Rising from a Dark Phase

Everything They Thought



8 years ago.





She’s in deep .





She never felt so low in her entire God – forsaken life.





How can this happen when everything is just falling into the right place. Her goals just beyond arm’s reach, her friends cheering for her and her dream job waiting for her. And Samchon.





What would Samchon say?





He’s going to be very disappointed and probably disown her; even if he’s the only family she’s ever known.





It was partly her fault too. Her young self being the usual carefree and adventurous one. They were so young and in love that she envisioned herself to be with this person for the rest of her life. Build a future together and have a happy family. 





It’s all burning down.





She’s been crying alone on the past few days in their shared apartment. Her friends and professors were all looking for her but she wouldn’t worry about them right now. Not now when she’s bleeding on the cheap white tiles of their tiny bathroom, her phone on her hand waiting for a call she would never receive again.





Like a ing wrecking ball, he broke down her walls. Her whole life wasted.





She thought they were going for the same goals, that she gave her whole life for him; they were so happy. She’s so ruined, she can’t think ing straight. Her future was bright ahead and she chose to take this path instead.





She bitterly chuckles.





Looking at the bright colored pills on her left side, she swallows one last scream of pain coming from her lower abdomen. Her life flashing on her mind, her friends, Samchon and the little spark of life inside her she would miss soon.





She swiftly takes in the five pills like it was her favorite candy.






“For someone graduating with the highest Latin honors, you sure can be a big ing kind of dumb Tiffany.”





Adjusting her eyes on the bright lights, she tries to look for the owner of the voice. She caught sight of Sunny sitting on the chair near her bed. The look on her face was giving Tiffany so much anxiety. She hated being seen as a weak being, she doesn’t need more pity.





‘, can’t this room get any more white? It’s blinding!’ she thought as she gazes around. She sure is going to hate hospitals for the rest of her life now.





“What were you thinking Miyoung?! You could’ve died!”





Tiffany massages her temples. Sunny voice can be too loud especially when she fuming mad and she sure is mad right now after her little stunt.





“First of all, do not call me by that name and second I am not yet dead.”





“I’m gonna let you pass this time Tiffany but I am not walking out of this room without you telling me everything.” Sunny emphasizes on the last word.





Tiffany looks away, tears threatening to fall again. That is if she still got some tears left to cry after all the breakdowns she’d been. Sunny sees this and holds her hand giving her a small nod that it’s okay to cry and go on.





“I.. I-I’m lost right now Sunny –ah. He left me because he said that I was going to ruin his life by having a baby at this age. We’re just s-so young and graduating soon. I thought I knew him but I guess I didn’t at all when he violently laid his hands on me for the first time. I called, I begged for him to stay but I just woke up to an empty bed. He went back to his parents, I suppose. W-what did I do to deserve this S-sunny? ..” Tiffany cries.





“Sssh, it’s okay. You have us alright? We won’t ever let you go.”





“N-now, she’s gone too. I’m all alone. I’m so selfish that I forgot to take care of the life inside me. I wanted to end my pain so much that I forgot about her. I’m a terrible p-person. I don’t deserve anyone. Samchon would probably throw me out on the streets soon and I can kiss those corporate job offerings goodbye.”





Sunny scoots beside her and hugs her.





“You’re not okay? You’re the most genuine person I’ve ever me Tiff so I don’t wanna hear those words coming from your mouth. He is definitely an for leaving you like this and I am going to make sure he doesn’t get back to you again.  Also, stop thinking that you’re a terrible person. You are so much more than that. You are everything nice and sweet Tiff. Sure, you can’t be the best mother right now but I know you will on the future, with the right person. Don’t stay on that dark hole by yourself, you have us.”





She continues, “You’re not alone Tiff. My family is your family and of course Samchon. He may be disappointed at first but I know he will always forgive you. That man has a heart of gold,” they both chuckle. “Now, that’s right. Smile and laugh. We will always have your back.”






And so she built her brand.





Her legacy.





She became the talk of the town, the rising star. Everyone was curious about her. Being a woman in the field of business made everyone’s head turn and be jealous.





Her past scarred her to the point that her whole personality changed. The once cheerful and friendly business management student in UCLA suddenly became cold, bossy, strict and unreachable after graduation. Tiffany’s samchon retired and made her Director after graduation and just six months on her position she made the company reach its highest peak making the media wonder who was the young prodigy behind the sudden success of Hwang Group.






It may have been a great story. That the broken college kid went famous because of her leadership and assertiveness. Little did they know that some of her scars never healed. Some scars just take forever to go away. She’ll always carry the pain of losing people she loved. Starting from her parents who died on a plane crash; leaving her nothing but despair and questions on how it would feel like to grow up with them.





Years later she had to nurse a broken heart due to losing her first love and child.





It was ing difficult.





