20 years of music, friendship, and utter hilarity

March 24th, 1998 a young group of boys took the stage for the first time, clad in oversize shirts and jeans. Their hair resembled that of anime characters and when they started to dance, the crowd went wild. SHINHWA WAS BORN!!!

Through many ups and downs, including their first two songs not doing well and talk of disbandment, the choice to leave their company when all but one member was offered a new contract when thier first one expired, winning their first Daesang with the first album under new management, and a whole host of other things, these now grown men have stuck together and shown us that friendship matters above all.

Shinhwa is the only first generation idol group to remain active with all their original members without disbandment. They took a haitus in 2008 for 4 years to serve their military service and when they came back, it was under their own label, Shinhwa Company. Due to copyright issues because SM had sold the rights to their name, they briefly changed it to ShinCom until on May 29th of 2015, their faithful leader, Eric Mun, finally won the rights to their name and will now and forever be know as Shinhwa Company.

I'm a fairly new fan, having discovered Shinhwa in probably 2013 but not really paying attention to them until February of 2015. I've made lots of friendships that I'm sure will a long time, maybe not as long as Shinhwa's but that is an epic feat in itself.

(I could fill this post with pictures of Shinhwa, but there isn't enough time in all the world lol




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Very true. Their music and performances are great, but in addition to that i think their strong characters and distinct personalities is really the charm of the band. They are so 'real'. Always being their true selves. Showing the imperfections, the dorky side, with complete and full self confidence. Honest and fearless. I consider that a sign of maturity and manliness kekeke... that's why our Shinhwa oppas will always stand out, with a signature image that differentiate them from other boybands. Mansae!