Picking Up Life

Everything They Thought



One year later.


“Hey bud, how’s your back going?” 




“It’s starting to loosen up a bit and it doesn’t hurt that much anymore compared on the first few weeks.”




“Really? That’s great! If you need someone to come with you during checkups I can go with you. Just text me.”




“Me too Unnie, I can definitely spare some time for you.”




Taeyeon smiles. Feeling grateful to Hyoyeon’s and Yoona’s offer. “I’ll definitely remember that.”




It has been a year since the incident with her father.




Everything went past like a blur but she still remembers that tragic night. Police were everywhere questioning her. Hayeon and her mom were questioned as well as Leeteuk and Yuri. 




It was on the news of course but her father’s crimes that went publicly were only about corruption and attempted murder  on her. They bargained on the Supreme Court to keep the murders and illegal drug trades to be kept privately. If GK was to rise up again, the world doesn’t have to know how dirty the fight between her and her father got. The board of GK agreed to it and made Taeyeon a state witness in order to save her from getting jailed.




The investigation got crazy. She almost got jailed because the judge questioned her credibility as a witness since she was the daughter of Jinho. He had every right to be suspicious of her because who the betrays their father like that?




But then again, money and connections work. GK’s legal team made sure she wasn’t getting any jail time, not a single crime would be connected to her name. They made sure Jinho was going to rot in there. Hyoyeon also stood as Taeyeon’s personal legal counsel.




Four months after a bloody investigation, Taeyeon was cleared from all suspicions and her father was sentenced for a lifetime due to graft and corruption. The boards was pleased. Stockholders rejoiced her name for coming back. 








If they only knew how much blood was really in her hands. Very few people only knew about the real story. Leeteuk, her friends, her mom and Hayeon, and the legal team. 




Everyone praised her for being a hero and going up against her father. But Taeyeon of course knew that behind those smiles they were glad to have her back because it meant that they wouldn’t be losing any money and shares. 








The wonders it does to people that once they held too much of it, they tend to forget humanity.




Thinking deeply she was actually glad that the company still honors her as the greatest Chairman it ever had. The incident became a sensation citing Taeyeon as a humble and a woman of honor despite being one of the most powerful businesswomen. Employees smiled at her and respected her more when they found out about it. 




Of course she was happy, giving justice to the people who worked there, saving her mom and little sister and freeing herself. She was elated that after all these years the world can become a little better with one less criminal out in the open. 





Speaking of checkup visits, her back wasn’t fully healed yet. The doctor informed her after waking up on a four day coma that she would have to take physical therapies to help her walk normally again.




This is because her spine was badly damaged when she was tortured. Her mother cried upon knowing this, thinking that her lovely daughter can never walk again. But the young man assured them that she will be okay if they follow her medication and attend some sessions. Although Taeyeon had to walk with crutches for about five months, the constant help and cheering up from her family and friends helped her get through. 




Another reason is Tiffany. 




She was the sole reason.




Glancing outside, Taeyeon sighs. She wants to get out of the hospital soon enough because she can’t handle being confined in just one room every single day. She has been pacing this room for about two weeks now. Even with a TV and a videogame set installed on the suite room that she’s been staying at Seoul Medical Center, Taeyeon still finds herself getting bored. Her friends came to visit her, Yoona and Seohyun even managed to visit her all the way from Cambridge despite their upcoming graduation. 




“Sajangnim, you have a visitor.” Her assistant Lucas, calls out.




“Okay, tell them to come in.” 




Taeyeon moves to the couch. Moving with crutches is really ty.







She looks at the owner of the familiar voice and gives her a sad smile. 







The woman sits beside her and Taeyeon inhales the sweet scent Tiffany had. She misses her so much.




Yuri and Leeteuk told her that Tiffany was there when she was rushed to the hospital and the girl never left her side until she woke up. Only that Taeyeon woke up seeing her mom and sister with her instead of Tiffany. Yuri told her that when the news reached Tiffany, the girl thanked them for their hospitality and flew back to New York immediately.




