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Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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"Of course yes Hana. I called you because I have something very important to tell you so I will go straight to the point." Baekhyun started as he looked up to meet Hana before adding "I've been given a time limit of twenty four hours to get a bride for myself and I've found you worthy to become my bride."

Hana gasped in shock as she stared at Baekhyun, not believing her ears while Bora got up from the couch and glared daggers at Baekhyun.

"W..what? I don't understand you Mr Baekhyun. How do you mean?" Hana asked, still in shock as she reached for her chaplet, feeling really nervous at the moment.

"Why do you always do that?" Baekhyun who has been carefully observing Hana asked, causing Hana to grip the chaplet.

"Al..always do what Mr Baekhyun?" Hana asked, not getting Baekhyun's question.

"That." Baekhyun replied while pointing at the chaplet on Hana's neck before adding "Why are you gripping it? Are you nervous or scared, of me?"

"No Mr Baekhyun, you're such a kind hearted man so i'm not scared of you." Hana answered while looking at her feet.

"So about what I just said few minutes ago, I meant every single word of it." Baekhyun said after a minute or two before adding "My grandparents are in need of a grandchild and so they threatened to take away all my wealth and my name and my status from me and when my father interceded on my behalf, they gave me a time limit of twenty four hours to search for a bride and so I found you."

"B..but i cannot get married to you. I'm sorry." Hana said while looking elsewhere, not meeting Baekhyun's gaze.

"Hana, the thing is that I.." Baekhyun started but was cut off by Bora's words.

"Excuse me Mr Baekhyun. Who are you trying to fool with your pathetic words huh? Did you tell Hana that you were behind all that happened yesterday? That you sent those men after us?" Bora asked, causing Baekhyun to glare daggers at her.

"What? You sent those men after us? Why?" Hana asked, clearly confused as to why this stranger in front of her would do something like that to her.

"Because I wanted to discuss with you and I never sent them after you with a gun. I guess they were being so stupid and irresponsible at that moment." Baekhyun said, causing Hana to nod in reply.

"Okay I believe you Mr Baekhyun." Hana said.

"Much better." Baekhyun replied with a small smile before calling out to LuHan.

"Yes Boss, you called for me?" LuHan asked to which Baekhyun gave a nod in agreement.

"LuHan, take her outside, when i'm done talking with Hana then you can bring her back inside. I don't like it when i'm being interrupted." Baekhyun said, causing LuHan to nod in reply while Bora glared daggers at him.

"You're so stubborn and rude. I wonder who made you a Nun as you're not even fit to become one." LuHan said while walking off with Bora.

"Oh I also wonder who made you a bodyguard when you're not even fit to become one." Bora shot back, causing LuHan to glare daggers at her.

"A bodyguard? Me? Do you even know who I am?" LuHan asked, causing her to roll her eyes in reply.

"Don't know, don't care." Bora replied.

When they left, Baekhyun motioned for Hana to sit down to which she obeyed.

"Hana I know that you're religious and i respect that but please, just see it like you're doing a helpless young man a favor." Baekhyun started but was cut off by Hana's words.

"I'm sorry Mr Baekhyun but I cannot help you. This is a huge favor you're asking from me and I cannot do it." Hana started before adding "If that will be all, then I should be on my way. Thanks Mr Baekhyun and goodbye." Hana said before getting up to leave.

"Sister Bora, let's get going." Hana said to which she smiled in relieve before glaring daggers at LuHan who rolled his eyes at her before walking off with Hana.

When Hana and Bora left, Baekhyun picked up a vase and threw it into a nearby corner, shatte

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