait here on the couch.”




Tiffany walks ahead of Taeyeon. She knows very well that the girl was checking her out so she makes sure to extra sway her hips on her skin tight jeans as she walks back to her room.




Taeyeon was busy skimming through the books to find and buy one for her little sister. They just finished buying clothes and the iPad when Tiffany pulled her into one of the bookstores. She said she was going to check out some new books and also find one for Hayeon.




“Hey Fany, do you think she will –“ Taeyeon looks on her left when she sees the girl she was talking to was nowhere in sight. She might’ve not notice Tiffany walking around because she was too focused on the book on her hand.




“Need help?” 




She sees a girl around her age, probably a year younger. She notices her university ID and Taeyeon thinks that it might not be a bad idea to ask help from the girl. After all, she was already getting thirsty from all the walking around with Tiffany that’s why she wanted this to be quickly over and just relax with her.




“Have you read this one?” she shows her the book.




“Yeah, it’s a great book. You should buy it, definitely worth it.” The girl smiles at her.




‘Oh, pretty.’ Taeyeon remarks.




“Awesome. It’s for my sister. A gift.”




“Wow, that’s really sweet of you to give her books. It’s really rare to find people who would think of books as a gift.”




Taeyeon smiles back and gives her hand for a handshake, “Yeah. Thanks?”




“It’s Heize –“ 




Just before Taeyeon gets to grab the girl’s hand, another hand with perfectly manicured long nails grabs Heize’s hands instead.




“I’m Tiffany and I was the one who suggested her to buy.” 




Taeyeon looks at Tiffany who was clinging on her other free arm while smiling – ‘wait is she smirking?’ while the other was on a handshake with Heize. Tiffany then let’s go of the handshake and looks at Taeyeon, her face so close to the blonde. 




“So you’re buying it? I’ve read it and I know Hayeon would love it.” Tiffany tells Taeyeon ignoring the other girl in front of them.




How much luck did Taeyeon have on her side, a possessive Tiffany has reappeared. She wasn’t going to complain about the close proximity of their faces; she can kiss her right there, heck she can make out with Tiffany on that spot but no, she still feels awkward and sorry for the girl, Heize, who has to be another victim of Tiffany’s wrath soon if she doesn’t bid goodbye to her soon.




“Uhh, y-yes. I-I’ll take this,” she looks at Heize “thanks by the way. And it’s Taeyeon. We’ll get going now.”




“You’re welcome Taeye-“




“That’s Chairman Kim for you young lady.”




“Tiffany ..” Taeyeon warns the girl but instead Tiffany just grips her arm tighter.




“What?” she looks at Taeyeon with a raised eyebrow.




“O-oh yes. Chairman Kim and Tiff –“




“And that’s Director Hwang.” Tiffany quickly adds and glares at the innocent girl.




Taking the hint that Tiffany wasn’t playing nice. Heize quickly bows to the both of them. Her mind telling her that this Director Hwang wasn’t keen on the idea that she talked to her girlfriend. Poor girl, she becomes the second victim of HellFany or perhaps JellyFany. 




Tiffany slams the door open leaving it for Taeyeon to close. They haven’t had anything to eat yet because Tiffany insisted on going home because she felt ‘tired’. Taeyeon just shakes her head knowing the reason behind this sudden behavior. She gives herself a good luck on making Tiffany’s mood brighten up again. It wasn’t even her fault that she talked to someone else because of just a freakin’ book. She shakes her head and laughs silently. Tiffany can be too cold sometimes, hard to get but at the same time gets jealous easily. This makes Taeyeon’s confidence soar high that the girl who was currently harshly taking off her Fendi heels at the couch might just miss her just as much as she misses her. That making their relationship fixed isn’t a far – fetched idea.




She sits beside Tiffany who was checking her Instagram and take’s the girl’s hand on her own and plays with her fingers. She smiles when the girl doesn’t protest.




“Still mad?”








“Don’t be mad now, please? Talk to me instead?”