Brokenhearted, Taeyeon knew that Tiffany had her reasons. She also went away and never informed her where she was. It was only fair that Tiffany does the same.




But she misses her. She yearns to see her girlfriend every single day wondering what will happen to them after all these things. She wants to hug and kiss her, spend her time recovering with her. A selfish thought, why would Tiffany even care for her after all the lies and secrets she had.




“How are you?” the older one asks.




“Feeling better but the doctor said it will take some time before I can walk again.” Taeyeon tells her and scans the girl’s face. God, was Tiffany so beautiful.




“I see. How’s everyone here? Especially your mom and little sister.”




“They’re doing well. Mom was a bit disappointed that she didn’t meet you, though.”








“Hey, it’s fine. I know you’ve got a lot of things to worry about and that well you’re very busy – I – uh, well you know –“ Taeyeon quickly says to not make Tiffany feel burdened about what she had just said.




“It’s fine Taeyeon. I honestly just came here to check on you and seeing you blabber like that means you’re on the right track.” Tiffany smiles.




No, don’t smile like that Taeyeon thoughts. She felt like melting right there seeing the concerned smile on her girlfrie – wait are they still even together?




“Check on me? You’re leaving again?”




The moment Taeyeon said those words, she immediately regrets it. The light on Tiffany’s eyes disappears and replaced with sadness and is that a face of being offended? 




“I – I’m sor-“








Tiffany quickly cuts her off and continues, “Brave of you to tell me those words Kim Taeyeon.”




Taeyeon knew this tone very well and the glare Tiffany was giving her was enough for any employee at the Hwangs to run away and resign. Plus Tiffany calling her by full name meant the girl was not messing with her.




Well .




“Do you know how much worry you’ve put me? Taeyeon you can’t just run away like that! Running away like that means you don’t count me in on your decisions. And I thought we were in a relationship?! Taeyeon you can’t decide on your own because half of this relationship is me! Half of the decision making has to come from me!” Tiffany shouts and stands up.




“Tiff, I’m sorry okay! I’m really sor –“ 




“Don’t stand you idiot! Stay seated if you want to recover fast or I’m walking out.” Tiffany stops her from standing up and walking towards her.




Funny that looking at Tiffany right now fuming mad and she still cares for her.




“I’m really sorry babe. I had to that in order to spare you from him. He was going to hurt everyone. I can’t let him get to you. I don’t want you to get hurt!”




“It’s too late for that now don’t you think? Because I’m very hurt Taeyeon. The moment you ran away and shut me out hurt me so damn much. I had to get one of my investigators to reach you and I found out that you were with your friend Kwon Yuri,“ Tiffany sighs, turning her back to Taeyeon and moves toward the window.




“I flew here in Seoul immediately to talk to you and instead I get to meet a frantic Yuri saying you got kidnapped and it could probably be the fault of your father. She told me every single ing thing about your plan and don’t blame her for it. Do you even know how it feels riding in a speeding car, hoping that you were still alive?!”




Tiffany looks at her with tears on her eyes and Taeyeon wants to hit herself for making the girl cry.




She finally sees her mistakes and realizes she shouldn’t have made Tiffany stand in the dark. Her heart broke so much seeing them like this that she can’t talk.




“And the most heartbreaking thing is seeing you on the stretcher with so much blood and not even moving. You’re an Taeyeon! You promised me you’d never make me feel this way so why am I hurting like this?! Why do you have to go like that?!” 




Taeyeon had tears on her eyes as well now. Tiffany moved next to her and Taeyeon immediately lets the girl cry on her shoulders.




“I’m so sorry, love. I failed you didn’t I? I’m sorry that you feel this way but believe me, I didn’t forget about you, I was just really blinded by the fact that he may hurt you that I thought the only way of saving you was getting far away. Also, the fact that I’ve got blood on my hands may shut you out from me. Who wants to date a murderer, right? I’m really sorry Tiffany. I know that saying sorry isn’t enough but I really am. Please don’t ever think that I don’t love you because I do! So damn much, babe.” Taeyeon tries to explain while calming the girl.




Tiffany looks at her and Taeyeon take the opportunity to wipe the tears and kiss Tiffany lovingly. 




