The Most Awesomest and Legendary Concert Ever

With the ninth win for Sniper, Shinhwa oppadeul sure fired up the stage earlier. The biggest thing that I regret is not being there to see them personally be so happy and hyped up on stage....


Thanks again for helping them win. :) Their smiles are so worth the sleepless nights of voting and streaming. Urgh. My heart is going to explode from all the happiness and pride. Shinhwa is proud of their Shinhwa Changjos. I will do my best to be worthy of the name.


Junjin oppa, the tender-hearted cutie who have tears so shallowly hidden in his eyes, teared up with the serious Minwoo oppa. How can an SHCJ not feel anything from that?


And best surprise for the day (even better than the second Inkigayo win), is RICSYUNG sailing strong. Seems like Ric is living in the same building as Syung since December. Now the elevator clip makes even more sense. *wiggles eyebrows* The feels are too much urgh. These pabo beppeus. Now I'm even MORE delusional.


Shinhwa the legend, living up to its name. Shinhwa Changjo, doing its best to make the world see it.  Much respect.

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