Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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"Ahhh.. He..help! S..somebody! An..anybody! B..Baekhyun!" Hana begged in a fainty voice as her vision turned blurry but then something caught her eyes, the red liquid substance trickling down her thighs.

"N..no, my Baby, please stay, please." Hana sobbed bitterly while placing a hand on her tummy, crying hysterically.

"B..Baekhyun! Our Baby.. Ahaaaa.." Hana cried out, calling out the only name that she could think of right now.

With her head spinning, vision blurry, the last thing she heard was Caroline's sinister laughter before every went black as she passed out.


"I'm back. Is anyone still awake?" Doctor Kim Jongdae asked while walking into the living room with a calm smile plastered on his lips and that's when something caught his eye, the shadow of a lady in a night gown, walking off.

'Strange.' He inwardly said in his heart with a shrug of his shoulders as he wasn't expecting anyone to be awake by this time of the night.

Making his move to the staircase, he almost passed out upon seeing Hana laying in the floor, passed out.

"Jesus Christ! Hana!" He screamed in pure horror as he threw his bag to the other end of the room. Bending down, he carried her in his arms as he rushed her to his room.

"Please God, please save Hana and the Baby. Oh . Why did I leave her alone?" He kept on murmuring, clearly terrified and tense as he kicked the door to his room open before gently placing her on the bed.

Moving over to the drawer to get the first aid kit for Hana's bleeding head, that's when Jongdae noticed it, the blood stains on his hands.

"No! No! No! Oh my God! Why?" He asked no one in particular as painful tears rolled down his cheeks.

After grabbing the first aid kit and other medical necessities, he returned back to the passed out beautiful girl on the bed, treating her injured head before undressing Hana to have a proper examination and when he did, he found out that the blood was at a minimum, not one that'll lead to a miscarriage.

"What? How can it be?" Jongdae asked himself with a bright smile plastered on his lips, surprised to feel the tiny beating heart of the living thing inside of Hana as he checked the scan in front of him.

"So it was a blood flow that formed around the wall of the womb because Hana fell down. Still it's pretty dangerous but the baby managed to survive." Jongdae said, studying the result before entering into the bathroom to set the bathtub.

After setting the bathtub, Jongdae carried Hana to the bathroom, giving her a warm, nice bath before toweling her body dried as he wore her a different night gown, causing Hana to stir in her sleep before going back to sleep as Jongdae covered her with a cool, soft duvet.

"Oh thank you God! Both Hana and the baby are saved. It's a miracle." Jongdae muttered to himself while taking a deep breath as he placed a hand over his lips, so not to disturb the sleeping boy, not knowing how to contain the joy he's feeling right now as tears of joy rolled down his cheeks.

'Should I call Baekhyun and inform him about what happened or I should call him tomorrow morning?' Jongdae thought before shaking his head in disagreement.

"No, I better call him tomorrow morning." Jongdae said before placing his cellphone on the bedside table as he walked over to the couch where he was going to sleep tonight since Hana was occupying the bed, fast asleep.

Laying down on the couch, Jongdae stared at the ceiling as he was feeling really upset and bothered at the same time, different thoughts running through his mind.

"But how did Hana fall down from the staircase? Plus who was that girl wearing a night gown? Is she a member of this family? Did she attack Hana?' Jongdae thought in his heart, confused.

"No, I don't think it's safe to tell anyone about this." Jongdae said, not wanting to expose Hana to more danger if really she was attacked tonight and by a member of the family.


"D..doctor, wh..what ha..happened to my Baby? P..please tell me my Baby is al..alright. I ca..can't feel the he..heartbeat. P..please talk to me Doc..doctor." Hana kept on rambling incoherent words as more tears rolled down her cheeks, eyes bloodshot from crying so hard while placing both hands on her tummy.

It was so early in the morning around 7:00a.m when Hana woke up with a painful sob falling from her lips, waking the doctor in the process as she has been sobbing right from the moment she woke up.

"Hey, hey Hana. Hush now, listen to me, please listen to me." Jongdae started, trying to get Hana to listen to him but the pregnant one won't even give him a chance to speak as she kept on bombarding questions at him.

"P..please don't say it Doctor, I don't want to hear it. Ahaaaa.." Hana sobbed bitterly while clutching unto Jongdae's cloth, causing everyone in the room to sob bitterly.

"It's all my fault Hana, I shouldn't have left you all alone. Baekhyun gave me strict warning and I disobeyed him." LuHan started with painful, nervous tears rolling down his cheeks before adding "Now Baekhyun is going to end my life for good."

"Everyone please leave, she needs to get some rest." Jongdae said, not trusting anyone right now as he wanted to break the good news to Hana, alone.

When they left the room, Jongdae locked the door before walking over to meet Hana who was busy crying her eyes out.

"Hana your.." Jongdae started but then he saw a shadow of a person eavesdropping so he decided to hide the truth about Hana's unborn child, that her baby is still alive.

"Hana I reall

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