I Don't Like Your Girlfriend

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It's not so much that Suyeon doesn't like Sei's girlfriend - she likes all her members - it's just that she doesn't like that she herself isn't Sei's girlfriend.  What will happen if Suyeon decides to fight for the girl she wants?  Can Weki Meki stay together after that level of drama?  Only time will tell...


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Obviously chapter 56 wasn't the last chapter of "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend," and this won't be the last either. I probably *should* stop at some point, but I love this version of the girls too much to let go.


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Congrats on winning the bid
Congrats on winning the bid
sinb-fan-01 #4
Chapter 64: wooooooah you made such intresting way of make ot6. i neevr read storys like that, how they had intract in group with dramas like one huge couple haaha. this chaptter was good sum up of whoel story and it feel very nostlgic. thank you for story, the ot6 dramas and developing was very good! i liked it.
maybe somday elly/rina join and make ot8 ahahaaha
Chapter 64: Ahh, reflecting back on everything that happened in this story actually made me a little emotional- what a perfect way to end everything. I really loved this chapter as well as all of the nods to the previous chapters. The girls went through a lot together and I feel like I was right there with them along the way. Thanks for a great story and a great ride! I hope to see another wonderful series from you again soon :)