Twenty Two

When A Bad Boy Falls For The "Nerd"


"You coward of a son!" The voice bellowed throughout the house as I was thrown across the room.

My dad had decided to pay my mother and I an overdue visit. Of course, he had just come to get money. I had to follow him up the stairs, he was going crazy, ransacking the house for any bit of money to take care of his gambling problems. Not even five minutes after he had entered our house, he had completely lost it. I told him we are not giving him any money, nor did we even have any from what he's stolen. The next thing I knew, I was flying across my own living room.

"Stop it! He's your son!" My mom walked towards him.

"Do not think you can tell me what to do, woman." He snarled as she started to hide.

I could see her tiny figure shaking ever so slightly behind the wall.

"Who the hell do you think you are to come here and abuse my mom?" I scoffed and ran towards him.

"Why, your father, of course." His lips curled into a sinister smile.

"I have no father, you are nothing but a stranger to me. Leave this house before I make you regret it." I grabbed him by the collar.

"Make me." 

I punched him, square in the jaw. He groaned and glared. He threw a jab into my stomach as I doubled over. Great. More bruises. Who knew I'd be fighting an old man at my own house? I raised my leg to kick but he caught it as he pulled me to the floor. My back hit the carpet with full impact as a small groan escaped my lips.

"I'll kill you." He bent over me.

I pushed him down the stairs as he shouted. Maybe his big head would break the fall. I smirked and walked downstairs.

"Get the hell out of here, I never want to see you anywhere near me or my mom ever again." I growled as he stumbled out of the door.

"Oh honey, are you okay?" My mom wrapped her arms around me. 

"Yeah, mom, I'm fine. Look, I think it's better for you to stay with grandma in case that crazy bastard comes back." 

"Mm, yeah, you're right," She nodded. "I'll go pack my bags." 

"I'll wait here, I'm calling grandma to let her know you're coming." 

About fifteen minutes later, she came back downstairs with a suitcase.

"What about you? Where are you gonna stay?" She asked.

"Where I've been staying, mom. At my girlfriend's." I smiled.

" better treat her well." She returned the smile.

"I will, are you ready?"

"I am, but are you? Do you have your clothes over at her house already?" She asked.

"'re right, I guess I do need to pack. Wait for me." I rushed upstairs.

I grabbed an old backpack and stuffed everything I needed into it. 

"Okay, let's go, mom!" I grinned as we both got into my car.

The ride was quiet, but it wasn't awkward or anything negative. It was comfortable and I couldn't love my mom more for everything she has done for me and my brother. Speakin' of which, I need to let him know that no one lives at the house anymore. 

"Okay honey, be good to your girlfriend and visit me once in a while!" She kissed my cheek and left as I waved.

My grandmother's house was suprisingly very far from my ________'s house. Which is really weird since I thought it was rather close. It was getting dark now. I drove back to my girlfriend's house and rang the doorbell. I still don't have the key to the house.

"I was wondering where you were." She answered the door as I walked in.

"Um, I had to do something for my mom." I scratched the back of my head.

"It's oka- what happened to you?" She asked, her eyes filled with concern. She immediately took the bag from my hands with no questions asked and quickly ran upstairs as I followed.

"Huh? Oh, it's nothing." 

"Your lips are bleeding, and you're covered in bruises," She narrowed her eyes. "Drop the bad boy act already." 

"Okay, okay." I sighed.

"I'm gonna get the first aid kit, don't move." She pointed at me.

"Wouldn't think of it." I sighed.

"What happened?" She scowled as she sat down in front of me.

"My dad came back to steal money, he has a gambling problem. So I fought him." I answered.

"Mwo?! Yah, are you out of your mind?" She exclaimed.

"Waeyo? Wouldn't it be only right that I beat him up for being a deadbeat?" I unintentionally pouted.

"No, there are other ways to solve your problem. I don't like you getting hurt, especially like this." Her eyebrows furrowed as she disinfected my wounds. 

"I'm fine." I lied.

"You have bruises all over your arms and face." She glared as she fixed her glasses.

"Okay, these are just bruises, I'm not dying."

"You will if you keep arguing with me." 

".....Yah, I'm fine, really." I repeated, this time quieter but more persistent.

"Take your shirt off." She ignored me.

"Eh?" My eyes widened.

"Take it off, there's probably more bruises." She said, nonchalantly.


"Yah, you've shown countless people your body before, I'm not gonna do anything but disinfect you and then put a bandage on." 

"O-okay, okay." I hesitantly obliged and slowly took off my shirt, my back facing her.

"Aish...did you fall off a building or something?" She sighed as I felt her on my skin.

"Actually, I got thrown across my living room." I scoffed.

She didn't answer which was weird. We always bicker about things. All I heard were the bandages being opened and gently tapped onto my skin. 

"There, although, you might not want to put on your shirt to not suffocate your injuries, but it's not a big deal if you want to put it on, you can." She said as she went to put away the first aid kit. She looked.......upset. But why? 

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"That's what I should be asking you." She rolled her eyes.

"You just looked upset." 

"I am. I don't like how you're always getting hurt. Especially like this." She pouted and fixed her glasses.

How cute. I couldn't contain my laughter. My head dropped slightly as I looked at the ground. My hands gently held hers.

"I know you worry about me a lot, but it's okay, I'm fine. These are just a couple bruises, they'll heal." I didn't fail to make eye contact.

"....Will you promise me something?" 


"Promise me you will try to not get into anymore fights with anyone." 

"I promise." 

"You said it so fast.." 

"I don't like you being upset." I gently pulled her down into a kiss. It took me a while to lean away simply because I love kissing her. 

"Was that you trying to be sweet?" She grinned, fixing her glasses.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I shook my head.

"Aish, I should've recorded it." She glared. 

"I'm just joking, come here." I chuckled as we laid down together.

"You're know that?" She pouted.

"It's all your fault." 

"Shut up."

"You shut up."

"I said it first."

"And I'm ending it."

"No, you're not. Shut up."


"No, you."

"If you don't shut up, I will make you."

"Make me."

I pressed my lips onto her forehead as my arms wrapped tighter around her. I could feel her body tense up.

"You asked for it." I smiled, lips still on her forehead.

"I hate you." 

"I hate you too." I chuckled.

























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