The Gold

Everything They Thought

“That’s it for today’s meeting; submit all of your reports before 5PM.” 



One by one her staff goes out as well as the other stockholders of the company except for one. 



He approaches her, a grin plastered on his face watching Tiffany fix her things. 



“Wanna go out for lunch?” he says.



Collecting the final papers, she gets ready to leave and faces him, “Sorry, but I can’t. I’m flying over London tonight so I need to finish signing these papers in my office.”



Heading to the door, she hears the man following her in the hallway, “But Tiffany, you always say you’re busy. How about we eat in your office and I keep you company while working.” 



The man persists. “You know, that’s what I like about you. You always seem to make it hard for guys like me to get you.”



She could feel in the back of her head that the man was eyeing her with that smug look and a grin that never leaves his face.



One more turn.



Go to the left.



First door.



Upon reaching her office, she faces the man before opening the door, “You’re so full of yourself, a ert, a corrupt businessman, and just another pretty face with an empty head. That Jason, is what I don’t like about you, and I will never like you so you can go and leave.”



The man was stunned, dumbfounded in the hallway by the words she dropped. As she enters her office, and before closing the door, she looks him in the eye and says, “Jason, I know you’ve been trying to sabotage the upcoming business deal with the Jang’s so they can go and have a deal with your father’s company. I’m telling you that’s not gonna happen and I’m removing you as a stockholder here. You know the way out, leave before I get security”.



“Jason Choi”



What a pretty face, girls swoon over his gentleman look but Tiffany never cared. He was just another man, trying to get in her pants and have a share with her assets. Their family was known to underpay their workers. Jason and his father team up for being a stockholder in other companies as a façade but are actually up to something like sabotaging business deals or faking financial reports.



Seated, Tiffany just shakes her head. Years in the business she was able to analyze people who have bad intentions towards her. She simply couldn’t let her guard down and watch all her achievements crumble just because of a small stupid mistake. So, she made a boundary between her and people who tried to get close to her. 



She had friends. Very few of them.



Trust is hard to find these days. People are easily blinded with money and all the luxury in the world. 
Time has flew and she was on her way to her car when her phone suddenly rings. Her driver spots her and proceeds to open the door for her. She prettily settles herself on the back seat and answers the call.




“What the heck Tiffany, why did you took so long to answer?” the woman asks in an irritated tone.



“I just got off work, why?”



“Just making you sure that you remember our little date tomorrow.” 



“I wouldn’t miss it, okay? Besides I’m flying there tonight for your information” she looks through the window and sees they are nearing her apartment.



“Oh, really? That’s great then, I have a lot of plans for tomorrow. See you and take care! Bye!”



“Bye!” she smiles and hungs up. 



She enters her apartment and her maid proceeds to ask if she needs anything, “I’ll be fine ahjumma, you should rest now since I’m just gonna be calling Thomas to help me with my luggage since I’m flying to London later”



“Yes, Ms. Hwang. Thank you and have a safe trip” the woman bows and leaves.



Her apartment was located on one of the high end streets of the city. Quite lavish and absolutely stunning, she prides herself for being able to help on designing the interior. It was a combination of pink and white colors, simply because she loves pink ever since she was young. She lived alone but never cared about the silence. A maid comes in daily to tidy her things up and her secretary can run errands for her. She basically doesn't have to do anything.



Removing her Dior stilettos she sits on her couch to catch up on the news before proceeding to the airport later. 



"A traffic jam was caused in Highmore Street this morning ..."



"LA Lakers has just scored another big victory..."



She kept on switching channels until she landed on a show that dicusses entrepreneurship.



"Now this is good news", she mutters.



Tiffany is a great leader and knows the inside and out of business but she values new knowledge and loves to learn new things since innovation is everywhere. Halfway through the show, a video plays wherein a group of students from the prestigious Harvard is being applauded and deemed as the future's next big thing in the corporate world. 



Tiffany smirks seeing them, "Fresh minds, they still have a lot to prove".



One blonde girl catches her attention, she was petite and looks well grounded. It wasn't because she was pretty that Tiffany had to pay double attention on her, but because she was the smartest on the group throwing suggestions and answering the question very well. But Tiffany had to admit, she was pretty as well. 



A voice interrupts her suddenly, she sees Thomas, "Ma'am, I'm just here to remind you that the car is ready in case you're ready to go. We may have to live early since we don't want to get caught on traffic". He bows the leaves.



When she returns her attention on the television in front of her she no longer sees the mysterious, smart blonde, it has ended.



"Well, that's it guys! We hope you find great inspiration on the top students in Finance and Business Management of Harvard especially to their leader, Kim Taeyeon! Such a bright mind!"



Kim Taeyeon, huh. What a personality.



She closes the TV and heads of to her room to prepare for her flight. She wanted to sleep on the plane, it was a long day indeed.






AN: How's everyone? Hope everyone's doing well on their daily lives. This is a quick update, I didn't even proofread this so I'm sorry for any errors. I'll do my best on the next chapter :) I just wanted to give something back to you guys since this story has reached 200 views and massive thanks to the new subscribers, you guys are awesomeee! 

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