My Way To You

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Jin is a senior. Taehyung is a freshman.

Jin is an international studies student. Taehyung is studying economics.

Jin is a city boy. Taehyung is from the province. 


One thing they have in common is their dorm room...

Because they're about to become each other's roommates. 




Title: My Way To You (2019)

Pairing: TaeJin

Genre: bl, campusau, youth, romance, light drama, life

Rating: R-13 (so far) 

Wordcount: 3K-8K words/chapter


Warning: still a newbie | english is not my first language

Disclaimer: last time I checked I still don't own BTS lol, but story is definitely mine





To my readers who waited since Roses ended for a new story from me, this is it for now. This will be short, a three-shot probably. I'm trying a new genre away from my comfort zone which is mystery/thriller, this time it's romance-ish (which is a little scary for me) while still staying with the youth theme. But don't get too excited, the first chapter won't be up until next month. Though I will post a short preview mid-January so do look forward to that.

And as usual, keep your expectations low.


Happy New Year~ 

- Rei


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Chapter 24: wahhhh, took me 3 years to finally decide to finish this story and i'm so glad i did! loved it, idk why, but the way you just build them as characters is so interesting to read. don't expect another part as you are a literal adult with a life, but wouldn't decline one obviously :p thanks!
18 streak #2
Chapter 24: This was really good I’ll be waiting on the second part patiently but anyways thank you for your time & effort editing & translating from Japanese to English you did great 😊
Chapter 24: AAAAAAAAA thank youuuu!!! I'll be waiting from 2nd part.

Thank you so much authornim! And im shocked when you tell me that you're living in Japan, but still I think your English is great btw!

Much love ♡(> ਊ <)♡ ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ
Chapter 23: Smooth Taeyeon, very smooth, I like her more and more.
As bothersome as it may be, don't deny your heart!
Chapter 22: Hoseok is such a great adviser. And Taeyeon proved she's the best friend Jin could ever ask for, once again.
Chapter 21: Damn, now that's a proper confession... poor Jin looks like a deer in headlights! ahahahah cute
Chapter 20: YA! Kim Seokjin! Don't break baby Taehyung's heart, u meanie! Aww poor baby Tae, he must be really hurting. I adore u Jin, but i don't have to like u right now T_T
Chapter 19: Well.... I'd be holding my breath too.... till now probably! Damn Tae
Chapter 18: How is Jin not head over heels for Taehyung's cuteness!?
U're too cold for your own good Jin!
Thank you author-nim!
Chapter 17: ooooooh Taehyung is already head over heels. so cute!
Thank you author-nim!