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Discord Family

By TinyRedRose posted
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Just realized my aff anniversary is almost on shinees anniversary

By jonghyunforever posted
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Fan Projects

By PandaNik89 posted
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Not sure if I wanna smack them or **** them to be perfectly honest

By bbbrdwngs82 posted
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By Pandac posted
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20 years of music, friendship, and utter hilarity

By bbbrdwngs82 posted
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Jonghyun- beautiful young man

By Stormyweather posted
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What Kind of Bulls***t is This??

By jamesthepirates posted
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By lejeuparfait posted
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More free time.....

By bbbrdwngs82 posted
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Shinhwa's Eric ignores Sunny's text messages?

By KPOPfan619 posted
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10 votes = Nectar

By LKChoi posted
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About that ikon vs. TVXQ/Shinhwa's fandom color issue

By Girl-From-Hell posted
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Things need to be said about this whole Ikon vs. Shinhwa situation

By jaejoongsmininion posted
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K-pop Christmas Songs

By Chaoss posted
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Shinhwa Changjo

By LKChoi posted
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just something about Shinhwa and Myself

By rinda_kim posted
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By MMM123 posted
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