Taeyeon sighs. She takes the phone out of Tiffany’s hand and makes the girl face her instead. Her heart was thumping on her chest, she can feel it. Tiffany looked so beautiful on her jeans and a simple white tee. Her hair flowing so soft on her shoulder.




Taeyeon takes a loose fringe and tucks it behind the girl’s ear. Tiffany just looks at her with those soft brown orbs and Taeyeon swears she could die peacefully if it meant being under Tiffany’s gaze forever.




“You okay?” Taeyeon asks softly.




“Hmm.” Tiffany nods, head low looking at her own hand trapped on Taeyeon’s.




“Look, I thought you were still there so I was talking then she suddenly answered me and –“




“It’s okay Taeyeon. You don’t have to explain.”




“Okay? What’s on your mind Fany? I’ll listen.”




“Nothing. It’s just my mind, it’s a mess right now. I don’t know how to tell it to you but ..”








“I don’t wanna burden you.”




Taeyeon tries to search for Tiffany’s eyes but failed. Instead, she puts an arm around her so she can side hug her. Tiffany comfortably settles on her and leans her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder. 




It felt safe.




The safest Tiffany ever felt since Taeyeon ran away a year ago. She wants to stay like that forever. To have Taeyeon hold her like that after a long day at work, to go on shopping dates, have little arguments here and there, wake up and have coffee together; everything. She wants to have her by her side. But she’s scared. Scared that Taeyeon might not take her because of her past. Scared of history might repeat itself. 




But she hopes.




Hopes that despite of all these insecurities and flaws, Taeyeon would stay.




She prays.




“You’re no burden at all, love. You know how much I love you. That’s why I’m here again. I want to mend things between us. No more distance, no more running away and no more secrets. So no matter what is bothering you, please Tiffany, please remember that I will not judge you nor will my love change for you.”




Oh, to hear Taeyeon call her ‘love’ again.




“You’ve showed no hate on me when you found out about those things I did for my father; those devious ways. I could pass as a criminal Fany and here you are in my arms, you hold my hand as if these hands weren’t covered by another man’s blood. So tell me love, who am I to judge you when you, the person whom I put my whole life into, did not leave me on my worst day?”




“Tae ..” 




Tiffany looks at Taeyeon, tears threatening to fall anytime soon. Hearing those words comforted her in so many levels, her heart feeling warmer with the way Taeyeon spoke. 




Maybe it was worth the risk.




Perhaps Taeyeon is the right one for her this time. 




“Thank you love.” She says. 




Cupping Taeyeon’s face, she leans closer. She could feel Taeyeon’s sudden rushed breathing. She smiles. 




And so she leans in. Taking Taeyeon’s lips on her own. Kissing Taeyeon had always made her feel like shooting up in cloud nine. 




She feels Taeyeon kissing her back with just as much passion she has. Tiffany can’t contain her own feelings. Having Taeyeon back here, seeing her that night in San Francisco made her realize she can’t live without her. 




Taeyeon Tiffany’s upper lip for entrance and Tiffany opens up to meet the girl’s tongue. 




Boy, did Taeyeon know how to French kiss a girl right.




Tiffany grabs Taeyeon’s neck to deepen the kiss and the blonde squeezes her waist to let her know how she loved that. 




It took them a couple of minutes before Tiffany pulled back to breath. Chests rising up and down after the heated session. Their foreheads still leaning on each other and Taeyeon smiles.




“I love you Fany.”




Tiffany kisses her again and she could taste Taeyeon’s lipstick and hers mixing on . Her head was going to buzz with so much euphoria but she just can’t get enough of Taeyeon. She had never felt this so much want and love for someone. 




She pulls back a little, lips still slightly brushing on each other and whispers;




“I love you too.”




In this lifetime, she would choose Taeyeon. And maybe, on her next too. And the next one, perhaps for eternity.




She would always choose Kim Taeyeon. 














AN: Didn’t expect it to be this short but I wanted to write something up for today. Happy TaeNy day everyone! This chap was originally planned to be angsty because I’ve been planning to reveal Tiffany’s past kkk but I saw today is the 27th! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, luv y’all!!! 


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