Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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"Good morning to you too Uncle or should I say Mr.. who?" Baekhyun asked with a calm smile while motioning for them to seat as his secretary poured wine into three glass cups before placing it in front of them before walking out.


"Mr Kim and she's my wife." The man replied with a gentle smile to which Baekhyun returned.


"It's nice meeting you Mr and Mrs Kim." Baekhyun said to which both gave a nod in reply.


"So, what was your aim of coming to my company?" He asked after a moment of silence.


"So the reason why we came to you is to inform you that our company deals on gold bars and seeing you're are the only one with a similar business here in South Korea, we wanted to ask you if you'd like us to work together and become business partners." Mr Kim replied to which the mafia boss smiled in return, quietly observing them.


"You possess these gold bars?" He asked after a few minutes passed by to which the man gave a nod in reply.


"Yes Mr Byun Baekhyun, to be honest this company and it's whole shares and wealth were a gift given to me ten years ago by Governor Mr Zhen Huang from China." Mr Kim replied with a smile to which Baekhyun nodded in agreement.


"Alright Mr Kim. About your request, I'll give you a call once I'm ready." Baekhyun said before adding "So please drop your number or business card."


"Okay, thank you Mr Byun Baekhyun, we'll do just that." Mr Kim replied with hope and happiness in his eyes to which the young handsome mafia boss nodded in return.




"Sister Bora, we don't have all day so you should hurry up and grab the bags full of veggies. I want to go home." Hana said in a weary voice to which Bora nodded in reply as she pinched Hana's cheeks.


"Of course I know that you're tired sweetie but don't you worry, we'll be home in no time. Come on let's go." Bora replied with a smile as she grabbed a bag full of veggies before walking off to which Hana followed behind.


"Hello Hana or should I say Byun Hana. I never thought I'd meet you in person." A voice said from behind Hana, causing her to raise a confused brow as she turned around to see the owner of the voice.


"Do I know you?" She asked the young lady who looked around her age and height.


"Yes I guess, but by name." The stranger said with a grin plastered on her lips before stretching out her hand "I'm Spark by name".


"Y.. you're Spark? Sarana? Baekhyun's first love? W..what do you want from me?" Hana asked in surprise as she stared at the pretty, elegant lady in front of her with a look of fear evident on her face.


"Evil." The young lady replied "I wanted to harm you but I'm not going to carry out my plans anymore because you're just too innocent, hurting you will not go down well with me so it's nice meeting you."


"What do you want from me?" Hana asked again "I cannot trust you because I don't know you."


"You shouldn't tell anyone about our meeting, not your sister and definitely not Baekhyun." Sarana said before walking off "Goodbye."


With that being said she walked away, leaving Hana behind to recollect her thoughts and try to calm her pounding heart.




"Sweetheart, I think we should still search for our Baby." Mrs Kim said as tears rolled down her cheeks "It has been twenty years, twenty years since we last saw our child. M..maybe someone saved her or she's at an orphanage home."


"Honey, I know how you're feeling right now. This sort of pain does not just go away, we've tried our best." Mr Kim started, causing her to let out heart wrenching sobs.


"L..let's s..still search for my Hana, let's still look for her, my poor child." She cried bitterly, eyes

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