Twenty Six

When A Bad Boy Falls For The "Nerd"

Your POV

"A library?" I raised my eyebrow at his suggestion. 

Tomorrow would be the start of the spring season as well as the weekend. We are currently brainstorming ideas for dates tomorrow.

"What, don't you like books?" 

"I mean, yeah, but that's not really what...." 

"So you want to go somewhere cliche? The movies or the park?" 

" really." 

"Then, where?" 

"I don't know." I shrugged.

"Ah, okay, since you can't decide or figure out where to go, I get to pick." He sighed with a smile.


"I'm not telling you."

"Hey! That's not fair!" 

"What? You'll know tomorrow."

"You know I hate waiting!" I whined.

"Really? I never noticed." He smirked and slowly crawled into bed. 

"Fine. If you don't tell me, I'm sleeping on the couch tonight." I crossed my arms.

"Suit yourself." He pulled the covers over himself as I huffed.

Is he really gonna let me sleep by myself? I pouted. 

"Okay, I'm really going..." I said as I slowly headed for the door.

No response.

"Here I go...."


Dammit. I sighed and madly went downstairs.

I laid on the couch with the TV on as my arms were crossed against my chest. There was no blanket so I curled up into a ball. As I was tired, my eyes unvoluntarily closed and I drifted into sleep.


Aish~ this girl. Is she really mad about this? She is so stubborn. I shook my head as I somberly walked downstairs. I saw her on the couch curled up in a ball as I quietly stood over her. She is adorable. A smile unconciously spread across my lips. I carefully carried her in my arms bridal style upstairs to our room and laid her down as I lay beside her. I covered her up with the blanket and hugged her. I can't believe she thought I would let her sleep without me. I softly chuckled and closed my eyes.


I slowly opened my eyes to hear the light pitter-patter of rain against the windows. I turned my head to see my girlfriend sleeping peacefully in my arms as my heart beat slowly increased. I gently brushed a strand of hair away from her face. A mischievous smile appeared on my face as I slowly grabbed my phone from the night stand. I angled it perfectly and took a picture. How cute. I grinned at the sight of it and immediately used it as my home screen. A flash of thunder suddenly roared its way through the sky as a quiet yelp came from beside me. I instinctively wrapped my arms tighter around her.

"Shh~ it's okay, I'm right here." I lightly her hair as she nuzzled right into the crook of my neck.

I smiled as I inhaled in the sweet, natural scent of her hair. 

After a few minutes, I felt her move and guessed she woke up.

"Hey, are you awake?" I hushed.

"Mmm...kinda." She mumbled cutely as she rubbed her eyes.

"We have a date today, remember?" I softly spoke as my lips pressed against her forehead.

"Oh yeah, how did I get here....?" She scrunched her eyebrows and looked up at me.

"Uh, ahem, you didn't think I was really gonna let you sleep on the couch, did you?" I cleared my throat.

"I mean, you didn't protest when I left." She pouted.

"What time is it?" I quickly changed the subject.

"Noon, almost one." She shrugged, purposely scooting onto my chest.

"We should probably get going then, you like rainy days, don't you?" I smiled.

"Hmm, yeah. But this is nice too." She sighed, content.

"We can do this all night, let's get ready." I sat up as she followed reluctantly. 

I let her go get ready first. We're still somewhat shy around each other especially about . I don't want to rush anything especially because she can be sensitive about it. I want her to be comfortable around me and trust me. I frankly don't know how to express my feelings and unintentionally end up just showing my feelings instead. Today, though, will be special to the both of us because I'm going to spoil her so much she'll never question my feelings ever again. I mean, the weather being so perfect already? Is there anything more romantic? 

It took us an hour to get ready altogether and then we were off! At first, I had planned a simple walk in a nearby park, but with the rain and all, I really contemplated on still doing it, but we both love rain so I don't think it would be a big problem. I had an umbrella in the backseat of my car prepared for this. I grinned happily as I drove to the park. 

"Yah, what are you so happy about?" She teased.

"Nothing." I shrugged.

The drive there was comfortably quiet. The only noise that was heard was the light rain gently hitting the windows. It was rather relaxing and I enjoyed it. 

"Here we are." I stopped the car with a smile coupled with a slight sigh.

"Hm? The park?" She asked, quizzicaly.


"In the rain?" 

"Don't worry, I have an umbrella." I winked and got out of the car.

I held the umbrella over her as I helped her out. We then began walking along the sidewalk. 

"So this is our date?" She had a small smile on.

" don't like it?" 

"Oh no, I love it! I was just asking." She naturally held her arm around mine as we walked.

"You know, I've thought about this a lot. I don't really know the basics about you." I said, looking out onto the trees ahead.

