When A Bad Boy Falls For The "Nerd"

Your POV

The week flew by like usual and it was Friday. I haven't seen _______ after school all week. He must've been busy on his dates. I guess I was going to leave by bus today, again. The rides home with him were so routine for me that getting back on the bus seemed weird and somewhat awkward. I never had anyone t sit or talk with. I was walking to the bus stop when he stopped me.

"Hey, I'm free today." He slightly smiled.

"Really? No date today?" I rolled my eyes.

"Nope, you want a ride?" 

"Sure." I sighed as we got in his car.

"You want to know what happened today? I'm sure it'll make you happy." He asked as we drove home.


"I said, guess."

" broke up with Lisa?"

"Wow, was it that predictable?" He chuckled.

"I don't know, I just guessed," I joined. "So, she wasn't a good girlfriend?" 

"Nope, she just wanted to , I'm not like that." He shook his head.

Really? You're not? The notorious play boy actually has no experience in love and relationships? That's hard to believe.

"Well, that's Lisa for you." I sighed.

"Sadly, I wasted two weeks with her, can you believe that?" He shook his head as we entered my house.

"I can't." I agreed.

I ran upstairs to change real quick into a big t-shirt again because that's really all that my closet contains. 

"So, we're working on our dance project, right?" I asked as I tied my hair into a ponytail.

"Yeah, I think that's all we have to work on. We haven't even started." He laughed.

"Awe man, we're gonna have to work on this during break." I sighed. 

"It's okay, though. I'm sure it'll be worth it." He said.

"It better be." I glared.

"What song was it again?" He asked.

" is..Ariana Grande's Side to Side." I said, reading the paper.

"What a great song choice." He said as he stretched.

"I like the song." I shrugged as I followed along.

"What, you do know what it's about right?" He gasped.

"Yeah, but I mean, it's good, the song not the message." I replied.

"Of course, of course." He rolled his eyes.

"Alright so we need at least 35 eight counts, 3 formation changes, and we need to incorporate everything we learned so far. You were never there so...." 

"Hey, I didn't miss much though. I can do this as well as you can." He glared.

"Alright, bet." I shrugged.

"Loser treats winner." He said.

"You're on," I chuckled. "Okay, so I was thinking that for the first eight counts, we can hold."

"Yeah, that's good."

"Alright, you got anything else?" I asked.

To be completely honest, I did not feel like doing anything school related. It was a long and hard week for me because of every other projects and because he basically ditched me.

"Can we not do this right now? I don't feel like working." He sighed.

"Then what do you want to do? There's not much to do alone." I asked.

"I don't know.....hey! Let's watch some kdramas!" He said.


"Oh come on. You have to have watched at least one in your life." 

"I have. I just...never imagined you to be a kdrama fanatic." I said, slightly stunned.

"Whatever that's supposed to mean," He rolled his eyes. "Which one do you want to watch?" 

"Which one have you not seen?"

"I haven't seen any of the older one-"

"Dude! The old ones are the best! I'm gonna get 'em right now." I said as I pulled them up on the TV. 

"That one looks interesting." He said as he pointed to a loving classic called "You're Beautiful." It was one of my very first dramas and I love it.

"Yes! I love this one, I can't believe you've never seen this." I shook my head as I clicked on it.

"Is it good?" He asked.

"Hell yeah." I looked at him in disbelief.


I looked at my phone. 2:30AM. I was curled up on the couch as he laid on the one by me. Damn, I'm tired. 

"_______, are you still up?" I whispered.

No response.

Did he fall asleep? I turned to see him as he laid awkwardly on the couch, looking as if the couch wasn't big enough for him. Are my couches that tiny? I wondered as I scratched my head. I went upstairs to get a spare blanket and carefully draped it over him as he snuggled right into it. A small smile slowly, unconciously crept on my lips.

I went upstairs and jumped into bed. Wow, wouldn't my parents freak if they knew that I had a guy my age over at the house and sleeping in the middle of our living room? Psh, yeah right. If any girl from school finds out that we're neighbors, I'll be murdered. I scoffed at my own thoughts as my eyes starting to close. The last thing I saw was the clock reading 2:45AM before my eyes glued shut. 











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