When A Bad Boy Falls For The "Nerd"

Your POV

"So? You like him?!" Emily urged.

"What? Me?! No way!" 

"Dude, you can't stop staring at him! Admit it!" Lina exclaimed.

"I-I'm not staring!" I argued. 

"You're blushing." Jayden scoffed.

"Oh sure! Let's assume that I do, nothing would really happen. I'd hide it from him, he'd never know, and then everything will be back to normal." I shrugged.

"Don't you want to date him?" Lina questioned.

"No! He's a player!" I hissed.

"But maybe he's changed." Jayden insisted.

"No! I'd die if I ever went out with him!" I frowned.

Here we are, all in my room, screaming at each other. The jerk's gone to visit his mom next door. It's true that I've been acting weird lately around him, but it doesn't mean I like him! 

"Oh come on! Why did you fight with Lisa?" Emily yelled.

"Because she was being a ." I said, calmly.

"True, but you said she yelled at you for taking her boyfriend." Lina said.

"So what?"

"So you were jealous!" Jayden gasped.

"No, I wasn't! Okay, you know what, it's late-"

"So? I will stay here all night, all day, yelling at you, until you admit you like him." Jayden interjected.

"Oh, come on! Get over it! I don't like him like that and I never will!" I crossed my arms. 

"Can't you understand why he doesn't like Liem and told you to stay away...?" Lina asked.

"No, and by now, I don't really care." I shrugged.

"You care about him! You took care of him when he was sick!" Emily exclaimed.

"I mean, I don't want him to die." 

"You stare at him all the time, he's all you think about, why do you keep denying it?" Jayden inquired.

"I am not denying anything, I don't want to fall for a jerk." I glared.

"Too late, you already fell~" Lina sang.

"I'm the awkward, ugly nerd who no one pays attention to. Why would he, out of all people, notice me?"

"Uh, because you guys live together." Emily answered within a blink of an eye.

"Just because we live together? That's way too cliche." I rolled my eyes. 

"Fine, don't listen to us." Emily shrugged.

"Wait, you guys really do want to stay over tonight?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?" Lina said.

"Because it's my house and- oh, forget it. Go ahead, find a room." I shrugged and laid down in bed.

"Alrighty, good night!"

The Next Morning...

"Why did they all stay over?" The jerk leaned and whispered to me.

"Because they wanted to, who knows?" I shrugged.

"Hey, guys we should watch a movie!" Emily exclaimed.

"Sure, find something." I said.

"Here! Let's watch it!" 

Of course, knowing Emily, she would have chosen a romantic movie. There were so many kiss scenes and if that wasn't uncomfortable enough, I was sitting right next to the jerk. While everyone else was cooing about the cute couple scenes, we stayed frozen, never making eye contact. Oh god, this is awkward. I cringed and wanted to disappear. I took a glance at his face and couldn't decipher what he was thinking. He appeared rather bored. I can't stand being in the same room as him, I get all hot and clumsy and weird. I don't know what's wrong with me but I definitely do not like it. I mean, me? Like him? That's impossible! it? I mean, its cliche but it happens? Maybe we could date.....and then we'd be everyone's goals an- AWE MAN! I DO LIKE HIM! I let out an exasperated sigh and curled up on the couch. What do I do? Okay, well, he can never know that I do. Never confessing. Yep, that sounds good. I'll get over it in no time. 


She looks so cute in her paja- wait, what? Have I really fallen for a nerd like her? I mean, she's cute and tiny. I love it when she gets mad or argues only because she gets so cute. God, but she hates my bad boy persona. How can this one girl turn me into the person I was? The strange thing is that I didn't mind. I can't take my eyes off of her. 

Would she really like me back? No, don't be stupid. She's smart, too smart. She always says how she'll never date a player like me. But I swear! I haven't dated anyone for months now! So, I'm no longer the school's player. That should convince her enough right? I really want to date her though......what should I do???

We still have to work on the project together so I mean, I do have excuses to spend time with her. But crazy people like Lisa? God, they'll never leave me alone. So does that mean I can't date her? Wait, how am I going to confess to her? I haven't done this in years! A note? Too childish. A romantic rendezvous? Too cliche. 

I cannot believe this nerd has driven me insane!



















Ooooo~ yah~

They secretly like each other 

but will they be able to date?



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