Behind those picture – perfect makeup and glamorous dresses, Tiffany hides her loneliness and pain. She built high walls around her to protect herself from disappointment and another potential heartbreak. To keep her safe.





Everyone might’ve been jealous but once they know about her secrets, how can anyone still want the life she lived in?





Imagine losing a child on your parents’ death anniversary.





Imagine spending the best four years of your college life with the person who promised you forever?





Only to be left alone because he was a coward piece of who can’t be man enough to accept his own child. She may have blamed herself at some point but her friends, especially Sunny helped her crawl out of that depression. Every day she continues to fight as if nothing had happened. She was once lectured by Sunny because of her y attitude.





‘You’re never going to find someone with that attitude Hwang, so tone it down.’





Sunny was right most of the time.





But this time she was wrong.





Wrong because she had met someone who was willing to take risks five years later.






“So when are you planning to tell her?”





“I think you did a pretty good job on the renovation here.”





The doctor sighs. “Stop dodging questions Miyoung.”





Tiffany just playfully smiles while taking the tea infront of her.





They were on Sunny’s clinic for another therapy session as per Tiffany’s request. It shocked Sunny that the woman insisted on having the session at her clinic since Tiffany hated there because of the white walls.





“I am going to tell her. I just need to find the right time. She’s been observing me so much after we got back together.”





“Well isn’t just that great? She wants to understand you better so let her.”





“But what if she walks away?”





“Fany for the hundredth time, Taeyeon will not run away! She’s not like him and I’ve seen the girl’s effort. I like to think that she isn’t an .”





Tiffany smiles, remembering her loving girlfriend. Ever since that day they got back together, Taeyeon has always been beside her. Taking her out for lunch or dinner and calling her. She even scolded her because Tiffany wa afraid she’s taking too much of Taeyeon’s time because they were both busy on their respective works. Taeyeon just brushed off the comment and said that there are more important things she needs to focus on right now and that was her. The blonde was always on her side even if they didn’t share an apartment yet.





Moving in together needs to be discussed some other time.





She blushes on the thought.





“I never thought that I would meet someone like Taeyeon, y’know? Some nights I still dream of myself on that goddamn bathroom crying and wake up with cold sweat. If I could just tell my younger self that it was okay to be broken that time, that years later I would meet someone as loving and accepting as Taeyeon, then maybe I wouldn’t have spent so many years hating the world.”





“It’s part of growing up Fany. The thing that happened back then still made you the person you are today. Your past experiences may not be as pleasant but you’re one strong woman, okay? And I’m very proud of you.”





“Thank you Sunny. You always seem to know the right words to say,” she smiles. “I’m planning to actually tell her next week.”





“Next week? But I thought you’re leaving – oh.” Sunny pauses. She suddenly realized what day was Tiffany referring to.





“You’re planning to tell her on that day?”





“Yes. She’ll be suspicious anyway if I suddenly tell her that I’m taking a two day off outside New York and I don’t really wanna deal with arguments right now.”





“So you’re sure about this?”





“Yes. It’s now or never Sunny – ah. Let’s just pray she won’t run away.”





“She won’t. I just know.”





They fell into a comfortable silence. Both were glad at each other’s company. Being friends with each other for years allowed them to understand each other. To adjust on each other’s habits and be the person who would help when one of them falls in to trouble.





“By the way, did you change the interior because of me?” Tiffany asks.





“Don’t be so cheeky Fany, I just thoguht that it needed a change.”





“Oh, c’mon. I know you love your best friend so much that’s why you changed it.”





“In your dreams Fany.”





“You wanted me to come back here, right? That’s why you changed it. Don’t worry, I am touched.” Tiffany smiles.





Sunny just shakes her head and laughs. Tiffany can be seen as one of the meanest and strict Directors but she will always be the cheerful and strong best friend Sunny ever had. Tiffany was right though. She did change the walls into something different to make Tiffany comfortable again on her office. She just didn’t have the time before so it took a while. She always knew that Tiffany hated it because it reminded her of the white tiles on her old apartment where she broke down, it reminded her of the ty hospital walls where her baby died, it reminded her of the white caskets she saw every time she had to witness and attend a burial of a loved one. That’s why when you enter her office and other properties she owned, you will never see major white accents on each interior. It always had a touch of gold, pink or any other color. Just not white.





But then again Sunny was glad that Tiffany has Taeyeon now. She was glad that Tiffany was on her way to secure a future with someone who truly cared for her.




AN: Yes, it’s a rushed update. I’m sorry T.T i originally planned to write one immediately after participating in Yoona’s Vlive Event and I'm only uploading this at Hyo's Vlive. ITS SO LATE IM SO SORRY HAHAHA i also have online classes to worry about that's why i cant write everyday.

On the side note, I will still do my best to finish this story in a not rushed way because I owe all u guys so much for giving me the confidence to write about my faves; Taeyeon and Tiffany. J thank you so so much for bearing with me and I luv y’all! Stay safe everyone!


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