Death and End of Caroline ~

Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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"I..I.. uhh.. w..well.." Caroline stuttered as cold sweat broke out of her skin but then she thought of only one option, run away.

"Confess Caroline, confess how you've been stalking me right from day one since I got married to Baekhyun. Tell him how you've been watching me, following my every move, even when I'm asleep ever since he traveled, tell him the truth." Hana said in a somewhat calm tone, causing Caroline to glare daggers at her.

"I think I should have checked the CCTV cameras before, then I would have noticed the snake I unknowingly brought into my mansion." Baekhyun said in a calm tone with a small chuckle leaving his lips.


Knowing her game is over, Caroline made a move to run away but Baekhyun pulled her back by her hoodie, causing her to gasp in great fear and anxiety.


"P.. please Baekhyun, please spare my life, I'm sorry." She begged as fake tears rolled down her cheeks.


"Caroline, you have only one option and that's to run away from this mansion and never return." Baekhyun started to which she nodded in agreement as Baekhyun added "But if I ever have see your face again, then I'll finish you off so make sure I never set my eyes on you ever again. Now leave."


"Leave this mansion? Forever Brother? Why?" She asked in anger as she took in deep breaths. "Hana deserves to leave this mansion, not me. I know what it took me to get into this mansion, I had to pay some set of gangs to beat me and look like they wanted to me so you'll come to my rescue, I had to lie to you that I had no one when I have a family. It's not fair Baekhyun!" Caroline yelled in anger as she glared daggers at Hana but then a hard slap collided with her left cheek.


"How dare you Caroline?" Baekhyun asked in a fit of rage "Now get out, don't make me shoot you to pieces."


Few minutes later, Caroline returned from her room with her bags in her hands as she glared daggers at Hana with a devilish grin plastered on her lips, causing Hana to frown in anger and irritation as she walked up to meet the snake.


"For all the bad things you've done to me, I'll repay you, right now." Hana said as she delivered three hard slaps to Caroline's face, causing her to hiss both in pain and anger.


"Son, remember I told you this girl is a ? Now she has shown her true colors." Mrs Byun said before delivering a hard slap to Caroline's cheek.


"So you tried to hurt both Hana and the unborn child right? Too bad your evil plans failed." Bora said with a small smirk plastered on her lips as she also delivered a hard slap to her face.


'I'll be back, very soon.' Caroline thought in her heart with a small smirk playing on her lips as she grabbed her bags and walked out of the mansion.




"Hana, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. You distancing yourself from me is killing me." Baekhyun begged while peppering kisses all over her cheeks and neck before moving down to her shoulders.


It's been four days since Baekhyun returned from the business trip and ever since then, Hana has been keeping malice with him.


"No Baekhyun, I can't do this tonight." Hana said as she pulled away from his loving gesture, loving it and wanting it to continue but still upset with Baekhyun for not listening to her when she begged him not to go on that business trip and for not figuring it out that Caroline was indeed a venomous snake.


"Cannot do what tonight Baby?" Baekhyun asked after having apologize for days now.


"Don't want to be intimate with you because I'm still upset with you." Hana replied with a small pout evident on her face.


"Oh come on Hana, I was too busy to notice that Caroline was evil, plus I promise never to go on a business trip without you coming along ever again. Please forgive me and accept me back as your husband." Baekhyun begged while moving over to back hug his wife as he gently rubbed her semi round stomach, causing Hana to smile in happiness.


"I never said that I won't accept you as my husband because you are my husband." Hana replied with an amused chuckle following suit.


"Of course I know that Sweetie but I don't want to take chances, or else someone might steal you away from me because you're so beautiful and sweet."


"And who's going to do that?" Hana asked before adding "If there's something I'm particularly sure of is that you're a possessive husband. You'll slit anyone's throat if they try to steal me away from you."


"Wow Darling, you're so smart." Baekhyun praised as he pressed a gentle kiss to her right cheek, causing her to smile at the loving gesture.


Slowly turning around to face Baekhyun, Hana stood on her toes as she softly pressed her lips to her husband's before pulling away with a deep blush painting her cheeks.


"Baekhyun, I've forgiven you. I don't want to stay mad at you anymore." Hana muttered to his hearing, causing him to smile in return.


"Thank you my love.

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