I'm Falling In Love With You~

Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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"Hello Hana," A familiar voice said, causing her to sigh in frustration.

"What is it this time around Caroline? What do you want from me?"

"Can't I just say 'Hello' to you? What? Why are you so tensed and frustrated whenever you see me? Are you suddenly scared of me? I thought you said you were going to reveal my secret three days ago?" Caroline asked with a small smile, remembering the incident that happened that night, as Baekhyun chose Hana's side over hers.

When Hana did not reply to her questions but just rolled her eyes, Caroline walked up to her, giving her a concentrated look, quietly observing her.

"Hana why do you look so weak these days? Are you sick? Down with a fever?" She asked again, causing Hana to take a deep breath.

"Caroline, I don't have time for all this so let me be." Hana said before walking out of the garden, leaving a smiling Caroline behind.

'I'm going to cut your wings Hana, believe me when I say so.' Caroline thought in her heart with a small chuckle following suit.


'Why hasn't Bora visited? I mean it's been two good days since we last exchanged words, plus she was sad and heartbroken when I told her that I'm dating Yoona that day.' LuHan thought in his heart with a sigh following soothe.

"Could it be that she's still upset about what I told her? But I was only joking, plus she's not in love with me right? Or maybe, she does love me? Oh my gosh! If that's the case, then I've completely ruined everything." LuHan muttered to himself before letting out a frustrated sigh.

'Should I call her? Should I ask her why she was upset two days ago? Or should I just confess my love to her?' LuHan inwardly asked himself as he reached for his phone.

'But what if she rejects me? I hate rejections, it'll hurt me to know that she does not love me. Plus, she's a Nun.' He thought before sliding his phone back into his back pocket.

"I better just tell Hana about my feelings for Bora, she might understand." LuHan said with a smile before adding "Hana is a blessing to this mansion."

"BAEKHYUN! BAEKHYUN! BAEKHYUN! WE'RE SO SORRY FOR NOT ATTENDING YOUR WEDDING. WE TOTALLY FORGOT. PLEASE FORGIVE US. DON'T PUNISH US PLEASE!!!" Both Sehun and Jinsoo wailed as they crawled into the living room, causing LuHan to raise a confused brow at the two.

"Hey Shut up Sehun and you too Jinsoo." LuHan said as he walked up to the two before asking "Are you two okay? Why are you shouting?"

"We forgot to attend Baekhyun's wedding and he's going to punish us for not honouring him." They both said in unison.

"Really. You two weren't there." LuHan started with an amused chuckle following soothe before adding "I think I better go inform Baekhyun about this so he can punish you two severely."

"No, no LuHan. Don't do this to us. We forgot we swear." They cried in unison.

"Okay, okay. You two get up and stop irritating me. I have a lot to think about, I don't need you fools to double my problems." LuHan said before walking off with a shake of his head in disbelief.

"Thanks LuHan!" They both said before getting up and that's when they saw a strange face staring back at them.

"Who are you?" Sehun asked to which Hana smiled in return.

"Hana, that's my name. I'm Byun Baekhyun's wife."

"Oh really? It's nice to meet you Hana." Both said before shaking hands with her.

"I'm Sehun, Baekhyun's cousin and she is Jinsoo, my fiancé." Sehun said to which Hana gave a nod in reply with a smile plastered on her lips.

"Please come in and feel free." Hana said but a hand on her shoulder stopped her from moving.

"No Hana, Baekhyun is going to be so mad if he sees us here." Sehun said before asking "Where's Baekhyun right now?"

"He's in the.."

"I'm right here." Baekhyun answered, cutting Hana off to which she smiled in return as the mafia boss moved closer to hug her closer to himself while Sehun and Jinsoo gasped in great horror.

"You two morons, what are you.." Baekhyun started but stopped as realization dawn on him.

"You two didn't attend my wedding." Baekhyun said in surprise, causing the two to cry out in fear.

"We totally forgot S..sir, B..Boss, Mr Byun Baekhyun. We're so sorry." They both said before adding "Please Hana, talk to him, make him understand."

"Okay." Hana said before turning around to face her angry man. "Please forgive them Baekhyun, it won't happen again I promise."

"You don't know this two. You can't put your trust in them." Baekhyun said while caressing Hana's cheek in a loving gesture.

"Please Baekhyun." She begged, using the puppy eyes charm and indeed it worked.

"Alright Hana but because of you, that's the reason why I'm letting them off the hook." He said with a calm smile before walking off with his wife.

"Thank you so much Baekhyun! Hana!" They both said in relief and happiness.

"Whatever." Baekhyun replied, causing Hana to chuckle in amusement.


Later that night, Hana went into the kitchen to get some coffee and that's when she saw Caroline, standing next to the counter. She was not making a coffee but a tiny little bottle was

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