Twenty Seven

When A Bad Boy Falls For The "Nerd"

Your POV

"What do you mean there's something on my neck?" My eyebrows furrowed together.

"I mean there's something on your neck! Did you get a bug bite or something?" Lina asked.

"..Huh? What are y-" My hand reached up to feel the side of my neck.

It felt a little sore and somewhat swollen. According to Lina, it was redish purple. Oh, hell no. He did not leave a mark right after I told him not to. I closed my eyes with my teeth gritted together. My hands clenched slightly in frustration. 

"Uh, yeah probably a mosquito bite or something." I shrugged it off a lie.

"Mosquito bites aren't usually purpl-"

"I'll get it checked out after school, okay?" I snapped.

"Uh...okay..." Lina glanced at me, curious.

This whole school day was terrible. Everybody was staring and whispering, they didn't do a very good job because I obviously heard them. My blood boiled as I walked straight out to the car. 

"Hey, how was-"

"Yah, I told you not to leave a mark!" I pointed to my neck.

"Y-you can barely see it." He sighed.

"Everybody's been asking me about it." I hissed.

"Hey, hey, I'm really sorry, but let's talk about this at home, okay?" 

I huffed as I got in the car, slamming the door so he knows that I was serious. The whole drive home was....interesting. He kept glancing at me and I was on my phone. As soon as the car was parked, I rushed into the house, making sure to slam the door too, of course. I ran my way up to my room and changed clothes. 

"Hey, hey, I'm sorry." His tone was hushed.

"Sorry can't make this go away." I sassed as I tied my hair up into a bun.

"I know, I know, here. How bout this, I'll do anything you want for the whole entire month." He suggested as I stood, stunned. 

"The whole month?" I repeated. intrigued by the idea.

"Two months?" He shrugged.

"Anything I want?" 

"I'll do anything to get you to not be mad at me anymore." 

"Deal. Two months it is." I smiled.

"Alright, starting today, I'll do anything you want." He returned the smile.

"Jinjja? Hmm....can you do my homework?"

"Hey...I'm not letting you cheat."

"Goddammit, it was worth a shot." I sighed and walked downstairs as he followed.

"Hey, what do you want for dinner though?" He asked.

"Pasta." I answered without hesitation.

"Alright." He chuckled and headed into the kitchen.

You know, I don't know why I agreed to this. I usually never tell him what to do, or I never dared to. He is always very dominating, sometimes on purpose and sometimes it was just natural for him. He's an incredible boyfriend already, what more could I want from him? I thought as I flipped through the TV channels. Nothing interesting was really on so, I left it, and took out my phone. 

If your boyfriend said that he would do anything you tell him to, what would you do?

I texted Emily. 

. Be a big tease.


Yes, you innocent bub, that's the only way I can think of, especially if you want to have fun 

I mean, yeah, I guess you're right, thanks lol

Yeah, what is this even about?

Nothing, I was just curious.

? Good lord, I don't know how to do that! I panicked inside my head. Well, it could be a great opportunity to make him see me as a woman instead of a cute little girl. Ah, of course! He's going to suffer these two months. 






























I am so sorry that this took so long!

(Writers block has visited me)









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