When A Bad Boy Falls For The "Nerd"

Your POV

The sunshine made me flutter open my eyes only to close them again as I shifted to the other side. I noticed an unfamiliar warmth next to me as I reached my hand and felt someone. I immediately opened my eyes to see __________. ing , what the hell does he think he's doing?! I quickly scrambled out of bed since I only slept with a big t-shirt and . 

I managed to put on a pair of shorts and ran into the living room where everyone was chilling at. 

"Are you okay?" Jayden asked, completely clueless.

"No! What the hell is __________ doing in my bed?!" I hissed.

"Oh , he came back?" Emily widened her eyes.

"Why would he go in your room?" Lina thought out loud.

"I don't know!" I shook my head.

"You can just ask him when he gets up." Jayden suggested.

"Gladly." I nodded and went into the bathroom.

As I turned to turn on the shower, I caught a glimpse of myself on the mirror. Did I cry last night? My eyes were slightly swollen and so were my cheeks. My tear-stained face surprised myself. What happened? Did I have a bad dream or something? I shrugged it off as I hopped in the shower. 

I came out wearing a pair of sweats and a big t-shirt since the weather here was cold so I didn't bring any shorts or tanks. 

"Here, have some breakfast. Chill out." Emily said as she handed me a plate. 

"I am chill, ok. Why would he crawl into my bed? There's literally about 5 bedrooms in this place." I replied, waving my fork around.

"I don't know, maybe he likes you~" Lina cooed.

"Maybe he does." Jayden agreed.

"Okay, can ya'll stop? We are just friends. Nothing will change that." 



"Alright, bet." Jayden smirked.

"I don't bet on my friend's feelings." I declined.

"So that proves you do like him." Jayden nodded.

"How? This conversation is stupid, shut up." I was quickly getting agitated.

"Awe~ aren't you a little-"

"Shut. Up." I glared, completely serious.

"What? Is this because of what happened with that guy? Give people a chance." Emily sighed.

"That guy ruined my trust in guys in general, okay? If you went through what I did, don't you think you'd be a lot more careful?" I retorted.

"You're right, yes, but I would give people a chance. You lock every guy out, not Jayden of course but you know." Lina nodded.

"I can't change that, it's a habit. Can we not talk about this right now?" I sighed and rubbed my temples.


"How bout we talk about Jayden's girlfriend? Or should I say a hoe?" Emily remarked.

"Hey, man. Cut me some slack." He raised his hands in defense.

"For what?" I chuckled.

"She's not bad as you guys think, okay? And I'd say I'm the dominant one in the relationship." He coyly smirked.

"How would you know? She's literally always bossing everyone around." Lina said.

"Oh~ I think I know what he means." I nodded and mimmicked his smirk.

"Bro, you did not." Emily gasped.

"Wait, did what?" Lina asked, completely lost.

"They ed." I bluntly answered.

"Spill it. Now." Emily grinned.

"Um, it's private you weirdo. All I gotta say is that I topped." He winked.

"I can't believe it." I shrugged.

"What? That they ed?" Emily asked.

"No, that he topped." I laughed as everyone else also bursted into laughter. Well. Everyone but Jayden.

"Are you questioning my manliness?" 

"We've all been questioning it." Lina chuckled.

"Hey! Ya'll are just mad because you haven't been boned yet." Jayden joked.

"Oh yeah, totally. Because that sounds soo wonderful." I rolled my eyes.

"I would, but no thanks." Emily said. As she spoke, it immediately reminded me that I really am the only one out of my friends that's single.

"Bitter es." He mumbled.

"Say it to my face." I teased.

"I didn't say anything." He pouted.

"You're just mad cause you aren't a top." Emily started.

"I so am!" He whined.

"Who's topping what?" __________ walked out of the room, scratching his head.

"N-nothing!" Jayden snapped his neck towards him.

"You didn't tell him?" I hissed.

"I can't! He'll kill me!" He returned the hostility.

"You guys woke me up with something that I wasn't supposed to hear? Clever." He rolled his eyes and went into the bathroom.

"Why is he gonna kill you?" Lina asked.

"Yeah, what the hell dude?!" Emily smacked his arm.

"Okay, okay, here's the thing," He sighed. "He's liked her for a looong time. Like since middle school. I asked him before I dated her and he acted like he didn't care, but I'm pretty sure he still has some feelings for her. I don't bring it up because I feel like he'll get pissed." 

The atmosphere in the room immediately turned dead silent. You could've heard a pin drop.

Huh. I never knew that. He really never tells me anything. He must've been really broken when he dumped her.

"He denies liking her? Or does he really not like her?" Emily asked.

"It looks like he's denying it to me." Jayden shrugged.

"Maybe we should ask him-"

"No! Are you crazy?!" Jayden jumped.

"But you can't just assume." Lina argued.

"Yes I can." He rolled his eyes.