"Well, what do you want to know?" She looked up at me.

"Your favorite color?" 

"Pink or anything pastel."

"Your favorite pokemon?" 

"Pikachu!" She exclaimed in a heartbeat.

"Favorite class?" 



"I just think it's a really fun way to express yourself and it's fun."

"What do you like to do in the park?"

"I love the swings. That's it." 

"Me too." I chuckled.

"You know everything you need to know?" 


"I notice you are really different in school than you are, say, anywhere else. Why is that?" 

"Um...." She blew hesitantly on her bangs. "It's just in school, people have certain expectations and reputations on you. Mine is just to be the quiet nerd who always does her work and minds her own business. At home or with you, I feel comfortable to simply be me."

"I like that answer." I nodded sincerely.

"Thank you." She shyly smiled.

"What are your favorite hobbies?" 

"Reading, watching TV, sleeping, eating, and being with you." 

"Where did you learn to be so cheesy?" I laughed.


"What, no you did not."

"Yes, I did." She nodded.

"Whatever." I mumbled.

"My turn! Favorite color?" She asked.

"Blue, gray, black. Anything on that spectrum really." 

"Hmm.." She nodded.

"What, is that all you wanted to know?" I asked.

"Yep. I know everything I need to know." 

We walked in silence, taking note of the nice, peaceful surroundings. The smell of rain was simply relaxing as our steps lightly splattered the rain on the ground. I glanced down at my watch and noticed that night time was approaching. 

"Hey." I spoke softly as I stopped.

"Hm?" She instinctively looked up at me as I took the chance to kiss her. My hand naturally held the side of her neck, deepening the kiss. I pulled away just enough to catch my breath. I, then, pressed my lips onto her forehead as she leaned into me. 

"We have a reservation to go to." 

"What?" She whispered, catching up from the kiss.

"This certainly isn't a whole date, but half." I chuckled at her naivety.

"But where?"

"You'll find out when we get there." I smiled and led her into the car.

The wole ride there was mostly quiet, but she suddenly spoke up as I pulled up into the parking lot of the restaurant.

"Ya know, I just want to say thanks. You are so amazing for this." She grinned.

"I like spoiling you," I smiled and parked the car. "Are we gonna go or sit here smiling?" 

"Shut up." She laughed as we exited the car.

We were escorted into a booth as we ordered our drinks, food and whatnot. The waiter then politely took our menus and we were there alone in the dimly lit booth.

"Did you know this place is-"

"Your favorite restaurant? Yes, that's why we're here." I nodded.

"But how did you know?" 

"Aigoo....I'm your boyfriend, why wouldn't I know?" 

"You cocky bastard," She laughed as I laughed along. "I never told you these things though."

"You don't have to tell me things I already know."



"You know everything about me?"


"What's my favorite color?" 



"Nope." She chuckled as I sighed.

"That was gonna be my second guess." I said.

"Sure it was."

"I sw-"

Just as I was about to retort her comment, the waiter came with our food. It was pretty good. I understand now why this is her favorite restaurant. We spent an hour eating and talking, it was a pleasant time. We came home very happily. I was waiting for her to change, sitting on the bed, my back against the wall. 

"Hey, thank you so much for today." She climbed on my lap, much to my surprise.

"Y-yeah, you've said that like three times already." I gulped.

"And it's still not enough." She smiled as she laid her forehead on top of mine. 

I closed the gap as I dipped down to connect our lips together. It was slow as her hands lay flat and comfortable on my chest. My hands stayed firmly on her sides. She, then, did something new as she gently bit down on my lower lip. With a light growl, I flipped us over. Now, I was on top and I pinned her down.

"Where did you learn that?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" She innocently blinked.

I smirked and leaned down, making it seem like I was going to kiss her. Her eyes fluttered close as I sensually her neck instead. I gently bit down on it as I heard a gasp. I pulled away enough to see her face.

"Y-yah, y-you can't leave a mark." She stuttered, avoiding my eyes.

"I'm gonna leave marks everywhere if you don't tell me where you learned that." 

"I was just trying something new." She pouted.

I leaned down once more and lightly on her collarbone. 

"W-wait." She panted.

Something about her makes me want to go further. I want to mess her up. Her blushing face, her wavered voice, the way she wants me to stop yet does nothing to really stop me. It's like a switch just inside of me.

"We have school tomorrow, stop~" 

"Fine," I panted. "You're lucky." I winked and laid beside her.

"Shut up." She cuddled into me.

"Goodnight to you too." I chuckled and nuzzled my nose into her hair.















































Heyyyyyy guys~!! 

I'm baack! Sorry I took so

long....I've been really

busy lately. But I hope

you guys like it!






















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