It's Not Fine


The next day, there was filming for a variety show. Putting on their professional idol expressions, it would seem like nothing strange happened at all. Taeyeon almost scoffed at how fake she was being. It was almost cringey how Tiffany could also act like her usual self, not forgetting to up her aegyo game and give lots of fanservice. 

They were in the car ride back to the dorm when filming was over, and the tension in the air was so thick and palpable you could split it with a snip of scissors. The members could feel that something had happened but no one wanted to ask.

When they reached the dorm, Taeyeon excused herself and left for the coffee shop. 


“Hey.” Taeyeon smiled weakly.

“Hey to you too.” She walked over and gave Taeyeon a hug. “How was your day?” She asked and Taeyeon recalls the events that happened earlier that morning. 

“I actually did not believe that I could physically act like everything was fine. I don't know, it just feels too fake like I'm scamming people or something.” 


While they were talking, the door opened, causing the doorbell to ring. “Let me get this first.” She patted Taeyeon’s shoulder and looked up.


“Hi, can I get you anything?” 


“I’m just looking for my friend,” a familiar voice says and Taeyeon’s head snapped back. “Sunny, what are you doing here?”  

“Looking for you because what in the world happened with you and Tiffany? And also who is this?” Sunny raised her brow.

“Oh. Uh. We had a fight. And this is my friend.” 

“What about? And also Hi,” Sunny waved a little and brought her attention back to Taeyeon.

“Nothing actually, I just-.” Taeyeon sighed. 

“Alright can we just settle this please? The tension in the air is choking all of us and it’s getting a little awkward as bystanders.”

“Fine, I'll talk to her later.” Satisfied with her answer, Sunny bade them goodbye and headed back.


“So that’s Sunny.” She mused.

“Yeah, she's the mother of the group so it’s usually her who solves all of our problems.” Taeyeon accidentally knocks a menu and bends to pick it up.

“Wait, what are those?” She lifts Taeyeon’s skirt a little, revealing red lines on her inner thighs.

“Hey, stop it.” Taeyeon shoves her hand away and pulls her skirt back down.

“Taeyeon… Are you… cutting yourself?” Worry and concern flash across her face. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

“Please be honest with me. Please.” She paws Taeyeon’s sleeve pressingly, only to be met with silence.

“Oh for heaven’s sake Taeyeon.” She presses her temple and shakes her head.

“How long have you been doing this?”

“Why does it matter?” Taeyeon snapped.

“It doesn’t, but why are you doing this to yourself?”

“Leave it.”



They both sat in silence.


Taeyeon’s lips quivered as her eyes brimmed with tears.

“I hate it. I want to stop. But I can't.”


She wraps her arms around Taeyeon and rubs her hand against her back comfortingly. “You want to stop?” 

Taeyeon nods in her embrace.

“Then that’s all that matters.”


“Here’s the therapist I have been seeing. She will be able to help you like she did with me. Promise me you’ll call her?.” She pats Taeyeon’s cheek and passes her a business card as Taeyeon was preparing to leave. “O-okay.” Taeyeon sniffs. 


“Hey Tiffany, can we talk?” Taeyeon knocked on Tiffany’s door.

“Come in.” A reply was heard before Taeyeon gingerly grasped the handle and pushed open the door.

“I just want to say that I was an and I really didn’t mean any of that. You caught me on a bad day and it is no excuse but I really want to get better. I am trying.” Taeyeon approached Tiffany and sat at the foot of the bed. “I am really sorry.”

Tiffany looked at her and ruffled her hair in frustration.

“You really hurt me Taeyeon.”

“I know, and I am really sorry, and I am going to change. I promise. Will you please forgive me?”

Tiffany lets out a huff after a moment and nods her head. 

“Ah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You won’t regret this.” Taeyeon jumps right into her and gives her a bone crushing hug.

“You know I could never resist that puppy face, Tae.” Tiffany giggled into her embrace. “And you owe me stories of coffee shop boy.”

“It’s really nothing.” 

“Forgiving card revoked. We can’t be friends anymore.” Tiffany crossed her hands and huffed dramatically.

“Alright, alright. But the coffee shop boy is actually a coffee shop girl. Tiff, I like girls.” Taeyeon bit her lip in apprehension.

“Wait what? I just thought- oh my gosh my bad for assuming.” 

“No, you were not wrong. But you’re not grossed out?” 

“Why would I be?”

“I don’t know, it’s hard to say sometimes.” 

“I understand. Well, I’m bi myself. I never told anyone as I didn’t want to come out to the wrong person.” Tiffany sighs. “Thank you for telling me though, even if it was my fault I practically forced it out of you.” 

“I am just thankful that you don’t hate me.” She gives her another hug.

The door opens and Sunny squeals in delight at the scene.

"Does this mean everything is back to normal?" She was almost vibrating with excitement.

Taeyeon and Tiffany looked at each other and nodded, "Taeny is back yall." Tiffany grinned.

“EVERYONE! COME HERE RIGHT NOW! GROUP HUGGGGGG.” She shouted and all the members dropped whatever they were doing, ran into the room and jumped on them.

It was a good day.



A/N: do yall see it? do yall? :3 (i made them both GAY muahahahah. Anw its my birthday i can do whatever i want 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪) HAHAHA once again, i really appreciate all of you for reading my stuff! Thank you and have the best day :)

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Fire_trek 334 streak #1
Chapter 37: It’s thanksgiving where I am and I’m giving thanks to Taeny and this fic.. it was a wild ride of angst and fluff but I loved it nonetheless. Beautifully written and amazingly executed. I can’t wait until I read your other fics when I get time! Thank you author nim!
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Chapter 36: Yeah, Taeny is back! I loved this story even though it’s almost over :( the girl seemed like a great girl, but Taeny is the real deal!
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Chapter 35: In Sunny we trust! She’s like the coffee shop girl calling Tae a lol she had the best advice maybe Taeyeon could get Sunny and the coffee shop girl together… never mind they’d be too powerful for this world lol
Fire_trek 334 streak #4
Chapter 34: The chat is something I’d pay to be apart of. But in all honesty I’d probably be Hyoyeon to the chat and ignore it all lol.. even though I love the fluff I’m looking forward to the angst!
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Chapter 33: Omg they kissed in public! Big girl moves they’re taking I see lol.. it was nice to see them together, even if it was for a little bit. I don’t know how they will cope without each other, maybe a surprise meeting soon?
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Chapter 32: Another great chapter, Taeny really brighten up my day, seriously. Yes, Tiffany has grown into herself more as a woman and a person. This makes me happy
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Chapter 31: Aww, you know I love fluff.. this was pure gold. Even though I love angst this was a good change of pace. Let them just be happy for once, right?
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Chapter 30: That was hot 🥵 who knew Taeny had it in them? I know you were feeling apprehensive about writing this but it came out great!
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