"Why are you so scared?" 

"Have you seen the guy when he's angry?" Jayden crossed his arms.

"No, and I'm pretty sure we don't want to." I scoffed.

"Then I suggest you not speak a word about this." Jayden pointed at us.

"About what?" He came out of the bathroom wearing the pair of jeans and the black shirt I bought him.

Unvoluntarily, and unknowingly, my heart fluttered. That looks really good on him....

"HEY!" Emily yelled.

"WHAT?!" I returned the volume.

"We were just talking about what we're gonna do for Christmas, right?" Lina nudged my arm, urging me to follow along.

"Uh..yeah, we were gonna do Secret Santa." I nodded.

"Oh, that's cool." He nodded as he went into the room to put away his clothes.

"We are?" Lina asked in a hush tone.

"Apparently." Jayden said.

"It'll be fun, you will just choose like a piece of paper with someone's name on it. I'll get it later." Emily nodded.

"Sounds fun. Christmas is in two days so that's good enough." ________ walked into the living room.

"Oh, so what were you doing in her bed?" Emily winked at me as she asked him.

"Oh, um.....I got here early in the morning and just got in the closest room." 

"Her room is literally the last room in the hallway." She argued.

"Okay, well-"

"Yeah man, my room is the closest." Jayden looked at him with an obvious smirk.

"Did ya'll eat breakfast yet?" He changed the subject.

"Yes. Stop changing the subject~" Emily crossed her arms.

"I'm not. I told you I was tired." He rolled his eyes.

"Sure. Did you do anything besides sl-" 

"Yah! That's enough, we're just friends." He suddenly exclaimed, making everyone jump. 

Somehow, what he just said made my heart drop. I couldn't tell what I was feeling. It was a mix of anger and sadness. But why? What the hell does that player have to do with me? 

"Alright.........let's get the secret santa thing ready." Emily said as she awkwardly backed out of the room.

We quietly followed.

"I told you he's scary when he's mad." Jayden whispered.

"Oh, shut up." I rolled my eyes. 

"Here, choose a piece of paper." Emily held out the box to us. 

And basically, Emily has to buy something for Lina, Lina has to buy something for Emily and I have to buy something for Jayden while I have no idea who's buying for me. Gee, how fun. I'll probably buy him an ugly Christmas sweater. I chuckled at my own thought.

"Alright, are we good?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, but what about-" 

"There's only five of us,  there's one person left in this box that he has to buy for." Emily smirked and left with Jayden to go get him.

"Hope it's not me." I mumbled.

"Well, why not?" Lina nudged my arm.

"I just don't want him to buy me anything." I shrugged.

"Really?" She raised her eyebrow.

"Yeah." I nodded.

"You've always wanted us to buy you bath bombs." She narrowed her eyes.

That is very true. I love bath bombs so much. It's been a while since I've used one and they're not cheap. But asking him to buy me a bath bomb? No thanks, I'd rather buy it myself.

"Yeah, so?" 

"So why is it bad if he buys you one?" 

"Because it's just- I don't know." I sighed, frustrated.


"Alright! I hope ya'll are ready for tomorrow!" Emily exclaimed.

"What?" _________ sat on the couch with Jayden playing a game.

"We're going shopping tomorrow! Ya know, for secret santa." She said.

"Ah, of course, of course. Whatever you want." Jayden said, focusing on his game.

We all walked into our bedrooms as we wished each other a good night. I took my bra off and threw it in the hamper as I did the same with my pants. As I've stated before, I really only wear a t-shirt and when I sleep. I crawled into bed and settled in with a content sigh.

I laid there for probably a good twenty minutes before hearing my door open and close. I pretended to be asleep.

I could feel the rustling of my sheets as someone sat on the bed. I peeked open one eye and saw ___________ faced away from me. What does he want now? Didn't anyone tell him where to sleep? He really has no respect for women. He laid down rather stiffly on the edge of the bed, not even getting under the blanket.

"Yah, what are you doing?" I gently poked his back.


"In my bed? There's two more rooms, ya know." 

"I get lonely." 

"Really? The school's bad boy player gets lonely at night? Aw-" 

He suddenly turned and threw his arms around me as I immediately stopped talking. A slight gasp escaped my lips at the sudden closeness as he rested his chin on the top of my head. 

"Shut up. You are such a pain in the ." He mumbled, voice low and raspy.

His voice could just make me so we- no. No. I need to control myself. Like him? The most disgusting thing I could ever do. 

"Me?! Excu-" 

"Go to sleep." He tightened his grip on me.

I didn't know what to do. One moment he friendzones me, then the next he's all up on me. What is going on with this boy?! I don't understand him! I hate him! 










Aigoo......what is this boy doing?

Why is he giving off mixed signals?

Does he really like Lisa?

Who did he get for secret santa? 

Haha, stay tuned~




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