We're falling behind at MBC's Show Champion

Hi guys! Let's vote for Shinhwa's Sniper at http://www.mbcplus.com/program/champion/vote.html

we've fallen behind to second place and we only have two days left to vote. Making an account is easy, so please do make one (or more, because we really need the count). One account can vote for Shinhwa THRICE per day.


please spread the word to other shinchangs too. we really need to hustle if we want to give them dorky oppas another trophy. let's do our best for them and shincom too, who are working so hard for this comeback. And also, stream, stream, stream their mv on youtube. don't replay, reload the page (or better yet, search for it again on their channel). Youtube won't count replays. :( also, kindly watch in HD with at least half the volume. yes, YT has a LOT of absurd rules..


so orange sisters, are we mafias or what? let's get them lots of wins so we can demand some more videos (or photobooks... ahem...) from them. :) fighting!


PS.. the last bit is a joke (er..... well, not entirely haha). of course we're doing this for their smiles. :) 


-your desperate eonnie


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