can you hear me


Taeyeon is withdrawn and pensive. Tiffany has the ability to read minds.


Ayo this is kinda? dark please brace yourselves 






please do not repost my work

After watching the uncanny counter i wanted to write a fic where one of them can read the other’s mind… Here it is HAHAH please be patient with my procrastinating . thank you very much


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Chapter 1: That's one touching (open?) letter! 🥹
I do hope too, that she knows and feels that is loved, always. ❤️

I didn't see that coming though! The abuse Taeyeon and her aunt are experiencing from that man. I thought Taeyeon was going through an existential crisis, and then the thought reading. That was a great twist to the story! 👏🏻
I like it that Tiffany knows when to use her ability, especially to help others, without being too intrusive.
It's a good thing her father is more than willing to help Taeyeon too...
And her family are very welcoming towards Taeyeon... 🥹
I love that last line from Taeyeon's mouth, and what's on her mind... 🥺❤️
I like the whole highschool setting too, I think it fits well with the story! It kinda feels nostalgic, especially the canteen scene, when each one of them were waiting for their person. 😁
And the development of Tiffany and Taeyeon's relationship. When they're talking and notices all those little quirks of each other. And then.. 😚🤯❤️🌈😌

Thanks for sharing another Taeny story! I enjoyed reading it! ❤️
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Chapter 1: This is sooo good! Yes, I realise there are very little Tiffany centric Taeny stories around. So these becomes all the more precious:)
Chapter 1: Woah
Skye1234 #4
Chapter 1: Thank you for the story.
1113 streak #5
Looking forward to reading this authy