Fan Projects

Putting together 3 videos for fan projects to go up. Whether you want to draw a picture, make a video, create an edit, as long as it is not dirty in any way, I am willing to add it to the video. If it is a video, please keep it under 20 seconds if possible. I encourage you to tell which country or state you are from, and say it in whichever language you feel most comfortable

1) Congratulations video for their 20 Year Anniversary concerts
    Submissions due 10/30
    For this, please address all members. Tell them how proud you are of their 20 years together, how hard they work, how much you love them. Anything you want to say. Group pictures or edited photos.

2) Dongwan's Happy Birthday
    Submissions due 11/10

3) Hyesung Happy Birthday
     Submissions due 11/15

Once completed, I will post a link to each video. Please email all submissions to [email protected]
Please pass on the news to all SHCJ that you know.


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