Trapped in Gold & Silver

Everything They Thought

“One shot! One shot! One shot!”



The flow of tequila on hurt but she wouldn’t be bothered by it. Salty, bitter and sour, that drink really hypes her up. It was 3AM and she lost count on how many glasses and bottles she have drank. Her friends were no different than her. They were wasted, intoxicated by the amount of alcohol running through their veins. It was their annual winter break party.



College students flooded her friend’s house, Choi Sooyoung, because she was the kindest one on their group to let other students have fun and get wasted until the morning. Food, alcohol, the smell of cigarettes, and someone might’ve even brought drugs. She didn’t care anyway. She knew she was an but she never did drugs.



Oh, and hot girls too.



, she loved them girls and was known to be a player at their university. 



She was a crowd’s favorite. Charismatic, a pretty face and a y brain. She even does sports like athletics and basketball despite of her height and body built. But boy, did people cheer on her when she flex those biceps during competitions and drooled on her abs during basketball practice for wearing shorts and a sports bra.



They adore her, it didn’t matter if she was a flaming homoual. She was a biual goddess that people want to get in touch with. 



But she stood her ground, she didn’t do relationships. Hence the never ending flings she had. One thing that is permanent to her are her friends. Her gang, her second family. They were her everything. Fun times or bad days, they stuck together and that makes her so happy. 



As she leaned on the balcony of her friend’s house, the smoke coming out from the 9th cigarette she had, a voice interrupts her thoughts.



“Hey, you okay?” a girl with long unicorn colored hair comes. “You seem to be thinking too hard”



She laughs, “Don’t I always do? But yeah, I’m okay. Just a little bit tired, this semester burned the out of me.”



The girl sips her drink, “I know, I just can’t wait to graduate but hey, that’s the purpose of this whole party: us loosening up and having fun!”



The girls makes a dance move thanks to the blasting music in the room.



“You’re drunk Hyo, you can’t even dance properly anymore” a smoke escapes her lips.



“ you Taeng, see that girl over there? She fell in love with these dance moves!” Hyoyeon laughs.



She continues, “Anyway, I’ll leave you for awhile I gotta take over the DJ booth, the music’s starting to sound crap.”



Hyoyeon then leaves her and with a sigh, she faces the city she grew up in.



Cambridge,  Massachusetts.



Home of the best Ivy League University.



Sometimes, she wonders how it would feel to just live a stress free life. How she would be if she wasn’t a daughter with too much responsibilities waiting for her after graduation. The anxiety crawls up to her and she feels like she’s trapped in a life she doesn’t want. Sure, being in that kind of family had its perks but she wished she wasn’t part of it. 



Maybe that is why she was this rebellious. Yes, she did what her parents want her to like studying finance even if music was her first love, she took sports and studied so damn hard to become one of the brightest minds in Harvard, like hell she even broke up with her first girlfriend to make her parents stay away from the girl.



She laughs. A bitter one. 



Taeyeon, was so sick of people controlling her that’s why she made a pact with her parents to accept her as a player, her fondness to alcohol and smoking and to leave her university life alone or else she wouldn’t consider coming back to Seoul and they could say goodbye to their “precious daughter” they loved controlling. 



Another reason was that her younger sister, Hayeon, she doesn’t want her to suffer like how she suffered. She wants that kid to live her life to the fullest that’s why she was so ready to accept the responsibility her parents gave her even it means giving up her dream to be a musician and become her parent’s trophy child. She loved her sister so much.



A smoke escapes her soft lips, “ my life.”
She throws the cigarette away and grabs the cold drink on the cooler as she goes back to her friends.
Chatting with them, a girl comes to approach her and throws an arm around her ily and she hears her friends saying ooohhs.



“Say Taeyeon, wanna go crash at my place?” she slurs.



She just hums in response and proceed to down her beer.



“Let’s go then babe, still have a lot of things to do.” The girl rubs her arm and winks at her friends.



Grabbing her car keys, she said goodbye to them while the girl starts to cling on her.



This is the world Kim Taeyeon lived in. She covers the loneliness and emptiness in her heart by sleeping around and partying. Her friends are her treasure and they cared for her even if they knew about her family. Losing her fate on love after seeing her parents only talk about running a company and shaping their kids to a perfect daughter to make the Kims’ names shine like gold bar. She doubts she’ll ever find true love. Being told what to do since a child was tiring. And she’ll be damned after graduation since everyone’s expecting her to run a whole company. it, she hates the chaebol life.  






AN: Hey everyone! My story is not the best and I think won't be the best among thousands of TaeNy fanfics but I would reallyyyy like to thank everyone who took their time to even click and check this out. Sorry for any errors since I am really busy these days. (College !) But I hope everyone gets to smile everyday and turn this negativity to something great! Again thank you so much! ❤❤❤

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