When A Bad Boy Falls For The "Nerd"

Your POV

I blinked my eyes open to the clock reading 9:02AM. God, I barely had six hours of sleep, yet I feel so energized, how weird. It's probably because it's finally winter break! Yes! Two full weeks without school, thank Jesus. I smiled as I checked my phone.

Jayden: I think you should check Lisa's social media page.....

Huh? What does that have to do with me? I thought as I pulled up her page. It basically said if anyone dares to date ________, then she's not "going to stay still about it." Threatening people now? Wow, this is out of control.

Me: What does that have anything to do with me? We're just friends.

Jayden: I think that was meant for you.

Me: How?

Jayden: She probably thinks you're dating him because you guys are really close now.

Me: Oh come on! People actually think we're dating?

Jayden: Yes. Look, where is he right now?

Me:.....Not sleeping in my living room.

Jayden: See?

Me: Okay, I get your point. But she's not coming between my friendship.

Jayden: I know, I'm just saying be careful. We don't know what she's going to do.

Me: I gotchu.

I threw my blanket off of my body with an exasperated sigh. That is targeting me? What a big mistake. I changed into one of those big t-shirts and had Mickey Mouse on it because I'm still a five year old child at heart. I cautiously went down the stairs just in case he was sleeping. And he was. Eyes glued shut, calm breathing, and quiet as ever. Awe, how cute. I slyly pulled out my phone and took a picture. Ha! That's revenge for later~! 

I went and made myself some pancakes and sat on the couch beside him. I turned the TV on and started to eat happily. 

"You didn't make me any?" It was like a moan and I froze for a minute before answering.

"Oh, you're awake." I turned to face him.

"Yep~ where do you always get these big t-shirts?" He chuckled.

There's something that was oozing appeal about his chuckle. Maybe it was his messy yet perfect hair. Maybe it was how deep and raspy his voice is in the morning. Maybe it was just me.

"The store. Stop asking stupid questions." I rolled my eyes.

"So....I guess Lisa is really crazy now." He said, a little confused while looking at his phone.

"Yep." I nodded as I chewed on my pancakes.

"Well, that's too bad." He shrugged.

"I know, right?" 

"I like waffles better." 

"What? That was random." 

"Well, I want waffles." 

"That's too bad." I quoted him with a chuckle.

"Awe, come on. I always cook for you." 


"But still." 

"You know what, if you shut up." I glared. 

"If you make me some waffles." He smiled too sweetly as I reponded with a glare and a huff. 

I went into the kitchen and did just so. I heard his phone ring as I was getting the ingredients ready to mix.

"Aren't you gonna get it?" I asked.



"It's Lisa."

"More the reason to pick it up." I shrugged.

"Fine, here." He threw me the phone.

"What, me?!" I caught the phone.

"You gonna pick it up or not?!" 

"Hello?" I swallowed.

"He-who is this?" Her tone dark as her personality.

"Who do you think?" I rolled my eyes as I the mixer.

"Is this _________'s girlfriend?" 

"Whatever you say. Stop bothering us." I hung up.

"Well?" He raised an eyebrow.

"She thought I was your girlfriend." I sighed.


"I just told her to believe whatever she wants. She won't believe me if I told her the truth so why waste my breath?" I said, preparing to bake the waffles 

"So she thinks we're dating?" He asked as he sat down beside me.

"Yeah, I told you that already. Keep up." I rolled my eyes.

"So maybe she won't bother us anymore if she thinks we're dating. I'm thinking we pretend to date s-" 

"No thank you." 

"Oh, come on! It's genius!" 

"Maybe it'd be fun for you but I have school to stress about. I don't want to have to worry about a fake boyfriend." 

"Have you ever even dated?" He narrowed his eyes.

"That's none of your business." 

"So you haven't." 

"So what if I haven't? It doesn't matter." I huffed.

"Hmm..." He said before eating the waffles.

