winter story


Jiminjeong giving each other daily affirmations and kissing, not realising that Taeyeon was present

Or Taeyeon has a UTI and she finds out that the GOT the beat members were also in pain and gay


minor taeny because I can't live without them 

and minor wenseul because why not


Wanted to name this fic not alone but that’s a little on the nose 😭

I mean technically Taeyeon hearing the story of winter making this a winter story is not necessarily better but :3

*title seems romantic but this is a crack fic at its finest HAHAHA

(To make this even more eccentric i have decided to make everyone most of them gay... Thank you.)




please do not repost my work

this is going to be a oneshot because I have commitment issues HAHAHA but give me some time because I just started writing. I will try my best to make this the wackiest crack you have ever read. 'Try' being the keyword :S


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Fire_trek 333 streak #1
Chapter 1: Wow, everybody has got somebody lol that’s sweet and it makes me lonely 😩 but this was great, cool y and sweet but also funny! I loved the pairings and the comedy, it fit perfectly within the story. I’d like more if you are interested… I wanna know who Hyo is dating 👀 again this was great! Thank you author nim
Chapter 1: The ending line was hilarious!
Imagine how Taeyeon's urge to pee led her to these informations!😅
And the cause of her UTI is so funny! 🤭
I can't, with Tiffany's replies to Taeyeon! She's sweet though... That's why she got a reward... Regardless of the place... 🫣😁
Wendy and Seulgi... I didn't see that coming... 👀
Kim Hyoyeon! Who's that on the phone? 🤯
Jimin and Minjeong needs to learn from the expert... It's a good thing their sunbaes were the one's in there and not some stranger...
Also, Hyoyeon has good intuition... And Hawkeyes... 😂
Kidding aside, Taeyeon being a very nice sunbae... 🥹
Thanks for the !
It fits well in the story!😁
And it's so fun to read! I can imagine Taeyeon's reaction inside the cubicle hearing all those stuff! 😂
mammt_ #3
Chapter 1: not me and taeyeon having the same reaction for seulgi and wendy 🫢
Taeyeon, UTI and toilet sounds wacky already... 😁
This is just right on time!
Have you seen Taeyeon and Winter's pictures during the SM Town concert last night?! And their TikTok video too! 🤯