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Beautifully Trapped [Baekhyun x OC]
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"B...Baekhyun? How did he get here?" Air asked, causing Hana's eyes to widen in surprise as her eyes fell on the love of her life, her companion and the father of her unborn child, Baekhyun.


"So this was your little trick right Jikwon or should I say Air?" Baekhyun asked with a calm smile plastered on his lips as he opened the door, causing Hana to get out of the car as she threw herself on Baekhyun, sobbing openly and shamelessly.


"B...Baekhyun, h..he is Air." Hana started to which Baekhyun cut her off.


"It's okay. I've just figured that out Hana. Get into the car and relax, I'll be there in few minutes." He replied as he pressed a kiss to her forehead to which she nodded in agreement before doing as told.


"Wow, Prince charming to the rescue~" Jikwon said in a sing song voice as he got out of the car, turning off the ignition with a dirty smirk plastered on his lips as he turned to look at his nephew.


"Jikwon if I were you, I'll plead for my life or rather look for a way to escape because I'm not going to spare you today. I'll beat you black and blue with my bare hands for trying to kidnap my precious jewel, my wife."


"Oh really? Then bring it on nephew." Jikwon replied before bringing out a small knife from his back pocket as a dirty, devilish chuckle fell from his lips.


"You're so cunning and useless uncle and that is the reason why you can never change for the better." Baekhyun said with a shake of his head in disappointment as he tossed his gun on the floor, ready to beat the out of this beast in front of him.


"Oh look who's preaching to me. You're no better than me, how much more different from me. I kill and you kill, just that I do mine on contract basics." Jikwon replied before running forward to pierce Baekhyun's chest with the knife, causing the handsome mafia boss to fake scream in horror.


"Not so fast uncle." Baekhyun replied in a calm tone as he held unto Jikwon's hand, hitting the knife out off hand as he delivered a hard kick to Jikwon's stomach, causing him to yelp in pain as he fell backwards.


Getting up, Jikwon surged forward again to kick him but being a hundred times smarter than the disgusting looking assassin, Baekhyun delivered three hard punches to his face, causing Jikwon to stagger in return as he fell to the ground for the second time.


"B..Baekhyun, I'll k..kill y..you." He muttered while coughing out blood to which younger smiled in return.


"Oh no you can't dear uncle." He replied before picking him up from the ground as he delivered more hard punches and kicks to his stomach, face and body.


"Stop Baekhyun!!!" Jikwon yelled in anger as he pointed a gun at Baekhyun's forehead, causing the younger to chuckle in amusement.


"How low can you stoop dear uncle" He asked, causing Jikwon to shrug his shoulders in return with a dirty grin plastered on his lips.


But just before Baekhyun could kick the gun out of Jikwon's hand, a voice interrupted them.


"Don't shoot my Baekhyun, else I'll pull the trigger. I still haven't forgiven you for separating me from my parents at a very young age." Hana said while pointing a gun at Jikwon.


"Oh my beautiful flower. So you've learnt how to handle a gun huh? Is that what your husband taught you? So disappointing." Jikwon said, causing Hana to shake in fear, heart pounding really fast.


"How dare you speak to my wife in that manner Jikwon? Now I'll kill you for good." Baekhyun said before kicking the gun out of his uncle's hand.


"Now say your last prayer." Baekhyun started but was interrupted by a man's voice.


"Who is Mr Byun Jikwon?" One of the inspectors asked, causing both Baekhyun and Jikwon to raise a confused brow at the men in front of them.


"He is Mr Byun Jikwon." Hana replied while pointing at the man who has separated her from her parents.


"This man is evil. Th

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