Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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Then there was nothing

No explosion, No fire outbreak.

"LuHan. LuHan, look at me." Baekhyun said but was met with no answer as LuHan folded into a ball in his seat with his head inbetween his laps, shivering.

With an eye roll, Baekhyun tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. "We're alive, there's no explosion."

"Really?" LuHan asked as he looked up from his scrunched up position.

"Yes, we've been pranked." Baekhyun replied before getting out of the car with LuHan following suit.

Retrieving the time bomb from the backseat, Baekhyun twirled it around and that's when he noticed a tiny little pink paper, neatly folded on the time machine.

Opening it, Baekhyun's left brow went up in realization after reading it.

~ Content of the letter ~


Hope I didn't scare you too much? Tsk. Tsk. That's just my way of sending you a gift or paying you a visit Baby, forgive my nonchalant behavior.

I heard that you're married. Why didn't you tell me huh? Congratulations. Also, I wish you both a happy married life.

Bye Bye.


Letting out a small chuckle both in amusement and anger, Baekhyun tossed the paper away, along with the fake time bomb.

"Boss, any clue of out who sent the fake bomb?" LuHan asked to which Baekhyun sighed in return.

"Come on let's get going LuHan." Baekhyun said before getting into the backseat. "I think I know who sent this."


Getting home and the first thing or rather person that welcomed Baekhyun was Caroline.

"Good evening Master." She said, feigning innocence as she walked over to meet Baekhyun who managed a small smile.

"Hello Caroline, how are you?" Baekhyun asked as he ruffled her hair, his attention clearly divided.

"I'm fine." She replied before adding "Master, someone sent a pink congratulation card for you and I thought maybe you might want to read it."

Retrieving the card from her and it was exactly the same content of the previous paper plastered to the fake bomb two hours ago.

Quietly observing Baekhyun with a small smile plastered on her face, she watched as his eyes widened in surprise before going back to normal as his lips curved into a small smile.

"Thanks for informing me Caroline. Goodnight." Baekhyun said, handing the card back to her before walking off, leaving a somewhat confused and perplexed Caroline behind.

"Why didn't he tear the card into pieces? Why didn't he react? He has an anger problem I suppose so why didn't he show it? Also, who is this Spark?" Caroline inwardly asked herself before shrugging her shoulders in return.

"Well I think the game has just begun. Whoever this Spark is, they sure are going to help me in this plan of mine, to make it a success, with or without their permission." Caroline muttered to herself before walking off, unbeknownst to her that LuHan heard the last words she said.

"What plan is Caroline talking about?" LuHan asked no one in particular before shrugging his shoulders with a happy smile plastered on his lips. "Oh well. I can't think straight right now. All I need is a nice warm bath to calm my nerves."

"Mr Baekhyun, your wife and the baby is fine and healthy, plus Hana is getting better than last time. For some reason I think she is happier and more lively than last time." Mr Jongdae said with a calm smile to which Baekhyun gave a nod in agreement.

"That's good to know. Thank you Mr Jongdae." Baekhyun replied with a smile of his own as he shook hands with his personal Doctor.

Throughout their discussion, Hana laid on her back, quietly observing the two before moving her eyes to her little baby bump as she rubbed a soothing hand on it, whispering sweet words to her unborn child.

It has been two months now and up until now Caroline has be

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