The Missing Piece of The Puzzle


Our story is just beginning

It's that time again, where everyone started to change the way they look and what they wear. As for you, you are trying your best to get your life back together. Because you just moved from the US to Korea with your older brother and things right now for you is pretty complicated. As a korean american, trying to fit in and learning a new language was already difficult. But try moving to a different country .... Well thats a different story. You were born and raised in the US your whole life, but at least your korean isn't bad as you think , it's just the new enviroment and new people scares you. Which mean new school and new friends, let's just see how this year will go.


Lee Jaein (You)
-Korean American||2000||Love music and dances||
-One sibling (older brother) 
-Caring, loyal and shy

Bae Jinyoung 
-Korean||2000||Love skiing and football||Small face|| Part of Wanna One
-Two sibling (younger sister and younger brother)
-Shy,calm and childish 

Wanna One
-11 members||Famous for their visual and coffee shop.||Wannables (Fandom)
-The kings of your school.||Popular with the ladies

A/N: Im going back to writing more...It's 4am where I am right now.. and the only thing that keeping me awake right now is Got7 lullaby..and coffee...Oofff
P.S: You will meet everyone in wannaone soon, one by one. So get ready, because their UHSFSOHFISOFISD.


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