It's Not Fine


“Tae,” Tiffany starts, burying her face in her palms. “I’m so nervous, can you give me a hug?” She whispers through her fingers.

Taeyeon stood up from her side and pulled her up. 

“You can do this.” Taeyeon taps her shoulders, before wrapping her arms around her tightly. “You are amazing, endlessly talented and so beautiful. You can and will do well in your showcase tonight. There is nothing for you to worry about. Your song is so good and your dancing is perfect. You can do this.” Taeyeon comforts her.

After a few seconds, Tiffany felt her confidence returning and a surge of strength and excitement flowed through her. She lets go of Taeyeon and smiles at her gratefully.

“Even though we can’t be there in person, don’t forget that we will always be here.” Taeyeon points at her heart and caresses her cheek, before placing a tender kiss on her lips.

Tiffany leans her forehead against Taeyeon’s and takes a few deep breaths. “Thank you Tae. I really needed this.”

Tiffany heads to the company for some last minute practice. It was the day of her solo debut album showcase. Tiffany was really excited to show off the months of hard work that had been put into this. But being in a team for nine years, even though she sometimes had to go on solo schedules for advertisement filmings or radio talk shows alone, she had never done a showcase where she had to perform so many songs just by herself. She almost felt like a fish out of water, a child on the first day of school. It was nerve wracking. It is never easy when you have to do things out of your comfort zone, out of your norm. But Tiffany knows that her members, who might not be there in person, are supportive of her and are rooting for her. She remembers how excited Sooyoung was when she volunteered to help her write the lyrics of one of her songs. 

The showcase was starting soon. She takes in deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves and help her body relax a little, before doing her routine stretches.

Doing a showcase and having to carry the whole thing alone was a huge , Tiffany had to ensure that she was properly introducing her album and her songs during the whole ninety five minutes. She had to make sure that she did not forget anything and also present them in a way that was not too boring to prevent people from losing interest and changing the channel. All of that by herself. Towards the end, she was fully drained, and slightly disappointed. All of the members had called her. (She was very thankful, but) All except Taeyeon. Where was she? Did she forget to watch the showcase? Was she busy doing something else? As soon as she had that thought, her phone started vibrating beside her. She looked over to see the caller ID and she smiled a little. (She was also a little astonished because could Taeyeon read her mind? How was her timing so accurate?) 

“It’s Taeyeon!” She says excitedly. “Taeyeon with a blue heart.” 

She swipes the phone and the call connects.

“Fany ah!”

“Hi Taeyeon!”


“Say Hi to everyone!”

“Hello everyone! I am Taeyeon.”

“I waited till the last ten minutes to call you.” She could hear Taeyeon’s teasing tone.

“You did!” Tiffany almost wanted to pout. “It’s okay, the main character always appears last.”

“You’re the main character, my main chick.” Tiffany tries to back.

“Tiffany ssi- wait, how should I address you?”

“Just be comfortable, anything is fine.”

“Oh okay, Fany ah!” Taeyeon exclaims. Upon hearing that, Tiffany’s expression drops a little. She was hoping for something more intimate. But she understands that they were in public and a weak smile forms on her lips.

“I have been watching the show!” Taeyeon brags a little.

“Oh you have?” Tiffany’s smile became bigger.

“Yes. Are you wearing shorts? Wow, your legs are looking great.” Taeyeon compliments.

Feeling a little embarrassed, she decides to change the subject. “Thank you! Did you see me dance?” 

“Yes I did! That’s why I was wondering if you were wearing any pants at all.” 

“Your legs look so great, I almost fell into the screen.” Taeyeon continues.

A part of Tiffany was panicking as she was wondering if Taeyeon was being too obvious. But another part of Tiffany liked it. She would deny it if anyone asked her but she was actually hoping that Taeyeon would say more and be more proud of her openly.

“Your face looks so cute and pretty but your outfit is so y!” Taeyeon declares and she could hear Sunny scoff from her room. 

Tiffany grinned. 

“This morning you gave me a hug. Even though I asked for it.” Tiffany was grateful. 

“Yeah, you looked so nervous.” Taeyeon chuckles.

“I still am right now.” I wish you were here with me.

“It’s alright, you did it! The showcase is almost over.” 

“Thank you for your support today, thank you for the hug this morning. Thank you for being in my life.” Tiffany says earnestly before adding. “I’ll be home soon.” She hopes that Taeyeon was able to figure out the underlying message in that last line. 

And of course Taeyeon did.

Tiffany reaches home not long after and she heads into the room, looking for Taeyeon. As soon as she sees her, she buries her fingers into Taeyeon’s hair and pulls her closer, capturing Taeyeon’s lips in hers. 



A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this one!.

I will not be in the country next week so I haven't figured out the uploading frequency but it'll probably be the same. If I do miss out any, please forgive me HAHA

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Fire_trek 294 streak #1
Chapter 37: It’s thanksgiving where I am and I’m giving thanks to Taeny and this fic.. it was a wild ride of angst and fluff but I loved it nonetheless. Beautifully written and amazingly executed. I can’t wait until I read your other fics when I get time! Thank you author nim!
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Chapter 36: Yeah, Taeny is back! I loved this story even though it’s almost over :( the girl seemed like a great girl, but Taeny is the real deal!
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Chapter 35: In Sunny we trust! She’s like the coffee shop girl calling Tae a lol she had the best advice maybe Taeyeon could get Sunny and the coffee shop girl together… never mind they’d be too powerful for this world lol
Fire_trek 294 streak #4
Chapter 34: The chat is something I’d pay to be apart of. But in all honesty I’d probably be Hyoyeon to the chat and ignore it all lol.. even though I love the fluff I’m looking forward to the angst!
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Chapter 33: Omg they kissed in public! Big girl moves they’re taking I see lol.. it was nice to see them together, even if it was for a little bit. I don’t know how they will cope without each other, maybe a surprise meeting soon?
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Chapter 32: Another great chapter, Taeny really brighten up my day, seriously. Yes, Tiffany has grown into herself more as a woman and a person. This makes me happy
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Chapter 31: Aww, you know I love fluff.. this was pure gold. Even though I love angst this was a good change of pace. Let them just be happy for once, right?
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Chapter 30: That was hot 🥵 who knew Taeny had it in them? I know you were feeling apprehensive about writing this but it came out great!
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Chapter 29: This was cute and I can’t wait for the next chapter!! here we come!
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Chapter 28: This was sad but beautiful. Missing someone is a natural emotion for us to have, I’m glad she’s coping well with this tho. I miss the coffee shop girl tho lol