Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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With Hana's heart racing, chest pounding hard and fast as cold sweat broke out of her skin, the only thought that kept on running through her mind was that AIR Is Back.


"Who was that child?" Mrs Kim asked before walking over to meet Hana when she noticed the silence and tension in the air. "Hana, speak to me."


"M..mom it's Uncle Air, from twenty years ago. He said he's coming back to get me, t..that he loves me." Hana stuttered as tears of fear and anxiety rolled down her cheeks. "Mom who is Uncle Air? Who is he to us? Why is he disturbing us?"


"Air called you? Just now?" Mr Kim asked in great shock as he walked over to meet his only child, gently rubbing her back to make her feel better. "Don't you worry Hana, this is not like twenty years ago when that scunk attacked us, this is a brand new me, brand new us and I'm going to ing murder that man in cold blood when he eventually shows up."


"But Daddy he said he'll be here by tomorrow morning." Hana replied with a weary look evident on her face. "He's supposed to be my uncle right? Why would he use such a word by addressing me as his 'Love'?"


"Who said that is your uncle?" Mrs Kim asked in surprise as she placed a hand on Hana's left cheek. "He's not related to us, he's just a deadly assassin who wanted us to get you betrothed to him from your childhood."


"What? Betrothed? So he's not my uncle?" Hana asked in surprise to which both nodded in agreement.


"No he's not Hana, he can never be." She replied before hugging Hana closer to herself. "Come lay down on the bed my baby, you look stressed out."


"Mom, Dad, tell me how you survived that numerous gun shots twenty years ago." Hana said after a moment of silence as she placed her head on the pillow, hands clutching onto her mother's.




"Hana, what's wrong? Why do you look so sad and worried?" Baekhyun asked as he softly caressed her face.


"Baekhyun, Air. It's Air Baekhyun, he called me today when I went over to see Mom and Dad. I have no clue of how he got my number." She replied with a small sigh following soothe, feeling really upset about everything.


"This Air guy called you?" Baekhyun asked in a calm tone to which she nodded in agreement.


"Yes Baekhyun. When I told my parents, they said that he is not my uncle because my notion was that he's related to me but when he addressed me as 'Love', I knew something was not right and so I asked mom and dad and they told me all that I needed to know about Air. They said that he's just some deadly assassin whom I was going to get betrothed to from my childhood." Hana replied.




"Yes Baekhyun. When my parents refused to succumb to his evil wish, he attacked us that night."


"Hana, do you know how this Air guy looks like? Any information about his identity and real name because I bet he just goes by the name Air just so he can hide his true identity."


"No Baekhyun, my parents said that's the name he goes by and nothing else."


"It's alright Hana, you don't have to be so tensed over such little things. Come here, no harm is going to come near you." Baekhyun replied before pulling the her in for a hug.


"He's so dangerous Baekhyun, you don't know him. His looks and voice are so scary and traumatizing. He's going to come for me tomorrow morning Baekhyun." Hana said to which the mafia boss hushed her in return before planting a kiss to the her lips.


"No Hana, he's not going to show up but if he really does, he won't return here I assure you. Now calm down my love, nothing bad is going to happen to you." He replied to which she nodded in agreement.


"I believe you will protect me, you've always protected me." Hana said with a calm smile as she looked deep into his eyes, searching his soul. "But if he tries to attack you, then it's best to let me go with him so you can stay a

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