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The past months had been a big change for her. Wake up, have breakfast, check her iPad for emails and news, get ready and wear nice clothes, put on some makeup and go meet with some acquaintances.




But today is different since she’s back in her own apartment. No more travelling for another year she thought. Looking back she’d been exploring the world and taking her break seriously. She went to visit some old friends and catch up with them. She may have travelled alone but at least the memories of the places she’d been will always be there.




It was tough at first, she constantly called Wendy for updates and she was always on her laptop typing away. Sunny called her about that, to stop her from working for a while and just relax. She told Tiffany that if she really wanted to take a break then she should detach herself from work.




She grabs her phone to call Wendy. 




“Hello Ms Hwang. What can I do for you?”




“Hi Wendy, can you print out the files I sent you and leave it in my office?”




“Sure Ms Hwang, no problem.”




“Great, make sure that everything’s well organized in my office tomorrow. Organized, meaning it’s also clean up until the lowest shelf of the farthest cabinet in there.”




“Yes Ms Hwa – Oh?! You’re back here in New York?!” Wendy’s high pitched voiced rings on her ears.




Tiffany hums in approval. “Yes, I hope everyone’s not slacking off while I was away.”




“Of course Ms Hwang, such attitude should never be tolerated in this building.”




She chuckles. “Well, well. Looks like you guys have been behaving good. Perhaps I won’t be lecturing anyone tomorrow.”




“Yes Ms Hwang. What time will you be arriving tomorrow?”




“Time? You guys just be ready anytime.”




She drops the call and smiles. Looks like New York is going back to the way it is since she’ll be walking on its streets again.




“Sajangnim, there’s a ribbon cutting you need to attend to this Thursday. Would you like to go?”




Taeyeon looks up from the stack of papers she had been signing. “Yeah, sure.”




“The US Board has also been asking for your appearance on the next bidding session about the new building.”




“I’ll go. Fix the schedule and send it to me. Also, can you please make sure that there will be only one schedule that I’ll be attending in San Francisco.”




“Sure, I’ll work on it sajangnim. Will there be anything else?”




“Nothing more, thanks Lucas.”




Taeyeon has gotten back to work exactly three months ago. She has finally recovered and has been working diligently and free from any stress about health and pressure from anyone else. Sure, work was stressful; but the amount of trust and praise she has been getting from everyone was enough for her. She was glad that her mom has been wearing her pretty smile and manages their clubs properly. Hayeon was also entering college soon and is finally taking exams to enter any Ivy League university on the west. Taeyeon’s very proud on how her family has been doing well. Her friends were also a strong emotional support.




She thought of Tiffany. Often times, she can find herself spacing out. She saw how Tiffany travelled and met with friends through her posts in SNS. She was glad of course, that the girl had finally taken a time out from being a director. She misses her dearly, but she knows that they both needed time to fix themselves. 




True to it, time indeed heals hearts. Taeyeon was able to focus on giving a more positive life for GK and Tiffany does find herself loosening up a bit by temporarily not going to work. They were both working nonstop through the years and that finding themselves in such situations healed them at least a little.




Fully able to walk again, Taeyeon was determined to find Tiffany after finally having her heart restored. She’s hoping that the other girl’s heart has not changed even if time and distance were between them. If she has to woo her again then so be it. She needs Tiffany back in her life.




She needs her happiness.




“Unnie, I heard from mom that you’re helping me move my stuff tomorrow.” Hayeon tells her before shoving another spoonful of vanilla ice cream in .




They were at Baskin Robbins for their weekly ice cream run. Taeyeon made sure that she would always make time for her mom and sister now that things had gotten back to normal. 




“Of course, how can you possibly move by yourself and I still need to take you around campus.” She tells the younger one.




Hayeon was entering college and just like Taeyeon, she passed on various Ivy League schools but chose Harvard instead to follow on her sister’s steps. Although she wasn’t taking any business related courses, the younger Kim chose to pursue a career in medicine. The family had let her decide on her own this time.




“Take me around the city too so I can go somewhere when there’s no classes!”




“What? Of course not! You need to focus on your studies.”




“Aish, it’s not like you and the other unnies always studied. Sooyoung unnie told me that you guys often went drinking and partying!”




“Wha – Sooyoung told you that? I’m really going to hit her head with a golf club next time.” Taeyeon retorts. 




“I’m seriously telling mom you slept around during college” Haeyeon smirks.




“You wouldn’t dare.”




“Watch me try unnie.”




Taeyeon leans back on her chair, shaking her head at the playful incoming college freshman in front of her.




“Fine. I’m only doing this because if mom knows about my escapades back then, she’ll definitely kick my .”




