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On Joojoo.

By Elley1040 posted
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My TOP 3 KPOP Girl Groups

By hyounnie posted
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Stream NUMBERS baby for Jamie 3

By Blanca20 posted
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How many of you remember this............. I wonder

By Moon-Walker posted
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social media

By suneaterx posted
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Important info for y'all

By MisakiManjoume posted
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❇ Bighit: Building Dreams of the Many ❇

By Injunniesung posted
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doki doki krp / mewe based - general rp - 17+ / A HOME AWAY FROM HOME!

By dokidokikrp posted
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Kpop in the sims???

By Andreacnushin posted
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TALK TO ME ❤️❤️❤️

By danigeo71727 posted
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The Rant of a Kpop Stan

By Avacadont posted
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Searching for a Co-Author

By Alaikwanheda posted
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Searching for a Co-author.

By Alaikwanheda posted
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Creating My Own Trainee Challenge

By PeachhTeaa posted
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Uh Is This Bad?

By imjaebeoms posted
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My Favorite Girls... Wait!

By hyounnie posted
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Bias and bias wreckers

By americankpop16 posted
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Are you a kpop fan?

By Tulika posted
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A Revelation from Deceased Korean Idols

By Rini6189 posted
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my top 20 groups for boy and girl

By Kokonerana posted
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FB page

By Kokonerana posted
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Big Brother and kpop idols

By Kokonerana posted
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What Kind of Bulls***t is This??

By jamesthepirates posted
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By akiriya posted
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Mean Girls X Kpop yoooooo

By SweetRebellion posted
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Daily 7 Kdrama Recommendations to watch.

By Caribbeanpop17 posted
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International giveaway

By 1807Saint posted
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Highlightasia is looking for you!

By Shin_HaYoung posted

My Bias Group

By Selena17 posted
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K-Pop Idols Dating... ?

By KoreaLover25 posted
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Idols dating

By Kim_HaHyon posted
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0.o So not What I was expecting [-Tigress- here's my result]

By jongdaeorange posted
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Male Kpop Idols Shout "Oppa"?

By onedaymaster posted
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[Important] Please Read?

By --minnie-- posted
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By posted
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Bias List, pass it on

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By ema111 posted
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freshlyFLIPPED Inspires Me Yet Again

By TinyDancer8va posted
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Entangled Deux

By GwagHyeYu posted
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