It's Not Fine


Taeyeon looks at the clock. It was currently 1:15pm, the livestream would be starting soon. She went into the app and was brought into the waiting area. 

She decides to give Tiffany a little text of encouragement.


All the best for your livestream! I will be watching. Can’t wait to see you all made up and in your stage outfit!


Tiffany was currently in a room with the other members, in front of a camera, waiting for the live to start. She feels her phone vibrate and she checks it. 

She grins lightly as she reads Taeyeon’s text message and replies to her.


Thank you boo, I am so nervous. Wish you were here. xx


The live stream started and Taeyeon watched attentively. Tiffany was clad in a black cropped top with a deep v line that showed off the right amount of skin and a black leather skirt that stopped at her knees. Combined with her smokey make up and curled hair, Taeyeon was almost drooling. 

“You’re gonna catch flies.” Her manager comments and she embarrassedly closes .  


You look so hot.


She types and sends it to Tiffany. 

Not long after, she sees through the screen that Tiffany’s phone on the table had vibrated, capturing her attention. Tiffany glances over and blushes after processing Taeyeon’s message. Tiffany then looks right into the camera and smirks. Taeyeon feels her heart skip a beat. 

When the livestream ended, Taeyeon had decided to prepare the albums that she was going to give them. Not forgetting to write a short note at the front of the album, she frowns a little when she remembers that she has to keep it professional and casual for Tiffany’s one. She then writes a simple message and decides to slip in an extra note for her. 


Taeyeon has just finished shading the candy cane in her colouring book when she hears a commotion outside her door. They’re here. She laughs and she hears a collection of knocks before Tiffany announces that they were entering.


“1,2,3.” Tiffany counts down. “Hello! We’re Unnies.” The members greeted Taeyeon with a 90 degree bow as if they were rookies. Amused at the sight, Taeyeon chuckles as she introduces herself. “Hello, I am Taeyeon.” 

She retrieved their album from Sook and she revels in the design and the signatures that were on it. “This is so cool!” 

“I’ve prepared mine too!” 

“Taeyeon’s album is the best!” She hears Tiffany say as she collects the stack of albums from the table and starts handing them out to each of them, Tiffany last. “I wrote a special note for you inside.” She whispers to her and winks before placing the album in her hands. She thought that the others would be too distracted with scanning through the album to hear her but she did not notice that coincidentally, Jessi had looked up and saw the whole exchange.


They chatted for a bit before they were informed that Taeyeon had to prepare for the performance that was happening soon. Jessi’s eyes widened in amusement as she saw Tiffany’s smile immediately dropped upon hearing that they had to go. 

Sook asks Taeyeon for some last minute advice and words of encouragement and they then thanked her for her time and left the room. 


Upon returning to their waiting room, Tiffany sits at a corner and opens the album to look for the note that Taeyeon had written. 


Fany ah, I’ve seen how hard you have worked. I know that you will do your best. Don’t be nervous, you’re going to kill it. I love you! 

P.S: I hate that there's a wall between us, I wish you could be beside me all day. :(


Tiffany’s smile turned into a longing one as she finished reading the note. I wish I could be beside you too. She sighs softly. 

They were suddenly asked to do a few more interviews so Tiffany haphazardly places the album on the table and heads to the allocated interview rooms.


They had just finished their rehearsal for the music bank hot debut interview and were back at the waiting room, trying to get as much rest as they could before the real thing.

Jessi plops down on a chair and looks around aimlessly. Her attention falls on a piece of paper on the floor. She swiftly stretches and picks it up. 

“Fany ah, I’ve seen how hard you worked.” She mouths as she reads the note. This must be the note that Taeyeon was telling Tiffany about. 

Her brows were lifted as she read the P.S. Were they that close that they couldn’t even spend a few hours apart?

“Hold on.” She mutters. This is kinda suspicious.


She looks up to see Tiffany having a little panic attack, she was flipping her album and desperately looking around for something. Presumably the note, Jessi assumes.

“Looking for this?” Jessi heads close to her and places the note in her hand discreetly.

Tiffany freezes, startled at the action.

“I found it on the floor. Keep it safe. We don’t want the rumour mill to start churning, do we?”

Tiffany looks down, embarrassed. “Thank you.” She keeps it securely in her bag.


“Also,” Jessi raises her voice. “When were you going to tell me?” She playfully shoves her, gaining the attention of the other unnies.

“Shut up! There is nothing going on.” Tiffany whispers urgently as her face scrunches.

“What’s happening?” Miran inquires upon witnessing the conversation.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Tiffany smiles shyly.

“She just got a great new foundation and doesn’t want to share the brand with me.” Jessi fakes annoyance and pulls Tiffany to a corner.


“Anyway, since we have a break from filming, I’m pretty free these days. Can I go visit you?” Jessi asks, changing the subject.

“Yes, I have no schedules either. Only Taeyeon, Sunny and I are living there right now."

"Ah yes, your boo," Jessi smirks.

Shaking her head defeatedly, Tiffany continues, "I’ll text you the password after asking them if it’s okay. You can come by anytime, I’ll probably be home.”

“Okay. I’ll text you.” Jessi gives Tiffany a thumbs up and a suggestive wink before going back to her seat.



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Fire_trek 327 streak #1
Chapter 37: It’s thanksgiving where I am and I’m giving thanks to Taeny and this fic.. it was a wild ride of angst and fluff but I loved it nonetheless. Beautifully written and amazingly executed. I can’t wait until I read your other fics when I get time! Thank you author nim!
Fire_trek 327 streak #2
Chapter 36: Yeah, Taeny is back! I loved this story even though it’s almost over :( the girl seemed like a great girl, but Taeny is the real deal!
Fire_trek 327 streak #3
Chapter 35: In Sunny we trust! She’s like the coffee shop girl calling Tae a lol she had the best advice maybe Taeyeon could get Sunny and the coffee shop girl together… never mind they’d be too powerful for this world lol
Fire_trek 327 streak #4
Chapter 34: The chat is something I’d pay to be apart of. But in all honesty I’d probably be Hyoyeon to the chat and ignore it all lol.. even though I love the fluff I’m looking forward to the angst!
Fire_trek 327 streak #5
Chapter 33: Omg they kissed in public! Big girl moves they’re taking I see lol.. it was nice to see them together, even if it was for a little bit. I don’t know how they will cope without each other, maybe a surprise meeting soon?
Fire_trek 327 streak #6
Chapter 32: Another great chapter, Taeny really brighten up my day, seriously. Yes, Tiffany has grown into herself more as a woman and a person. This makes me happy
Fire_trek 327 streak #7
Chapter 31: Aww, you know I love fluff.. this was pure gold. Even though I love angst this was a good change of pace. Let them just be happy for once, right?
Fire_trek 327 streak #8
Chapter 30: That was hot 🥵 who knew Taeny had it in them? I know you were feeling apprehensive about writing this but it came out great!
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Chapter 29: This was cute and I can’t wait for the next chapter!! here we come!
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Chapter 28: This was sad but beautiful. Missing someone is a natural emotion for us to have, I’m glad she’s coping well with this tho. I miss the coffee shop girl tho lol