When A Bad Boy Falls For The "Nerd"


He's a bad boy who treats girls like objects. After breaking up with one girl, he gets another girl wrapped around his body in less than two days. Just about every girl has their eyes set on him even though they know they're setting themselves up in front of the gun. He lives his life literally breaking hearts, it's weaved into his routine. His grades are better than expected for someone who's barely there. He's always late to class because he was making out with someone other than his girlfriend.  But will a meeting of fate change his perspective on everything? ___________? The nerd? Oh, chill out! Like I would ever date anyone like her!

She is what everyone calls a nerd. Always focused on her school work, always early to class, she's never failed any subject or project. She maintains the image well despite that it's the complete opposite of who she really is without the closed gates of education. In school, she is the person you'd go to if you needed help with tutoring. But outside? She loves to have fun like any other teenager, and is definitely dirty minded. She believes in mutual respect; if you are nice to her, she'll be nice to you. If you're rude to her, she will gladly return the favor. __________? The bad boy? Oh please, I don't give two s about him!




"Hey! Watch where you're going, nerd!" He spat at the girl he just harshly bumped into.

"Me? Maybe if you got your head out of your , you'd actually see where you were going, jerk!" She retorted within a heartbeat and hurried to class, leaving him completely bewildered. 








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