New Paths

Everything They Thought

Spraying perfume and reapplying her lipstick and checking herself on the mirror for one last time, she finally exhales that breath she has been holding. 




“What the am I doing?” she mutters.




She fixes her things and takes her phone out to see that it was already half past twelve that’s why she’s been feeling hungry. Closing her eyes, she remembers what happened earlier and holds her head due to frustrations. 




She had met that smart- blonde today and made a quick escape to the bathroom after answering Taeyeon’s question. 




“Business. And that’s none of your business.” 




She sighs for the nth time, “The hell am I rhyming things about?”




She remembers leaving Taeyeon alone with her amused look and now she has to go back there to see if Mr. Kwon or one of his staff is there so she can bid goodbye before bumping into Taeyeon again.




Walking back she sees a sight that suddenly tests her patience, she closes her eyes for a bit to relax instead of yelling at Wendy. Her young, sweet assistant talking to the young bachelorette while holding the latter’s arm. Both were busy laughing whilst catching up after not seeing each other for a long time.




Tiffany clears to catch their attention, “Wendy, can you tell Mr. Kwon that I’ll be leaving now and give him the final papers?”




The other girl bows, “Ah yes, Ms. Hwang. I’m going to give it after lunch.”




She raises an eyebrow, “Lunch?”




“Taeyeon has invited me to eat first Ms. Hwang since she’s also working here.”




She looks at Taeyeon and the girl just smiles at her.




“Wendy, did you hear me say after?”




“N-no, Ms. Hwang. I –“




“Yes, I thought so too. You can have lunch later, things like this cannot wait. You should know that by now.” 




She shots her a look before leaving the room and the girl quickly bows before telling Taeyeon they can have lunch some other time.




“You didn’t have to scold her.”




No response.




“Perhaps, you can accompany me to lunch instead?”




She stops walking and faces Taeyeon who was following her, “And why?”




“You sent someone away who should be having lunch with me.”




“So what, I’m a replacement now?”




Taeyeon smiles, “You were never even replaced in the first place.”




Tiffany turns her back to hide her blush, she had been feeling this way ever since she met Taeyeon, the girl always had a way with her words. Making Tiffany confuse with the things she say, she had to think of the underlying messages between those words to not embarrass herself.




“So?” Taeyeon was still following her.




Without turning to look at Taeyeon, “Fine, I’m craving Korean food right now.”




She fails to see the victorious smile Taeyeon had that moment.




 They ate silently and Tiffany was glad Taeyeon brought them to a pretty private restaurant in Seoul, she has seen this on the internet and was extremely recommended by her friends since it serves good old Korean food with the option of privacy. It was a perfect place for people like her.




“Are you just gonna look at me and smile like an idiot or talk like a normal person should?” she tells Taeyeon, the girl has been stealing glances at her and every time she gets caught the girl just smiles.




“Alright, you seem to have missed me very much with how you’re talking to me right now.”




Tiffany rolls her eyes.




“How have you been?” Taeyeon asks while placing another meat on Tiffany’s plate making the CEO smile. “Eat well, you’re looking at bit skinnier than the last time I saw you.”




“I’m well, just busy with things right now.”




“Hm. How do you like the company by the way? Mr. Kwon?”




She nods, “It’s alright, I wouldn’t have signed if not. You should know since you worked with me.”




“Indeed, he’s a nice guy. Always working and sharing developments here.”




“You work here, right?”








“Technically?” Tiffany looks at the girl across her.




“Nothing. Anyway, how long will you be staying?” Taeyeon asks.




“I leave after two days. I was planning to do some sight-seeing.”




“Great! I’ll take you around the city!” 




Tiffany drinks her wine. “You don’t have to, I don’t want to cause trouble at your work.”




Taeyeon signals the waiter for the bill, “Nonsense, you’re no bother at all.”




“If I were your boss, I’m sending you home straight away.”




Taeyeon pays for their meals and leads the way out. 




“But you’re not, fortunately” she winks at her.




Taeyeon drove Tiffany back to her hotel promising her to take her around the city tomorrow. Much to Tiffany’s delight, of course. A sort of happiness came to her today and she was glad to be able to meet Taeyeon again after months of no communication. Now, she can’t wait for tomorrow’s itinerary and what the other girl is up on her sleeves




“Sajangnim, here are the papers that needs your signature.”




A well suited man comes at the table of the person he addressed as ‘sajangnim’ and lays all the papers at the expensive glass table his boss owns.




“By the way, the director, your father, was looking for you this afternoon at the office.”




“What did he want?”




“He just wanted to remind you the upcoming event in LA next week.”




His boss just nods.




“All done. Go home, Lucas.”




He bows and proceeds to the door but his boss calls him out, “Yes, sajangnim?”




“Tell them I’m not going to work tomorrow and the day after. All scheduled meetings that needs me are cancelled for a while. Only those papers that needs my signature can be sent to me.” 




Passing by him and leaving, Lucas bows at his boss who just left the most lavish office Korea has seen.




“Ah, sajangnim always smells like the ocean.” He mutters.







AN: A lot of stuff has been going on in my life right now, I am so stressed about school and some family matters, hence the late, short (and might be a poor) update tonight. I’m very sorry to all of you readers who have to wait. My personal life is really messy right now. My finals is on Friday that’s why I decided to give something to you guys. After that, I may be (hopefully) able to update regularly. Thank you for all the comments and new subscribers, it really means a lot to me knowing that people read this story. Wish everyone’s doing well! Love y’all wonderful people. <3


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