Love is so Bad


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This is the sequel to "Love You Like a Love Song" since many people requested a sequel.  This story will basically be about Donghae and Hyejin starting a new chapter in their life.  There will be many ups and downs for this couple.  Will they be able to work things out or will it break them up?


I do not own any of these characters except for my OCs.



Hyejin: Leader of 2ne1 and Donghae's wife.  She loves Donghae with all her heart.  Due to an accident, her relationship with Donghae begins to change and Hyejin changes for the worse.

Donghae: Member of Super Junior and Hyejin's husband. He loves Hyejin and only Hyejin.  Due to an accident, his relationship with Hyejin changes dramatically.  He becomes cold towards Hyejin and starts hanging out with Sunye more.

Sunye: Leader of Wonder Girls and a close friend of Donghae's.  She eventually falls in love with Donghae and tries to get with him even though she knows he's married.

Nichkhun: 2pm member. He's gotten closer to Hyejin due to the King of Idols Special.  He secretly likes Hyejin and is there for her whenever she's down.  After the accident, him and Hyejin will become even closer.

Super Junior members.

2ne1 members.

YG Family

SM Town

& many others....



Everybody says that something’s different and that I’ve changed.
They say you used to be full of love and care but since one day you became cold.
They don’t get it.
You used to smile a lot but your eyes, face, the way you speak… it all became dark and scary.
Is it because of the memory that I want to kill?
I erase myself from my heart cause a kind heart is useless.
It’s a flaw in this world so I guess I want to become worse and worse.
Like the saying, “lovers resemble each other,” I guess this is my way to become like you.
Love is so bad.
The prologue is from Tablo's "Bad"
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