Twenty Four

It's Not Fine


“Guys, will you go to Jeonju with me?” Taeyeon asks one day, after practise.


Their album was going to be released soon and the members could feel that they were almost at the end of the journey as eight for now. Taeyeon wanted to bring them back home with her before they separated and went on with their future endeavours. 


“Of course!” Sooyoung answers excitedly. The rest agree. 

They decided to set a date and Taeyeon offered to pay for their accommodations. They all rejected immediately. “If it's okay with your parents could we stay over at your house?” 

“Yeah! It’ll be fun, like old days.” 

Taeyeon nods, she was positive that her parents would not mind. 


Their album released and promotions passed swiftly, probably too quick for their liking but they didn’t have a choice. 


Very soon, they were on their way to Jeonju.

“Bibimbap! Bibimbap!” Sooyoung cheers in the car, earning laughter from the other members. They had split into two cars, with Taeyeon and Hyoyeon driving. Hyoyeon follows Taeyeon diligently behind her car, screaming whenever someone cuts her.


When they reached the building, Taeyeon brings them to the house that her parents were staying in and rings the doorbell.

They were greeted with smiles and hugs from her parents. Her brother, Jiwoong comes out of his room shyly and Taeyeon’s father immediately teases, “He said that he wanted to wait a little before going because there were eight pretty girls coming over.”

“Hey dad!” He shyly rubs his neck before walking towards Taeyeon and giving her a hug before ruffling her hair. “It’s been too long.” 

“Anyways, I can’t stay, feel free to use my room to sleep.” He waves to the girls and leaves the house.


They then headed out for lunch.
“Mmm, delicious!” Sooyoung said between mouthfuls of rice and she proceeded to order another bowl of bibimbap.
“Her appetite really is amazing.” Taeyeon whispers to Tiffany and Tiffany chuckles.

After finishing their food, they decided to go for a hike up a hill to look at the views. Taeyeon and Tiffany walked hand in hand, ensuring that the other person did not trip.
“Ugh I feel so alone.” Yuri jokes while walking past them.

“Unnie, you have me!” Yoona runs to her and puts her arm over her shoulder, acting cute.

“Well, you are very pretty. I guess this is still a win for me.” She sticks her arm out, letting Yoona hold it as they walk.

“Those dorks.” Taeyeon laughs. 

When they reached the top, the view was breathtaking. The sun had begun to sink below the horizon, causing orange to colour the sky. Taeyeon sighs blissfully as she glances at Tiffany enjoying the view. She looks around, ensuring that there were no strangers and she then inches closer and places a gentle kiss on Tiffany’s lips. 


By the time they returned, it was dinner time. Taeyeon’s parents had cooked a feast for them, earning gasps of admiration from the members. “Yes!” Sooyoung punched the air in excitement. “Delicious food!” Taeyeon’s parents laughed.

By then Taeyeon’s sister Hayeon had returned from school and all of them ate together and chatted about their lives. 


By the time they were finished, Yoona and Sooyoung leaned back against the chair, rubbing their bellies. “I am so full! The food is so good!” The other members nod in agreement.


Taeyeon naturally cleared the plates and brought them to the sink where she helped to wash it with her mother.


“Tiffany is a good girl.” Her mother suddenly says to her.

She raises her brow. “Yes, she is. But why so randomly?” 

“You two are together right?” Her mother replies.

Taeyeon does not respond.

“I see the way you treat her, it’s different from the other members. The way you look at her, there’s more love than when you look at ginger. When we come to visit, I see the person you become around her, you’re always trying to be better. Right now, you look happier and healthier.”

Taeyeon rinses her hands and wipes it on her shirt before wrapping her arms around her mother. 

“I am so proud of everything you have done, Taeyeonah, I am so happy that you are happy.” Her mother kisses her cheek.

“Thank you, mom.” Taeyeon hugs her tighter. “You really don’t know how much this means to me.”


Taeyeon, still not able to fully process what had just happened, excused herself to the washroom. She puts the cover down and sits on the toilet, burying her head in her hands. Feelings of relief, anxiety and panic from the residual internalised homophobia washed over her at once as she broke into sobs.

She had never believed that her mother would have accepted her and it had caused a huge amount of hatred for herself. Being able to witness her mother’s acceptance in such a nonchalant manner had severely shook her, as she never would have expected it.


Taeyeon was never a religious person. Sure, if her mother told her to take some incense and pray she would, if Tiffany requested her to pray with her before a performance she would. But she never really felt that connection people had with god.

But as she was processing the years of trauma that was left on her, she stopped and whimpered, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Hoping that even if it was just a simple act of unconditional love from her mother or if some higher power actually helped her, that they could feel her gratitude.


After calming herself, she heads to the living room where they all were.

“Let me show you something.” She whispers to Tiffany and brings her to the balcony of her room.

They stood side by side as they absorbed the scene. Buildings were lightly peppered with balls of light and the moon shone brightly in the clear dark sky, among the scattered stars that were twinkling softly.


“I will miss you.” Tiffany admits when she perches on the railing, admiring the view.

“I will miss you too.” Taeyeon holds Tiffany’s hand and squeezes it. She turns to Tiffany.

“I haven’t said it, but I think that you are amazing for heading to the U.S alone just to improve yourself. Even though it is a country that you are familiar with, starting on new things is never easy and I am so proud of you for having the will to change and better yourself. I hope that it is easy on your mental health and that you are able to find someone to talk to about it if you need to, even if that someone is not me. I love you so much.” Taeyeon caresses Tiffany’s cheek before enveloping her arms around her and hugging her tightly.

“I love you too.” Tiffany places her hand on Taeyeon’s neck and brings her closer, capturing Taeyeon’s lips in hers.


The next day reaches and it was time to leave. They thanked Taeyeon’s parents for their hospitality and Yoona even said that she would be dreaming about their food for years to come to which Mrs Kim replies, “Come anytime! You are all welcomed, even if Taeyeon isn’t around.” 

Taeyeon smiles at the scene. She was grateful that her parents were so welcoming of her and her friends. She couldn’t ask for more.



A/N: I have this hugeass writer’s block 😭 Not sure if its because the excitement has ran its course or if i’m just not confident i can continue making interesting chapters with so little real life content (or if im just procrastinating) (i probably am) . The story might end kinda abruptly if this goes on. I'm currently at chapter 30, hope i get my together soon 🤡

The next chapters are not say fun (because something happens 💀) but i enjoy the eras experienced in each chapter. I hope yall do too :-------)))))))))) 

thanks for reading and have a great one!


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Chapter 34: The chat is something I’d pay to be apart of. But in all honesty I’d probably be Hyoyeon to the chat and ignore it all lol.. even though I love the fluff I’m looking forward to the angst!
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