Twenty Five

It's Not Fine


The first few months apart were not that difficult as Taeyeon and Tiffany were pretty free. Tiffany had classes thrice a week and Taeyeon had practice every afternoon, with the occasional random interview or meeting. 

They were able to facetime either before Taeyeon went to sleep and Tiffany was getting ready for her lesson or when Taeyeon woke up and was having breakfast and Tiffany was going to sleep. So far, the time difference did not affect them as much as they thought. 


Not until when Taeyeon started releasing their albums and having promotions. When Taeyeon got back home, Tiffany would’ve already been busy working or having lessons. When Taeyeon woke up, Tiffany would have already fallen asleep. 

Their only conversations now happen through the two or three messages they send before leaving the house or before they sleep. Even during the rare times where they were able to FaceTime, Taeyeon is unable to stay awake, tired from the packed schedule she has. Tiffany would quietly accompany her as she slept until her classes started and she had to end the call. 


“Tiffany.” Taeyeon says through the phone screen one day. “I don’t think this is working.” Taeyeon admits, rubbing her temples.

“Tae,” Tiffany starts.

“I am so tired. And I know that you are too. Maybe it might be better if we broke up.” Taeyeon sighs.

“Tae, I know you’re tired but it’s only going to be a few months. When my lessons end and your schedule is not as tight we will be back to normal.” Tiffany hurriedly says. 

“But we won’t Tiffany! We will never be normal anymore! At least not like last time.” Taeyeon replies exasperatedly. She could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Then we will make a new normal. Tae, don’t give up on us now please.” Tiffany pleads, her eyes glistening.

“Aren’t you tired?” Taeyeon asks plainly.

“Yes. But we can work this out together.” Tiffany was crying now, frantically wiping her tears.

“I’m sorry Fanyah, but I don’t think that I have the energy right now.” Taeyeon covers her face to muffle the sobs that were coming out.

“Tae…” Tiffany frowns at the anguish that Taeyeon was clearly in. 

“I love you Tae.” Tiffany sighs deeply before continuing, “I will respect your wishes. I hope you feel better soon.” Tiffany takes a deep breath and she ends the call.

Upon hearing the call cut off, Taeyeon cries harder.


The next few weeks, Taeyeon was back to her old self. She was like an empty shell. Her smiles never reached her eyes. The remaining members, Sunny, Yoona, Yuri and Hyoyeon were worried and were wondering what had happened. 

Yoona had made sure to frequently check on her that she was eating and even went to her house to cook for her. Taeyeon was grateful.

Sunny enlisted Sooyoung’s help to visit Tiffany, get potential information and check on her as well. They found out that they had broken up, the time difference had taken a toll on their mental health. They decided not to bring the topic up in front of Taeyeon and acted like everything was normal, while trying their best to care for her and to be there for her. 


One day, Taeyeon felt that it was enough, no more moping. She decides to put her energy into exercising instead.


They were currently preparing for their sub unit debut and their company fortunately greenlighted a reality show with them going to France and allowing them to do whatever they want, ensuring that they rest in the process. 


They had meetings before the trip, with the producers and writers discussing with the members about the things they could do.


“If you had to pick a member to go with, who would it be?” Taeyeon was asked. She instinctively thought of Tiffany. But she couldn’t say her name. “I think I’m fine alone.” She says, receiving dissatisfaction from the other end. “Okay, if I really had to pick one it would be Yoona.”


Taeyeon and Yoona always had an unspoken bond, they were drawn to each other naturally. Even though their personalities could not be anymore different, somehow they clicked. Taeyeon would sometimes find herself feeling energised when she is with the jovial Yoona and Yoona would find comfort just by being beside the calm Taeyeon.


“I’m glad that we are able to do this. My life right now is really dull.” As the meeting ended, she couldn’t help herself and confessed. She thinks back to their previous reality show and she remembers them asking her what life would be like without Tiffany. She remembers clearly what she said and she fully feels it now. She was really empty and lost, like there was no joy in life in the days that passed and she was glad that she could go on a vacation with the other members to further distract herself.


Taeyeon doesn’t know how much the members know about her break up but she senses that they were aware of it as she sees them trying harder to joke with her to cheer her up. 


Being in France, she tried her best to distract herself from thinking about Tiffany. But everything reminded Taeyeon of her. 

They drank more rosé than ever. Taeyeon frowns a little. It was Tiffany’s favourite wine. She would go through this like water during her off days.

They stayed near a beach which Tiffany loves dearly. She was always pestering her for a trip to the beach when they were together in korea.

Even when they were taking pictures, Taeyeon took a few and stopped, opting to walk around and look at the views instead. Because usually Tiffany was the one who would take out her phone and spam pictures of her when they went to places together. 


She gives up. 


When they were buying friendship rings, she picked a pink ring in Tiffany’s honour. 


On the last day, the other members (mostly Yuri) wanted to see her properly drunk, so she continuously topped up Taeyeon’s wine glass and made her drink. 

Her image-maintaining-good-decision-making part of the brain was deeply clouded at this point as she slurs, “I miss Tiffany so much.” 

The other girls immediately stopped their conversations and their attention was brought to Taeyeon. Yoona immediately went to all the cameras and turned them off.



A/N: oops.... anyways, i think it's a good thing because we get chapter 27/28 .......... ok thanks for reading and have a great one HAHA


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Chapter 34: The chat is something I’d pay to be apart of. But in all honesty I’d probably be Hyoyeon to the chat and ignore it all lol.. even though I love the fluff I’m looking forward to the angst!
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Chapter 32: Another great chapter, Taeny really brighten up my day, seriously. Yes, Tiffany has grown into herself more as a woman and a person. This makes me happy
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Chapter 31: Aww, you know I love fluff.. this was pure gold. Even though I love angst this was a good change of pace. Let them just be happy for once, right?
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