Twenty Nine

It's Not Fine


Tiffany groans softly as she stirs in her sleep. Her eyes opened and she was met with an awake Taeyeon, gently her hair. “What happened? Did I wake you?” Taeyeon asks quietly.

Tiffany shakes her head and stretches her arms, “Thirsty.” 

Taeyeon picks up a tumblr from the bedside table and places the straw between Tiffany’s lips.

“Why aren’t you asleep?” Tiffany nuzzles her face into Taeyeon’s chest and breathes in her scent.

“I’m just thinking.” Taeyeon exhales slowly and moves to give Tiffany a peck on her forehead.

Taeyeon didn’t have to say a word for Tiffany to know what was on her mind. Their relationship right now was hard for her too. They loved each other too much to be apart but Tiffany was currently under a company in LA and the contract wasn’t ending anytime soon. 

Tiffany sighs. 

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Taeyeon leans in and kisses Tiffany tenderly.


Before leaving the arrival hall, Taeyeon takes a deep breath to calm her nerves. She felt a little uneasy as she was in the states alone, without her members.

She takes out her phone to text Tiffany.


Being here without you feels weird. 


She locks her phone and keeps it in her pocket, before holding zero closer to her and exhales, getting ready for the incoming chaos that might ensue from the fans and reporters waiting to see her.


She waves for a last time before shutting the door and checking on zero. The flight was too long, even for her. Zero was not being his usual peppy self and had nuzzled himself in Taeyeon’s arms with closed eyes. She frowned and lightly patted his head. 

Her phone buzzed.


We will be together very soon.


She smiles and keeps her phone then shuts her eyes to get some rest on the journey to the hotel.


Five days could not have passed any slower for Taeyeon. It was nice that she could spend some quality time with Zero and her mom, but the feeling of emptiness was creeping up on her as her brain made her fully realise that she was in the US.

She managed to finish her work earlier than expected and it was barely noon, so she was currently in her hotel lounging on a loveseat and scrolling through instagram with Zero on her lap. Fortunately, Zero was feeling better so her mind was only occupied with counting down the hours till she met Tiffany. 


Her eyebrows lifted questioningly as she heard a knock on her door. Placing Zero on the other end of the seat, she walked towards and opened the door.

“Delivery for Miss Taeyeon?” The hotel staff revealed, holding a large paper bag and a bouquet of flowers.

“I’m Taeyeon.” Taeyeon nods and receives the item, not forgetting to thank and tip him.

She places the paper bag on the table and turns her attention to the bouquet. There were nine purple roses that were surrounded by stems of purple gypsophila and peppered with limoniums. She took a whiff and smiled blissfully. 

Taeyeon picks up the card that was placed securely among the flowers.


I love you, can’t wait to see you again.


P.S. I know sometimes you forget to eat. 


Fany xx


Taeyeon opens the paper bag and inspects the contents. There were two thermal flasks and two boxes. She opens the flasks carefully. Her heart warms when she sees her favourite soup and porridge, and she is also a little amazed that Tiffany is able to get them in LA. One of the boxes was filled with snacks, her favourite cookies and biscuits. The other was filled with various types of side dishes.

Feeling grateful, she immediately takes her phone to text Tiffany.


Thank you, I love everything. The flowers are so purple and beautiful! The food is my lifesaver. I was starting to miss Korean food. You’re an angel. 


She snaps a selfie with her gifts and sends it to Tiffany.


Glad you like them. See you in six hours, I miss you.


Tiffany sends her a selfie of her in rehearsal for her performance that evening.


A few hours later, Taeyeon was placed in a car and sent to the venue of Tiffany’s concert. She slips on a mask, wears a cap and tugs Zero into her jacket, trying her best not to get noticed by the fans there. As soon as she reached, she was directed backstage and shown the waiting room door.

Her heart pitter patters as she raises her hand to knock on the door. It has been about three months since she last saw Tiffany.


“Come in!” Tiffany’s voice could be heard. She opens the door, enters then closes the door. She then places zero down on a chair. It was just the two of them in the room and Tiffany has not seen her yet. She was deep in thought while looking at her notes. 

As soon as Tiffany looked up, her eyes turned into crescents. 

“Tae, you’re here!” She got up and walked towards Taeyeon with her arms open.

Taeyeon wraps her arms around Tiffany tightly and basks in the familiar scent.

“I’ve missed you. You look beautiful today.” Taeyeon’s hands grasped Tiffany’s waist as she broke the hug.

“Thank you. I’ve missed you too.” Tiffany rubs Taeyeon’s shoulders. 

“And you, my sweet boy!” Tiffany turns to Zero and lets him sniff her hand before patting his head.


“How are you feeling?” Taeyeon places her hand on Tiffany’s knee.

“I was kinda nervous, but I think I’m not anymore because you’re here now, with me.” Tiffany holds and squeezes Taeyeon’s hand.

Taeyeon smiles shyly and leans in, placing a chaste kiss on Tiffany’s lips.

Tiffany reaches out and cups Taeyeon’s cheeks as she was retreating, pulling Taeyeon back in and giving her a longer kiss this time.


A knock came from the door and they pulled back at once, turning their attention to the door.

“Come in,” Tiffany announces after checking herself in the mirror.

“You have to get ready now.” Tiffany’s manager stuck his head in and pointed behind him.

Tiffany nods, “okay give me a minute.”

Her manager shows a thumbs up and closes the door.

“I will see you later.” She holds Taeyeon’s hands.

“All the best.” Taeyeon pecks her cheek and pats Tiffany’s as she leaves.


Taeyeon settles down comfortably on the couch with Zero on her lap and watches the concert from the screen in the waiting room.



A/N: I recently watched petionista taengoo and the vibes were immaculate. Decided to write one where taeny actually had a chance to meet hehe.

Hope this was okay, thanks for reading and have a great one!

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Fire_trek 244 streak #1
Chapter 37: It’s thanksgiving where I am and I’m giving thanks to Taeny and this fic.. it was a wild ride of angst and fluff but I loved it nonetheless. Beautifully written and amazingly executed. I can’t wait until I read your other fics when I get time! Thank you author nim!
Fire_trek 244 streak #2
Chapter 36: Yeah, Taeny is back! I loved this story even though it’s almost over :( the girl seemed like a great girl, but Taeny is the real deal!
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Chapter 35: In Sunny we trust! She’s like the coffee shop girl calling Tae a lol she had the best advice maybe Taeyeon could get Sunny and the coffee shop girl together… never mind they’d be too powerful for this world lol
Fire_trek 244 streak #4
Chapter 34: The chat is something I’d pay to be apart of. But in all honesty I’d probably be Hyoyeon to the chat and ignore it all lol.. even though I love the fluff I’m looking forward to the angst!
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Chapter 33: Omg they kissed in public! Big girl moves they’re taking I see lol.. it was nice to see them together, even if it was for a little bit. I don’t know how they will cope without each other, maybe a surprise meeting soon?
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Chapter 32: Another great chapter, Taeny really brighten up my day, seriously. Yes, Tiffany has grown into herself more as a woman and a person. This makes me happy
Fire_trek 244 streak #7
Chapter 31: Aww, you know I love fluff.. this was pure gold. Even though I love angst this was a good change of pace. Let them just be happy for once, right?
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Chapter 30: That was hot 🥵 who knew Taeny had it in them? I know you were feeling apprehensive about writing this but it came out great!
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