Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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"It's fine. As far my as King Baekhyun is around and next to me, taking good care of me, it's worth the pain I purposefully inflicted on my hand and just so you know, I'm going to kill you and Baekhyun's not going to suspect me because he trusts me and sees me as his cute little sister. What a shame." Caroline said with a dark smirk playing on her lips.

A gasp fell from Hana's lips in shock as she stared at the female in front of her.

"W..what did you just say to me Caroline?" Hana asked, clearly shocked to the bones, causing Caroline to chuckle in return before moving closer to Hana as she held her arm in a tight grip before whispering to Hana's hearing.

"You have what I want and I'm not going to sit back and let you have it forever. Baekhyun is mine, everything about him is mine and you're an obstacle in my way." Caroline replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

Pulling away from her tight grip, Hana frowned in irritation and disappointment.

"Baekhyun is my husband, my husband Caroline. He considered you to be his sister and you do this?" Hana asked as she shook her head in disappointment before adding "How cheap and disgusting. What type of a sister are you?"

"Oh come on Hana, keep your lectures to yourself. You're just a poor orphan girl and a gold-digger who wants nothing more than money." Caroline said before adding, "Now choose between these two Hana, it's either you walk away or I'll end your chapter for good."

"Caroline," Hana called to which she raised a questioning brow at her as Hana added "I'm going to expose you."

"Oh really?" She asked with an amused chuckle following soothe. "You're more than welcome to do so, feel free."

"Baekhyun will be so disappointed when he eventually find out what your true color is." Hana said.

"Mmm.. Let's see what happens then because you'll be long dead before Baekhyun finally figure it out." Caroline replied before walking away, leaving a devastated Hana behind.

'What am I going to do now? She's bound to eliminate me so she can be with Baekhyun, my husband.' Hana thought in her heart as a tear rolled down her left cheek.

"No Hana, now is not the time to cry. Baekhyun is waiting for his cup of coffee." Hana said with a small smile plastered on her face as she wiped the tear off her cheek.

"Baekhyun your coffee is.." Hana started while walking into their bedroom but what she saw in front of her caused her stop dead in her tracks.

In front of her was Caroline handing a cup of coffee to Baekhyun who accepted it with a smile plastered on his face to which she blushed in return.

"Thanks Caroline. Mmm.. It tastes nice, just the way I like it, not too sweet." Baekhyun said as he gently sipped on the coffee.

"Please don't mention it B..brother Baekhyun." She said, feigning innocence to which the mafia lord smiled in return before ruffling her hair in a friendly gesture.

All Hana did was just stare at the two who has known each other for long as her heart sank.

'This Caroline girl is so smart, I guess I can never measure up to her standard. She's cunning and cruel but also very lively while I'm just me, nothing unique and special. I think I'm going to lose in this game of love.' Hana thought as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Hana, come here." Baekhyun said, causing Hana to gasp in surprise before managing a small smile, quickly wiping the tesar of her cheeks before walking over to her man.

"Y..you uhh.. you asked me to m..make coffee for you but I g..guess I was a little too slow, plus Caroline had already b..brought coffee so I sh..should just put this away." Hana said before turning around to leave, causing Caroline to smirk in accomplishment, loving the way Hana's shoulders fell in defeat.

"Come on Wifey, don't be so sad about it. You're not slow, plus I want to have a taste of your coffee not Caroline's." Baekhyun said while back hugging Hana as he planted a chaste kiss to her left cheek, causing her to flush a deep red.

"Really?" Hana asked while pulling away from the hug to look at Baekhyun who gave a nod in reply before retrieving the cup of coffee from her hands.

"Of course my wife." Baekhyun said before motioning for Caroline to collect her cup of coffee. "Take this away Caroline. Thanks for the coffee."

"Wow! This tastes so good." Baekhyun said as he slowly sipped on Hana's coffee with a smile plastered on his lips.

"I'm glad you like it." Hana replied with a smile gracing her lips as she blushed a deep shade of red, causing Caroline to frown in anger before letting out a forced chuckle.

"Of course it should taste good Baekhyun, since it's from your Wifey." Caroline said, causing the mafias boss to nod in agreement.

"Baekhyun, you've got a beautiful Wifey. Hana is beautiful." Caroline added after a moment of silence, causing Baekhyun to stare at Hana for a minute or two before letting out a calm smile.

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