Twenty Seven

It's Not Fine


The girls had decided to have a birthday party for Tiffany as she said that she would be back in Korea. Taeyeon bit her lip in apprehension, not fully knowing if Tiffany wanted her there. She knows that she had let Tiffany down when she suggested breaking up. She wonders if Tiffany has forgiven her.

“Will you be okay?” Sunny asks her.

“I think I will be.” 


Seohyun and Sunny had arrived at Tiffany’s place earlier to do a little setting up. They placed the newly bought alcohol in the fridge and laid the table with a fancy cloth, placing empty plates on top, waiting for Sooyoung and Yoona to bring food over.


It has been a while since they all met, even for the Oh!GG members, it has been a few months. 

Everyone was in deep conversation, trying to catch up and update each other about the things happening in their lives.

Taeyeon takes a deep breath as she stands outside the door. She was trying to calm her nerves before entering. It had been almost two years since she last saw Tiffany and about a year and a half since they broke up. 

Her eyes widened as the door suddenly opened, startling her. But it was just Seohyun with a bag of rubbish, heading to the bin. “Oh, Hi unnie! Please come in, everyone is here already!” She pushes Taeyeon into the house.

“Hi everyone,” Taeyeon announces quietly as she waves her hand. 

“You’re here! Tiffany is in the kitchen.” Hyoyeon says.


At that moment, Tiffany steps into the living room. She sees Taeyeon.

They looked into each other’s eyes as they moved towards each other slowly, not noticing that conversations between the other members had died down and everyone’s attention was on them, curious as to what was going to happen next.

Taeyeon and Tiffany wrapped their arms around each other. Tiffany could feel Taeyeon’s toned muscles and the difference in Taeyeon’s grip. She swoons a little. “Hi, Fany.” She hears Taeyeon whisper.

“Hi, Tae.” They released each other after a few seconds. 

“Happy birthday.” Taeyeon shyly pushes a bag into Tiffany’s arms. 

“Thank you.” Tiffany smiles. They stood around awkwardly and opted to talk to the other members instead.

Even though it has been awhile since everyone was gathered together, it was as if no time had passed and they were brought back to the summer of 2017. Drinking alcohol and eating delicious food.

“I wish we could have more gatherings like this. It has been too long!” Yoona complains.

They played a few drinking games and even truth or dare which resulted in Sooyoung daring Yuri to scream “SM !” out of the window. The girls were all laughing and cheering, not being able to remember the last time they were able to let loose during the past two years.

As night time arrived, some of the members needed to go back as they had schedules the day after. 

Only Taeyeon, Sunny and Tiffany were left. Sensing their unresolved tension, Sunny excuses herself and heads home.




They both started at the same time.

“You go first.” Taeyeon gestures.

“How have you been?” It was a question that Tiffany was dying to ask ever since she saw her.

“I have been okay. Work has been fun with the touring but quite taxing. I actually had more time to go back home and spend more time with my family. So that's a nice change, compared to soshi days.” Taeyeon answers, leaving out the parts where she was missing Tiffany like crazy.

“How about you?” Taeyeon asks her back.

“I think that my life has been pretty good. Touring was pretty cool. I actually got to live in a tour bus for a week! That was an interesting experience. The fans are also quite different from what we have experienced.” Tiffany smiles as she recollects her memory.

Taeyeon nods in understanding. 


“Fany ah.” She says after a moment of silence.

“I want to apologise for how we ended.” Taeyeon frowns lightly. “I’m sorry for giving up on us.”

Tiffany shakes her head. “It was hard for me but I know how difficult it was for you. I couldn’t in good conscience continue letting you get tormented.” 

Taeyeon stretches out her hand, requesting Tiffany to hold it. Tiffany immediately grabs her hand and squeezes it.

“I’ve missed you so much.” Taeyeon confesses, a warm tear slid down her face.

“Me too.” Tiffany moves closer to Taeyeon and cups her cheek gently. She inches closer and captures Taeyeon’s lip gently. Taeyeon’s hands moved up to hold Tiffany’s waist and she felt a strong sense of deja vu as she leaned into the kiss, feeling the warmth that Tiffany was radiating.

It had the sparks of a first kiss but the familiarity was what was different. Tiffany’s hands roam around, feeling the curves of Taeyeon’s body like she never left.

When they come up for air, Tiffany holds Taeyeon's hand and leads her to the bedroom. 


Taeyeon was woken up by her phone ringing in the living room. She hurriedly gets out of bed, grabs her shirt and underwear and puts it on before walking briskly to her phone and answering it.

“Hey, are you up? We’re still going to that breakfast we talked about right?” Sunny asked.

“Oh about that, I think I might not make it on time.” Taeyeon speaks softly.

“No problem, I can fetch you on the way. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” Sunny replies nonchalantly.

“I kinda need more time cause I’m not at home.” Taeyeon reveals and she blushes.

“Where are you then? I can drop by and pick you up.”

“Uh… I’m at Tiffany’s place.” Taeyeon braces herself for the incoming squeal.

“Why are you there at this time? Wait. Don’t tell me you never left!” Sunny gasps loudly.

Taeyeon groans. 

“Alright alright. Take your time. Message me when you’re ready. But you need to tell me everything!” Sunny exclaims excitedly.


She ends the call and heads back into the bedroom just in time to see Tiffany stir in her sleep. Tiffany rubs her eyes and opens them, looking at Taeyeon who was standing awkwardly at the door as if she just got caught doing something shady.


“Good morning.” A smile flickered across Tiffany’s face as she pats the empty side of the bed.

The sun rays seeped into the room through the gaps of the curtain and shone lightly on Tiffany.

“Morning.” Taeyeon grins shyly as she revels in the sight. She crawls back into the bed, pulls Tiffany in and places a tender kiss on her lips.

As their kiss deepens, Tiffany’s hand pulls at the hem of Taeyeon’s shirt, requesting her to take it off. 

“I actually have to go meet Sunny.” She hesitates. 

“Sunny will understand.” Tiffany smirks and lifts Taeyeon’s shirt over her head and returns it to the floor.



A/N: I just wanted to give a warning for the in the next chapter so that no one is taken aback by it. I mean I was taken aback by what I wrote but ykwim HAHAHAHA anyways, ofc taeny won't be broken up for long,,, why we gotta hurt ourselves right? :> hehe thanks for reading and have a great one!



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Chapter 37: It’s thanksgiving where I am and I’m giving thanks to Taeny and this fic.. it was a wild ride of angst and fluff but I loved it nonetheless. Beautifully written and amazingly executed. I can’t wait until I read your other fics when I get time! Thank you author nim!
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Chapter 34: The chat is something I’d pay to be apart of. But in all honesty I’d probably be Hyoyeon to the chat and ignore it all lol.. even though I love the fluff I’m looking forward to the angst!
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Chapter 33: Omg they kissed in public! Big girl moves they’re taking I see lol.. it was nice to see them together, even if it was for a little bit. I don’t know how they will cope without each other, maybe a surprise meeting soon?
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Chapter 32: Another great chapter, Taeny really brighten up my day, seriously. Yes, Tiffany has grown into herself more as a woman and a person. This makes me happy
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Chapter 31: Aww, you know I love fluff.. this was pure gold. Even though I love angst this was a good change of pace. Let them just be happy for once, right?
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Chapter 30: That was hot 🥵 who knew Taeny had it in them? I know you were feeling apprehensive about writing this but it came out great!
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