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Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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Waking up next to an empty space, Hana got up in a sitting position as she blinked one, two times before stretching out her achy muscles.


"Hubby! Are you in the bathroom?" She asked but was met with no reply.


"Today is Saturday, I guess he might be in the living room." She muttered to herself with a shrug of her shoulders.


Checking the time and it read 10:20AM, Hana got up from the bed to look at herself in the mirror.


"My Baby, how are you doing in there huh?" She asked in a playful tone while gently rubbing her stomach but then she remembered something very important from last night's dream, causing her to gasp in surprise.


"Oh my gosh, the dream, the man's name, Air." She said to herself, her eyes doubling the normal size. "I must inform Baekhyun right away."


Rushing out of their room, down the staircase, Hana ran straight to the living room, unbeknownst to her that there were guests.


"AIR! B..Baekhyun his name is AIR!" She voiced out in a somewhat high tone, voice shaking from running so fast, causing both Baekhyun, LuHan and the guests to stare at her both in surprise and confusion.


"B..Baekhyun.. AIR.." Hana continued as she walked over to meet her husband but then LuHan interrupted and blocked her.


"Yeah Hana, Air." LuHan said with a forced smile as he gently led her to a corner before muttering to Hana's hearing "Hana, Baekhyun is in the middle of a business conversation, he hates to get interrupted wh.." LuHan started but just then a voice cut him off.


"LuHan let her come to me." Baekhyun said to which the latter gave a nod in reply as he whispered a "Sorry Hana." to the innocent soul.


"Never restrict her from coming to me anymore LuHan. Do I make myself clear?" Baekhyun asked to which LuHan gave a nod in reply.


"Noted Boss." He replied.


"Hana," Baekhyun started while hugging the beautiful angel closer to himself "What's wrong Baby? What is it that you wanted to tell me? Is it very important?" Baekhyun asked in a playful tone as he planted a chaste kiss to her forehead while gently pulling her to sit on his laps, not bothered about the matured guests, causing Hana to blush in embarrassment.


"Of course it is Baekhyun." She said, hiding her face on her husband's chest, not wanting to look at the guests before adding "The man who attacked us that night goes by the name Air."


"It's you from yesterday child, the polite girl who spoke to us nicely." Mr Kim said with a bright smile plastered on his lips.


"Child, do you know that evil man?" Mrs Kim who happened to come along with her husband said with a look of shock and fear evident on her face, causing Hana to lift her face off Baekhyun's chest to look at the guests and the moment she did, she gasped in great shock as she stared at the two familiar faces she knew right from her childhood, the two faces she has missed and wished to see again, her Mom and Dad.


",'re alive." Was the only thing Hana could only voice out before everything went black, as she passed out.




Waking up and the first person thst came to view was the face of her husband, causing Hana to smile in happiness.


"Baekhyun, what happened to me?" She asked to which he let out a small sigh in relieve as he pulled her in for a hug.


"Baby you passed out." He replied when they pulled away from the hug, softly caressing her pretty cheeks before asking "Do you know them Hana?"


"Yes Baekhyun, of course I know them." She replied, her eyes watering in few minutes, causing the mafia boss to raise a confused brow at his wife as he wiped her tearstained cheeks.


"Hana is your name child? Reminds me so much of my Baby Hana, that's the name of my baby." Mrs Kim said with a sad smile.


Getting up from the couch, Hana walked over t

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