Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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"Caroline slapped me last night Baekhyun."

"Caroline? Slapped you?" He asked, shocked and disappointed.

"Y..yes Brother, well Hana insulted my ponytail so I got upset and hit her, I didn't mean to hit her really hard, right Hana?" Caroline interrupted with a sheepish smile plastered on her lips.

"W..What? I never insulted your ponytail. Why are you lying Caroline?" Hana asked, surprised but then a soothing hand on his back stopped her from proceeding any further.

"So Hana insulted your ponytail and you have to slap her? That she's some sort of slave or what?" Baekhyun asked before motioning for Caroline to come closer.

"Hana return the favor." Baekhyun said in a somewhat calm and soothing voice, causing Hana to shake her head in disagreement.

"No Baekhyun, I've forgiven her so I won't slap her because.." Hana started but was cut off by a hard slap which echoed in the room in a resounding way, causing both Baekhyun and Hana to stare at the intruder and it was no other than Bora.

"How dare you slap my sister you ? Do you want to die huh? You just speak the word and I'll chop off your head." Bora threatened as she grabbed unto Caroline's blouse collar in a tight grip while glaring daggers at her, causing Caroline's heart to pound in fear of what Bora might do to her.

"ing get lost you ." Bora said before pushing her out of the room, causing both LuHan and Baekhyun to chuckle in amusement.

"Impressive Nun." Baekhyun hailed with a thumbs up, causing Bora to roll her eyes in return with a small smile plastered on her lips before walking over to hug Hana.

"Hana, LuHan told me that you fainted. What happened?" She asked to which Hana blushed a deep red before looking away.

"Oh, look at the attitude." Bora said with a small smile before turning to look at Baekhyun whose expression was calm as he stared back at Bora.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" The mafia boss asked in a playful manner.

"I should be asking you that same question Mr Byun Baekhyun. What have you done to my sister?" Bora asked.

"Sorry to disturb you Sir but Mr Zhang is here to see you." A maid said to which Baekhyun gave a nod in reply before motioning for her to leave.

"I don't know, you ask her." Baekhyun said before asking "Hana what did I do to you?"

"No she won't tell me so you speak Baekhyun. Something tells me that you're guilty."

"Fine." Baekhyun said with a small smile plastered on his lips as he got up to arrange his hair in the mirror before adding "Hana is pregnant."

With that being said, Baekhyun walked out of the room with an accomplished smile, leaving a squealing and giggling Bora behind who was busy teasing Hana behind.

"Don't stare too much LuHan, get a grip." Baekhyun said as he pulled his best friend along with him, causing LuHan to nod in agreement, not able to lie to Baekhyun or hide the fact that he is madly in love with Bora.


"So did LuHan tell you anything?" Hana asked.

"Anything like what Hana? I don't understand."

"That he is deeply in love with you?"

"What? Me? Very funny. LuHan has a girlfriend already, the girl who was with him the other day."

"No Bora, she's not his girlfriend but his sister, Yoona."

'Thank goodness!' Bora inwardly rejoiced.

"Whatever, I don't like LuHan, how much more love him so let's drop the topic Hana."

"Okay, I'll just have to find another girl for LuHan then, someone who'll love him for who he.." Hana started but was cut off by Bor

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