“You mean your short .”








“And Ms Hwang, will you be going to Time’s Ball this weekend? Their PR Team has called earlier asking for the confirmation on your attendance.” Wendy asks while gathering all the papers Tiffany has signed.




“Sure, wouldn’t miss it.” She smiles and proceeds to work on her computer. “Anything else that needs my signature?”




“That’s all for now Ms Hwang. It’s also great to have you back here.”




Tiffany just smiles watching her secretary walk out. She’s been back for three days. Continuing all delayed meetings, contract signings and other deals, Tiffany had immediately dealt with all of these to avoid more delays. It also made her feel the rush again of the busy life in the city. Made her feel the adrenaline that comes with her job. 




Not even five minutes have passed, Wendy calls her. “Ms Hwang, there a certain Doctor Lee who wants to visit you.”




“Sure, she’s a friend let her in.”




Tidying herself up, Tiffany moves to the couch at her office to wait for her visitor. 




“What’s up Miyoung, forgot that you have a waiting friend?” the other person shouts while entering the lavish office. 




Tiffany smiles. Standing up to hug this Doctor Lee, they both settle on the couch to talk comfortably.




“I missed you too Sunkyu so don’t make a scene at my front door or my employees would question my choice of friends.” She jokes.




Sunny makes a face after hearing her Korean name. It was only fair since she called Tiffany by Miyoung earlier. Lee Sunkyu or Doctor Sunny Lee is Tiffany’s personal psychologist slash best friend for years. When the young CEO is in trouble or distressed, Sunny runs towards her to calm her mind and have a therapy talk. She helped her countless of times and Tiffany feels grateful to have such amazing person with her.




“Fine but you owe me another meal. How’s everything here?” she asks.




The other woman laughs, “Now you’re sounding like Samchon! But everything’s great, got a little busy but it was manageable.”




“Right, shouldn’t question you work ethic right there. Guess the short break really worked, huh?”




“I guess.”




When Tiffany informed her that she would be taking a short break, Sunny knew that there was something messing with her best friend’s mind. Tiffany, being the considerate person she is told her that it was nothing really big, that she was just really tired after all the big projects she handled that year and a vacation would be nice. Sunny then agreed that it was a great idea, but something about Taeyeon not going with Tiffany on the said short break does not sit well with the young psychologist. 




Later she found out about the corruption issue on Taeyeon’s father. Sunny already had a hunch that the couple wasn’t doing well that’s why Tiffany was so adamant on taking a vacation. She knew that Tiffany was running away. Knowing her through the years made Sunny know the other girl really well. And when Tiffany has a big problem, she runs away. Emotional and attached was the word Sunny can describe Tiffany’s vulnerable side. But she knows the girl can love anything or anyone she greatly treasures. 




“Right. Father was asking when will you be visiting them again.” She tries to change the subject.




“Oh yes, I was planning on doing so by the end of the month! I miss your mom’s cooking.”




“Great, Dad was beginning to think that you don’t like our services anymore since you rarely made an appointment with him for an executive checkup.”




“What? Of course not, tell him I get enough nagging from his shortest daughter who happens to be my psychologist.”




“Yah, height is a sensitive topic!”




They both laugh this time.




“Book me a schedule on your clinic next Friday.”




“What? I though you hated there.”




Tiffany shrugs. “I said I hated the plain white walls on your office but since I saw a post from your Instagram that it finally got painted, seems like a bit better now for me.”




Sunny knew the reason why Tiffany hated those white walls but she knew better so she wouldn’t mention it to avoid a hysterical version of Tiffany. But there was one question she knew she needed to ask.




“Have you called her?”




Tiffany looks at her with a sad smile and slowly shakes her head. 




“I don’t think I’m ready yet.”




“When do you think is the right time?”




Tiffany had her head down, playing with her own fingers. Sunny often see this behavior when her best friend was avoiding answering her questions.




“I honestly don’t know.”




Knowing that Tiffany was running away from Taeyeon; Sunny can only guess that an old wound from Tiffany’s past has triggered the sudden travelling. With that Sunny prays that Taeyeon would at least heal or save her friend from any harm that may come in the future. 




AN: How's everyone? Finally had a break from my online classes so here is a short update.

Looking back, I hope everyone does not get bored reading narrations since the beginning bc there'll be plenty or quite clues on Tiffany's past and how her relationship with Taeyeon will transpire. 

I'm so sorry if my writing kinda , i started this fic just for fun and didnt expect that some will like it (THANK U SO MUCH MY LOVELY READERS) and english isn't my first language 

Alright that's enough talk from me. Share your  thoughts with me and stay safe!


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