The kiss wasn’t just a peck. It was kiss full of longing and sadness. All the frustrations and hope were poured onto it. Nonetheless, it was a kiss so sweet that Taeyeon felt her head getting dizzy with how Tiffany’s lips collide onto her. 




Tiffany breaks the kiss and cups Taeyeon’s face. “I love you so much and I hate it because I can’t get mad at you no matter what. You’re not a murderer Taeyeon. I never saw you as one even after seeing you that night and with Yuri confessing. Don’t you ever think that you’re a bad person.”




“I’m so sorry Tiffany. Please forgive me, I don’t wanna be away from you again. I’m such a fool, I should’ve told you everything right from the start.” 
Tiffany looks away and move a tad bit away from Taeyeon.





“I know that you do, love.,” she grabs the other girl’s hand. “But we need to heal ourselves right?”




Taeyeon wasn’t liking where this was going. She knows damn well what Tiffany meant.




“You’re not saying we’re taking a break right? Or are you breaking up with me?” she quickly moves closer to her ignoring the sharp pain from her back.




Tiffany looks at her with a sad smile and caresses her face. “But we need it right? Fix your life Taeyeon, you finally have that freedom you dreamt of. I honestly need to take a breather myself, don’t you think? Work has been really stressful.” she lightly chuckles to stop herself from crying again.




“I can’t accept that Fany! C’mon, everything’s better now with me. Please!” Taeyeon begs and hold her hand tighter.




“But am I okay, love? I want us to grow better. I’m afraid we’d just clash each other right now. We need to do this Taeyeon. I know that you know we need it.”
Taeyeon sighs. It is indeed true and she just hates to admit it.





“When the day comes, try to find me again. You always have a way to find me right?”




Tears were falling on their eyes again. Afraid that the distance between them could either break or fix them. How ty isn’t it? She gained her freedom but was she going to lose the love of her life instead?




Hearts breaking, each was lost on their own thoughts. 



Tiffany moves to get her bag and kisses Taeyeon on top her head.




“Promise me you’ll get better, okay? Till then, try to stay happy.” And with that Tiffany leaves Taeyeon alone on her thoughts.





Sooyoung surprised her with a hug ending her thoughts. “Yah Taeyeon, just because you can finally walk again means that you can run away from that golf session you promised me!”




Taeyeon laughs at her bestfriend “I’m not and just to remind you, I am going to beat your skinny later.”




“Wow, you call me skinny? I am a goddess Kim!”




“Stop it Soo, you’re a flagpole.” Yuri snickers.




Sooyoung shakes her head and take a sit at the Kim’s spacious backyard. “Not a day back in Seoul and you guys are already attacking me.”




Seohyun arrives and moves to hug the taller girl, “Hi unnie, I’m glad you can join us today.”




“Finally! A person who is glad to see me! I missed you too, Seo.”




The group just laughs. It felt like college all over again with them being complete. Taeyeon was glad to at least have them with her. It beats the loneliness she feels without Tiffany. 




Her therapy has been going really great and she’s been walking comfortably although there was still a little pain from time to time. Her Doctor assures her that in about a month she is one hundred percent recovered. 




Once recovered, she may start her search.




“Hey there! You’re early!” a woman greets and sits across her.”




“Well, I have nothing to do right now so my time is really flexible.” She laughs making the woman smile.




“Too bad for me then, a doctor has got to earn.”




A waiter moves to their table and gives them the menu.




“By the way, how was Hawaii? I hope you got me something.”




The woman smiles. “It was really fun! And yes, how can I forget about you?”




“Assa! Do you know how much I missed you? It was really lonely not having a lunch buddy.”




She looks down and the other girl notices it and quickly changes the subject. “Hey, wanna go to the mall later?”




“Uhh, yeah. I need to buy something too.”




“Talk to me again when you’re ready okay? It doesn’t have to be booked or in the clinic.” 




“I will, don’t worry.” The girl covers her face with the menu to avoid more questioning. Her mind drifting off to something else.




‘Have you forgotten me?’





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