He's damn lucky I didn't burn his ing waffles. Trying to screw with me all the time. I know he's my friend but I want to kill him sometimes. Faking a relationship? Bull. I'm the only one that actually likes him. 

Emily: He wants to fake date? 

Lina: Sounds lame...

Jayden: Hey, it would make Lisa not bother you and you guys are just friends, it shouldn't affect you.

Me: Look here, I don't like him. I have more important things to worry about than Loser Lisa. 

Jayden: But aren't you gonna help your friend? 

Emily: It's not a bad idea, just if you do it, there's no way out.

Lina: True.

Me: Then what am I supposed to do? 

"You wanna work on that dance project now?" He interrupted.

"Sure...." I said, unfocused.

"Come on then, who are you texting?" He snooped over my shoulder.

"People, now let's just do this." I sighed and locked my phone.

"Alright, there's two ways we can go about making this dance. One way is going with the beat and making it hip hop-ish. The other way is like a couple dance but I doubt you'd want to do that." 

"Let's do the couple dance." 

"Wha- are you-" 

"Yeah, why not? Everyone's probably doing hip hop." I shrugged.

"Whatever you say." I could've sworn he was smirking.

"Okay, so after the hold, we can do a body wave, right, and then something like lean back." He demonstrated.

"Yeah, sounds good." I nodded as we both wrote it down on our papers. 

We were halfway through the dance. And I was completely fine with everything. Now, he actually put the couple in couple dance.

"You're not gonna drop me, right?" I glared.

"I promise I won't. Come here." He chuckled slightly as I did so.

He wrapped his hands carefully around my waist and lifted me up while my hands were on top of his. This actually seemed easy for him. Either I'm not as heavy as I thought or he's stronger than I thought.

"This is good, yeah?" He asked.

"Yeah, not bad." I nodded as he put me down.

"Okay, so I was thinking after I put you down we switch spots and end it with a splits, but with a twist." 

"What's the twist?" I was so tired.

"I carry you while you do the splits." 

"Yah! What if you drop me?! That's too dangerous!" 

"I'm not gonna drop you," He laughed. "Let's just try it." 

"If you drop me, I'm gonna kill you." I glared as he rolled his eyes.

He slowly lifted me up like the first one as I cautiously widened my legs into a splits. Well, this isn't as bad as I thought. 

"Great, we're gonna ace this." He smiled.

"You , making me do all this ." I sighed. 

"What, it's not that hard. You were less annoying when you were in the air with your mouth shut." 

"You were less annoying when you were lifting me with your mouth shut." I mimicked him.

"Very original." He noted as he took his shirt off to reveal a more defined body under a tank top. Good lord, did it get hot in here or- no we're friends. If anything, it's hot in here because of me.

"Stripper." I mumbled under my breath.



"Did you just call me a stripper?" 


"I know you are, but what am I?" 

"A ." 

"You know, I was just about to say you seem tiny for a high school girl." 

"I am not tiny! I am average." I argued 

"Averagely the tiny person." He snorted.

"I'm not tiny!" 

"Yeah and I'm not a guy," He sarcastically replied. "It's a good thing, some guys like tiny girls." 

" where?" I retorted.

"Somewhere. You just gotta look harder." 

"I'm practically blind without my glasses." I chuckled.

"Jesus christ __________." He sighed and shook his head.

"Sorry, not sorry." I laughed.

"Well, it's late, I should probably head home. My brother might be waiting for me." He stood up with a sigh.

"Alright, bye~!" I got the door.

"Bye." He chuckled as I closed the door.

How fun. I actually liked having him over. I had someone to talk to and laugh with. I didn't want him to leave but it would be weird if I asked him to stay. I still have a lot of things to learn about him. I didn't even know he had a brother. He wouldn't understand my loneliness. Knowing that , he'd probably think I like him. Ew! I shivered. 

I went to my room and got ready for bed. The clock read 12:47AM. 








I had this done for so long and forget to upload it.....mianhaeyo~!!!

I'm working on the next one and promise to upload it as soon as I'm done! XD






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