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***i would really appreciate it if you won't post ads on my wall, especially without asking me first


For me:

Ricsyung is sweet love

Woodong is y love


JINDY is cute love 

hahaha, am i the only one who think this way?

i want to write all 15 pairings of SHINHWA <3 <3 <3

ricmin, ricwan, ricsyung, ricjin, ricdy, woodong, minsyung, minjin, mindy, wansyung/kyodeng, wanjin, wandy, jinsyung, syungdy, jindy



Since I’m only writing fics about SHINHWA, I’m assuming that the ones that are going to read these fics are Shinhwa Changjo’s, so orange princesses, let’s be friends <3 <3 <3

i would also like to read your SHINHWA fics :D



How come there are lots of ricsyung fic but not enough woodong and jindy? 왜요?이유가 뭐예요?

About Me

i am a self poclaimed SHINHWA CHANGJO :D

i don't have a bias. i love them all equally (seriously, i can't pick. i feel guilty towards the others when i tried so i gave up picking and decided to just love em equally)

I am from the Philippines and a registered nurse :)

i am andy's age so i'm probably your unnie/nuna


My current addictions are: anipang( i at it >.<), scarface and acquainted guy (LSS to the highest level), badminton, reading fics and watching SHINBANG over and over again


SHINHWA is the object of my OBSESSION lol


i used to play keyboards, guitar and a little drums.


나는 한글을 배우고 신화 때문에 (i am learning hangul because of Shinhwa)



I am a new and TRYING writer so please take care of me <3

this is my little way of spreading my SHINHWA LOVE

Let's be friends, kei?