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I'll be dating Jaejoong very soon...

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#JAEHOEXCHANGE2018 is open for sign-ups!

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A #YunJae Fic Fest!

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Holyyyyyy guacamole

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Gorgeous Water God Gifset

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Jaejoong fan meet in the Philippines?

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Thoughts, plus Jaejoong

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My Jung Badass Collection

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Moving to a New Time Zone

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Help finding a photo with Jaejoong

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JJ's Hot "Main Event"

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4 years with AFF and still counting!

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Update: The Water God Epilogue

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Shindong gives thoughts on whether Jaejoong stole too much of the spotlight with military discharge

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The Water God Epilogue & 1000 Comments

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They're Back!

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He's back


Im Taking A Break

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Jaejoong's Makjang Life

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